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Photo Vogue Festival and Audi together for the fifth consecutive year

The house of the four rings continues with the collaboration with Vogue Italia to identify and support the talents of contemporary photography

The synergy between Vogue Italy is Audi which for the fifth consecutive year is Official Partner of Photo Vogue Festival, the first conscious fashion photography festival dedicated to the common ground between ethics and aesthetics. Given the situation caused by the pandemic, the heart of the fifth edition of the Photo Vogue Festival (PVF), organized by Vogue Italia, moves to the digital platform designed specifically for the event, which hosts exhibitions, talks and screenings.

From 30 October to 30 November 2020 a selection of photographs from the two main exhibitions (All in this together and In the picture – Shifting perspectives in fashion photography) is also exhibited outdoors, on the gates of the perimeter of the Porta Venezia Gardens, to interface and interact with the city of Milan. From 19 November the complete exhibitions will be available on the online platform which from 19 to 22 November will also host events, conferences and portfolio reviews. As with every previous edition, the festival is a unique opportunity for fashion and photography enthusiasts to get in touch with professionals in the sector, from artists to curators, and learn more about the contemporary photographic landscape.

The collaboration between Vogue Italia and Audi, which for the fifth consecutive year is the Official Partner of the Photo Vogue Festival, is based on the identification and support of contemporary photography talents.

The artists, thanks to an out of the ordinary sensitivity, are able to read the present with a keen eye and, at the same time, to intuit and shape the future. A vision of Audi's own, attentive to the design of cars with an unconventional personality, such as the new Audi Q2: an urban SUV where style and cutting-edge technology merge, a perfect car for everyday life that turns into a Personal Accelerator for those guide. Especially for all those independent women who love to achieve their goals without sacrificing elegance and style: the Audi Q2 best reflects this ambition, presenting refined aesthetics and a sensitivity to technological innovation that does not give up on emotions. With these women in mind, Audi and Vogue Italia have identified a young Italian photographer capable of telling the different facets of the female world through her images: Clara Melchiorre.

For the PVF, the artist has created an unprecedented service that pays homage to "progressive women": all those women who, thanks to their choices, become the bearers of change, inspiring and shaping the reality that surrounds them. The images will be visible on the digital platform of the Photo Vogue Festival from November 19th.

"Defending my vision and trusting instinct are challenges I deal with every day and being identified by Audi and Vogue Italia as an Italian artist capable of narrating the female world has enormous value precisely as recognition of the constant research carried out in this sense" , declares the artist Clara Melchiorre. “The woman I represented in these shots embodies all those figures who have left a mark thanks to their sensitivity and courage. The architectural environment is introduced to the viewer by the gestures of the model herself who interprets it. Diverse, elegant and essential are some of the features that unite the architectures chosen by the protagonist of this project: a contemporary heroine, brilliant interpreter of her time. "

To learn more about Clara Melchiorre's projects, on November 20 at 2 pm, the PVF platform will host a meeting by Audi entitled "Tomorrow's Women Today" which will focus on women in the arts. Thanks to the dialogue between the photographer, the writer Sara Rattaro and Alessia Glaviano, artistic director of the Photo Vogue Festival, we will talk about female empowerment and creativity, outlining the profile of today's “progressive women”. It will also be an opportunity to explore the inspirations and motivations underlying the work of the two creative protagonists of the talk.

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