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Paralympic athlete Veronica Yoko Plebani in Vogue Italia – Italian Cuisine

Paralympic athlete Veronica Yoko Plebani in Vogue Italia

The new issue of Vogue Italia will be on newsstands from January 5th, representing the values ​​of the brand with a particular focus on the theme “confidence brings confidence”. The protagonist of the cover is Veronica Yoko Plebani, a Paralympic athlete who, thanks to sport and an incredible willpower, has resumed her destiny after an illness defeated years ago.

The new issue of Vogue Italy, which represents the values ​​of the brand with a particular focus on the theme "confidence brings confidence".

Protagonist of the cover Veronica Yoko Plebani, a Paralympic athlete who, thanks to sport and incredible willpower, has regained his destiny after an illness which he defeated years ago.
He interviewed her for Vogue Italia Elena Favilli, international bestselling author and journalist committed to identifying and denouncing discrimination of all kinds, also known for the book "Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls". The visionary and dreamlike shoot that sees her as the protagonist was instead shot by the Korean artist Cho Gi-Seok.

This cover story rewrites the narrative of disability in fashion photography showing a new and inclusive idea of ​​beauty, far from the stereotypes and limitations with which non-conforming bodies are usually represented: Veronica, photographed in all her complexity and splendor , she becomes at the same time the protagonist of a fantastic tale and the witness of a message of change, of a process of normalization that can finally lead to an authentic acceptance of diversity.

In the interview, Veronica talks about herself without filters, starting with her illness:
“When I was in the hospital I thought I would never be able to forget that pain. Instead, I forgot it. This is why today I am no longer afraid of anything. Any challenge seems possible to me. What can ever happen? .

When it comes to sport he declares:
«My favorite sport is fatigue! I really like the change, maybe that's why when I met the triathlon team at the Rio Paralympics in 2016 I immediately understood that this absurd sport would be suitable for me. Going on the fly from swimming to cycling, cycling to running… in a moment when I couldn't even walk for a kilometer! How could I not like a challenge like this? .

Veronica then reveals the moment when she realized she would become an athlete:
"When I left the hospital, to give me a tone of normality, my father thought about putting me on a plane and taking me with him to the New York marathon. The day before the race, the United Nations always organize a race of only 5 km that ends on the same finish line as the official marathon and in that race my father with his team pushed me in the wheelchair to the finish line, which I crossed while walking. It was only a few steps away, but that's where I experienced that feeling of conquest that made me think: I have to do something that gives me this kind of joy .

When asked about the very young people who follow her, especially on social networks, she replies:
“I think they are curious about my story, about my attitude towards my body. We always think that it takes a lot of courage to show yourself when you have a non-conforming body, but for me it is normal. I have always thought of my body as a tool that allowed me to do things and not as a limit. Indeed, I did the most extraordinary things after my body underwent this transformation, so I never hated it ".

And on this experience that sees her for the first time as the protagonist of the cover of Vogue Italia, she says:
«It was a wonderful day, especially because for the first time my body was photographed in all its complexity and not just for its non-conforming aspects. I have a body that is difficult to shoot and it was very nice to tell it as something that doesn't just talk about disability but that is part of a much wider context .

Other exclusive interviews complete the number: one a Francesco Risso – Creative Director of Marni, who dressed Veronica Yoko Plebani for the cover of this issue; Paola Egonu, the strongest hitter in Europe; Amina Muaddi, the well-known Jordanian designer; Federico Marchetti, which for the occasion speaks of trust and sustainability by recounting a project undertaken with Prince Charles. It's still Andrea Batilla, a well-known signature of fashion journalism, has written an alphabet of fashion values ​​for Vogue Italia. Among the protagonists of the photo shoots Emily Ratajkowski, Naomi Campbell and Adut Akech.

“Stories of trust. All different from each other but deeply interconnected because they are able to coexist in a single story which, like reality, is not a monochromatic painting, but a contradictory and multiform set of different colors. There is harmony in coexistence "comments Francesca Ragazzi, Head of Editorial Content at Vogue Italia.

The entire issue is dedicated to the representation of Vogue's values, including his own Archive: an immense cultural heritage that for the occasion is made available to everyone, free of charge, for a month. To use it, just go to http:// Archivi.vogue.it/, click on Subscribers and select the Full Archive subscription mode. By registering your account, by entering the promotional code voguearchive4youth, you will have full access to the archive. The offer is redeemable, only for new registrations, from January 6 to February 6, 2022 inclusive.

Photo Vogue Festival, the sixth edition kicks off – Italian Cuisine

From 18 to 21 November, the first conscious fashion photography festival dedicated to deepening the meeting ground between ethics and aesthetics returns to Milan, in both physical and digital versions. "Reframing History" is the common denominator behind the exhibitions, an exploration of projects that intend to present an alternative view, reinventing neglected historical figures or questioning stereotyped stories

PhotoVogue was launched in Italy in 2011 as a community for photography enthusiasts. It has since grown into an industry-leading platform with over 257,000 photographers worldwide, both amateurs and professionals. In 2016, the first Photo Vogue Festival was held in Milan, involving the entire city with talks, exhibitions and initiatives related to photography.

Now, in its tenth year, PhotoVogue is relaunched to expand globally and also include other types of media to build an internationally diversified platform of the most interesting voices in photography, video, multimedia. The new website will be launched in early 2022. PhotoVogue's mission has always been and will continue to be to supporting talent, reaching historically excluded communities, improving visual literacy and shaping a more just, ethical and inclusive visual world.

The event, now in its own right sixth edition, And sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and it is made possible thanks to the contribution of some partners including Audi, Gucci Beauty and Xiaomi.

Between 18 and 21 November 2021, the event will wind through exhibitions, talks, portfolio reviews both on the territory, from BASE Milan, as well as in satellite events in the best galleries in the city, both in digital with a new photovoguefestival.vogue.it platform.

The common denominator behind the photographic exhibitions is "Reframing History": an exploration of projects that intend to present an alternative view, reinventing neglected historical figures or questioning stereotyped tales.

As with every edition, the festival represents an unmissable opportunity for photography, fashion and art enthusiasts to get in touch with innovative photographers and leading figures in the sector, including curators and professionals.


The 35 artists presented in this section of the exhibition were selected by an international jury through an Open Call which was attended by 2500 photographers from 98 different countries for a total of 25,000 images.

It presents projects that claim an alternative way of telling a story, starting from those that re-contextualize omitted or forgotten historical figures to those that claim an idea of ​​beauty that has been stereotyped. Helping to achieve what Chinua Achebe defined "a balance of stories" has always been one of the key missions of PhotoVogue, the photographic platform of Vogue Italia, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. Human beings are storytelling creatures: the stories we tell become 'the stuff' of which the world we inhabit is made. There is an extraordinary African proverb that Achebe often quotes: "as long as the lions do not have their own historians, hunting tales will always glorify the hunter". Well, this year's edition of the festival aims to focus on the story of the lions.

© Mous Lamrabat

The 12 artists presented in this section of the exhibition were selected by the members of the jury and the photographic department of Vogue Italia.

Curated by the photographic department of Vogue Italia and by the members of the festival jury, the exhibition examines and further develops the perspective of Black creatives on the concept of 'Reframing History'. From alternative history, or counter-history, passing through the radical reinvention and criticism of artistic canons and Western mythologies, the artists on display have redirected attention to territories that have remained in the shadows for too long, opening a luminous path that is influencing , shaping and revolutionizing the world panorama of contemporary photography.

A Reframed Library
Photo Vogue Festival presents a selection of photobooks that aims to give voice to underrepresented stories in the field of storytelling: these photographic projects address issues related to cultural identity, the deconstruction of stereotypes and the concept of shared authorship. Each of the books on display tries to encourage reflection on the ethical and political implications of how we represent a story or a community. The selection is made by Rica Cerbarano, contributor to Vogue Italia.

Reframing History / 2 Chapters
The theme of the exhibition is also explored through popular culture hits such as the TV series Anne Boleyn and the film The Personal History of David Copperfield. The choices made by the jury and the photographic department of Vogue Italia aim to highlight the spread and scope of this movement and its influence on every aspect of contemporary culture.

The photographers

During the days of the event it will be possible to view four episodes of the Sky Original Le Fotografe series, directed by Francesco G. Raganato and produced by Terratrema Film in collaboration with Seriously. The docu-series is dedicated to eight Italian photographers who, through their artistic research, explore themes related to the female universe.
In particular, it will be possible to deepen the work of Carolina Amoretti, Roselena Ramistella, Sara Lorusso and Zoe Natale Mannella: four authors that Vogue Italia has supported over time, highlighting their talent and ability to describe contemporary women in a complex and original way. On the digital platform it will also be possible to enjoy a best of video of the series made by the director.


BASE Milano will host a rich program of live talks that will be visible on the digital platform of the festival in the following days. The new interactive format is an exception – Ask me anything – during which industry experts will answer live questions from the public present at BASE Milano and those of virtually connected spectators. This format will also be broadcast in live streaming on the digital platform on November 20. Ask me anything was designed to help those creatives who do not have the opportunity to ask the most basic questions to professional photographers and experts in the sector. In line with the festival's mission, the focus of this edition's talks will range from photojournalism to fashion photography. The topics discussed will be topical issues such as diversity and inclusion – not only in terms of the subject of the stories we tell but also of those who tell them, filter access to them or have decision-making power. We will also talk about disability, LGBTQIA +, the influence that Instagram exerts on photography, visual literacy and much more.

Admission is free.
Access will be allowed only to subjects with COVID-19 green certification, so-called "Green pass".

Thursday 18 November 15:00 – 21:00
Friday 19 November 11:00 – 21:00
Saturday 20 November 11:00 – 21:00
Sunday 21 November 11:00 – 21:00

Exhibits on the digital platform will be available for one year starting November 18, 2021.

Vogue Italia dedicates an entire issue to animals – Italian Cuisine

Vogue Italia dedicates an entire issue to animals and launches the media partnership with WWF Italy. For the first time on the cover an upcycling fashion brand. Five special covers are signed by contemporary artists.

One year after the record issue of January 2020 (made without taking fashion photographs, in order to symbolically reduce the carbon footprint of the magazine), and on the occasion of the publication of the international charter of Vogue 2021, Vogue Italy back to dealing with the environment. And it does so by dedicating for the first time in its history an entire issue, and 7 collectible covers, to the animals.

"This year we wanted animals to borrow our physical and digital space", explains ddirector Emanuele Farneti, "To force us to draw attention, after the months spent at home, to the natural dimension, to the environmental emergency that the tragedy of the pandemic has certainly not made less urgent, and to what the year we have taught us just left behind: very trivially, that the world does not revolve around men .

The magazine's seven collectible covers are dedicated to animals. Five of them are made by artists contemporaries: a beehive immortalized by the American artist Andres Serrano; a small ñandu (South American ostrich) photographed by Alessandra Sanguinetti, a lamb and a dog portrayed by Heji Shin; an imaginary feline designed by Tschabalala Self, American artist; and a Belgian Shepherd Dog portrayed by Johnny Dufort.

The two fashion covers, signed by Dufort and Shin, feature an upcycling brand, the French Kezaco, for the first time in the history of the magazine. It is a gesture of strong attention to the boom of creatives who produce new objects starting from waste materials: in the case of the Parisian duo (composed of a stylist and a fashion designer who have chosen to remain anonymous), in particular recycled fabrics and shells.

Articles and insights within the magazine are dedicated to the relationship between animals and the fashion industry, with particular attention to the issue of scarcity of raw materials and the latest developments in scientific research on alternative materials.

"This issue aims to be an opportunity to stimulate thought on the relationship between the world of fashion and the animal world – an important and delicate relationship, which represents a key moment in the definition of a future ethical and sustainable fashion", he says Ferdinando Verderi, creative director of Vogue Italia.

Among the fashion shoots, a work of the photographer Pieter Hugo in the Greater Kruger Area, South Africa, the women of the Black Mambas Antipoaching Unit, the rangers who protect the animals of the reserve against poaching; and the curious story taken by the supermodel Anja Rubik, who chose to portray in the company of a rat, the humblest of animals with whom, as he tells the magazine, in the past he shared "a love story".

The issue also features various prestigious contributions including those by Antonio Spadaro, director of Civiltà Cattolica, of the scientific director of WWF Italy Marco Galaverni, of the German biologist Karsten Brensing, of writers Sam J. Miller, Muriel Barbery, Howard Jacobson and Philelph, author of the recent "The assembly of animals" (Einaudi).

On the occasion of the release of this issue Vogue Italy is WWF Italy announce one media partnership which will continue throughout 2021, with the aim of spreading greater awareness on the conservation of nature, habitats and endangered species through the print and digital channels of Vogue Italia.

They signed the covers for this month:

Heji Shin

Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1976, but raised in Hamburg, Heji Shin is a German photographer listed by the New York Times as one of the "breakout stars" of 2019. Known for her deliberately provocative art and fashion works, and sometimes explicitly sexual, whose subjects are people and animals often represented as allegories, Shin declared that "doing something just out of the desire to be transgressive and to break certain taboos is very stupid." As the image on the cover of Vogue Italia shows, his research focuses on intimacy and trust – feelings threatened by contemporary media. "I don't admire good manners or" right "political views in art," he explains. "I admire the courage."

Cover by Heji Shin

Tschabalala Self

A powerful feline, threatening in its attributes – nails, teeth – yet elegant and calm: it is the symbolic representation of the primeval and hieratic animal force, evoked by the American artist Tschabalala Self (1990). His collages mostly explore the intersectionality of race, sexuality and gender, and usually focus on the black female body, as well as on the more or less accepted fantasies that surround it. “Black panthers are symbolic animals,” he says, “known for strength, mystery, beauty. Here I used various materials mixed with paint and thread. The silhouette of this panther is borrowed from the symbol of the Black Panther Party organization, designed in 1966 by Ruth Howard and Dorothy Zellner. "

Andres Serrano

Sacred subjects, dead animals, meat… With his provocative works Andres Serrano (1950) tackles social and religious themes. However, in this image of a beehive, the American artist expresses a happy moment. “I like bees. They have a strong work ethic and are very skilled explorers.
Some scientists think they have existed for 120 million years, and it is said that where bees go there the human race goes, such is their importance in the ecological balance. While shooting, I accidentally moved one of the lights, and in a flash the swarm was gone. However, the queen bee was locked in the hive, and the beekeeper explained that he would be back … He was right, an hour later all the bees were there again! ".

Alessandra Sanguinetti

Sanguinetti was born in New York in 1968, raised in Buenos Aires and has lived in San Francisco since 2003. At the center of his work, themes such as memory and the delicate moment of the transition of youth. Since 2007 he has been a member of the Magnum agency. For the cover of Vogue Italia Sanguinetti portrayed a small ñandu (a South American ostrich), “met” south of Buenos Aires. “He was all alone in the middle of a field, which is very rare because they are always well guarded by the males. They are the ones who incubate and look after the eggs for 40 days, almost without leaving the nest even to feed ”.

Johnny Dufort

Among the most talented fashion photographers of his generation, Johnny Dufort was born in Bristol, studied at the College of Fashion and Design in Falmouth, and in 2007 landed in London, where the vibrant world of skateboarding – the same that generated streetwear brands such as Palace and Supreme – attracted his attention. With an almost surrealist vision, the snapshot of his cover portrays a Belgian Shepherd – a dog breed, he explains, «very interesting. More than anything else they are known as guard dogs, police dogs and attack dogs, I believe mainly because they are intelligent and can be trained very well. The intriguing thing was to show the docile and at the same time wild side of these animals .

Cover by Johnny Dufort

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