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Papaya: a superfood for super hair

Used since the time of the Maya as a medicine, papaya is a superfood full of surprises. Here's how to make the most of this exquisite elixir

Lively, succulent, fragrant. Whenever we found ourselves in front of the papaya we thought about summer, the waves and the hot sun. And we did well. Because this fruit, now widespread throughout the world, is actually originally from Mexico and we have news of it since the ancient times of the Maya.

Why eat it

Thanks to the large presence of vitamins and fiber, papaya is ideal for fighting and prevent inflammation and favor the natural intestinal transit. Its pulp is also rich in water and contributes to its correctness hydration, but it acts as a delicate diuretic at the same time, favoring the elimination of toxins.

More beautiful inside

One of the main points in favor of the papaya are its recognized antioxidant properties. So eating it will help us counter cellular aging. Still on the subject of prevention, this fruit is useful against diseases related to the cardiovascular system thanks to the presence of precious substances such as lycopenes. There C vitamin, abundantly present in its pulp, also makes it an excellent tool to increase the natural defenses of our body. There papain which then supplies us with an excellent digestive aid, especially when paired with meat-based dishes.

An extra beauty gear

The properties of the papaya are not limited to favoring a good supply of vitamins and fiber, but act positively on the health of our tissues leading to good visible results on the skin. This will appear brighter and toned and the hair, thanks to the good vitamin supply and the detox effect of the fruit, will grow more healthy and shiny.
To be able to benefit from the numerous properties of superfood, insert it consistently into your diet. 4 small portions to be consumed distributed in the week will be sufficient to notice the first results.

To make the papaya tasting more enjoyable, in the gallery 5 recipes to enjoy it

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