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If the cooked pears become a dessert

Cooked fruit and dessert: here is an idea to serve them together for an easy, yet refined, meal to be prepared with a seasonal fruit, a sweet cream, spices and a crunchy touch

This is one of those desserts for the most refined palates.
If you love the cooked fruit and served warm, the spices, the sweetness of the honey and the crunchiness of the dried fruit cannot not prove it. It's also a lot easy to prepare and always makes a great impression.

How to cook pears

The basis of this dessert are the baked pears which you can prepare in different ways.
The simplest provides for the baking in the oven.
You can cut them in half and also keep the peel if you want them to be more rustic. Then put them in a baking dish with little water, some brown sugar and cinnamon at will.
Alternatively you can cook them in white or red wine. Just peel them and cook them whole or in half in the wine diluted with a little water and flavored with cloves, vanilla and cinnamon.
For about 3 pears consider a glass of wine and one of water.
Once cooked, drain and prepare a reduction cooking the remaining liquid for a few minutes with the addition of 50 g of sugar or honey. Then pour all over the pears that are served warm.

The cream to accompany them

We offer you as an accompaniment to the pears of the mascarpone cream which is prepared in no time and does not include cooking.
Just mix the mascarpone with fresh cream mounting everything delicately and adding also in this case sugar or honey.
An alternative always without cooking could be the classic tiramisu cream, made with eggs, better if pasteurized.
If you prefer a cooked cream, instead, opt for one english cream delicate and not very full-bodied.

The crunchy touch

Complete the dessert with the crunchy touch of the crumble. There are different types of crumble.
The simplest is done just cookies. Choose spicy shortbread biscuits, for example the gingerbread very common in this period, the Speculos, and crumble them on the cream coarsely.
Or prepare a kind of crunchy with the hot caramel and dried fruit or the seeds and once cold, break it with a meat tenderizer.
Another solution is to prepare a pastry only with butter, sugar and flour and crumble it on parchment paper and then cook it at 180 ° for 8-10 minutes.

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