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Cake recipe with pears and dark chocolate – Italian Cuisine

Cake recipe with pears and dark chocolate

There is a saying: “Don’t let the farmer know how good the cheese is with pears”, but also how good the pears are pears with chocolate, we would say! A successful combination for many sweetsgood from breakfast to snack to dessert, as in the case of this one cake that we present to you today, easy to make.

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Pasta with gorgonzola, pears and bacon – Italian Cuisine

»Pasta with gorgonzola, pears and bacon

Wash the pears well and cut them into very thin slices (eliminating the central core): I did not peel them because I liked to add that extra touch of rustic, and also to prevent them from breaking too much; cut the gorgonzola into pieces.

Brown the bacon well in a non-stick pan, then add the pears and leave them to flavor, then set them aside.

In the same pan, melt the butter, then add the milk and gorgonzola and wait for the latter to melt.
In the meantime, cook the pasta and drain it al dente, then add it to the cream cheese and let it cook for a couple of minutes, then add the pears and bacon.

The pasta with gorgonzola, pears and bacon is ready, you just have to serve it.

Unleavened pizza with red cabbage, sour cream, pears and Roquefort – Italian Cuisine


1) Grease with oil 2 non-stick baking trays with a diameter of about 30 cm. Wash And dry cabbage, deleted any leaves that are too hard or damaged, deprive it of the core and cut it into strips about 1 cm wide.

2) Pour the flour in a bowl, form a hollow in the center, add two pinches of salt, oil and 2 dl of water and you work the ingredients until a smooth and elastic dough is obtained. Knead it for 5 minutes, divide it into 2 equal parts and roll them out in trays in 2 discs of about 28 cm. Let it rest the pasta for a few minutes and, in the meantime, washed, dry and slice the pears.

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3) Enlarge lightly the two discs of dough e spread them with a layer of sour cream. Distribute on the surface the red cabbage cut into strips, the slices of pear and the coarsely crumbled roquefort. Peppered And bake the pizzas at 200 ° for about 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and serve.



Posted on 30/01/2022


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