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Crunchy and aromatic, the Fiè rye bread accompanies speck and seasoned cheeses: here is the recipe to prepare it at home

Dry, crunchy, fragile: it is Schüttelbrot, the Rye bread typical of theSouth Tyrol. It is found in the form of flat discs of various sizes and is characterized by its spicy taste. In fact, seeds are added inside the dough cumin, fennel is fenugreek. Prepare it with us: it can be preserved for a long time and for some time you can enjoy the flavors of the mountain directly at your home.

The Schüttelbrot recipe


For the biga you will need: 250 g of rye flour, 25 ml of water at 30 ° C, 20 g of yeast. For the dough: 500 g of rye flour, 250 g of wheat flour, 850 ml of water at 30 ° C, 20 g of yeast, 20 g of salt, 5 g of cumin seeds, 5 g of seeds of fennel, 5 g of trigonella.


Prepare the biga: first dissolve the yeast in hot water. Then mix it with rye flour to obtain a dough that has a rather soft consistency. Let it rest for an hour in the heat.

Once this time has elapsed, work the chariot with the other ingredients and, again, let the new dough rest for about 15 minutes.

Now divide the dough into loaves weighing about 150 grams and place them on a floured surface. Cover with tea towels and let them rest for another 10 minutes.

Shake the loaves gently, flattening and rotating them to make them large and thin. Bake in a preheated oven at 220 ° C for about 30 minutes.

How is the Schüttelbrot served?

Bring it to the table with a chopping board of meats and cheeses, even better if of South Tyrolean origin, such as speck and malga cheese. Add a couple of pickled gherkins and a good glass of red and the appetizer – or snack – is ready! Try it also with our recipe of lamb rind in schüttelbrot crust on cabbage with three cumin.

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