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The loukoumi, a Greek dessert to accompany with coffee – Italian Cuisine

Loukoumi is a delicious sweet of Greek origin flavored with rose, generally served as an accompaniment to Greek coffee

These little ones delicious and exotic Greek sweets they are generally served with Greek coffee. Although famous for being a Turkish specialty, loukoumi actually has Greek origins, in particular its recipe comes from a mix of local products from the island of Chios, and then spread throughout the Greek territory starting fromisland of Syros (Cyclades).

Origin and spread of loukoumi, a Greek-Turkish sweet

To study and retrace the origin of this cake historically was Dina Sikoutri, descendant of an old family of local loukoumi producers from the island of Syros. His research has shown that most producers in ancient Istanbul (Constantinople), came from theGreek island Chio, in the northern Aegean, and that just using typical ingredients of this island, namely almonds, rose sugar and mastic, the resin of the mastic tree, created Turkish rahat loukoum.
The first testimony concerning the Greek production of loukoumi, on the island of Syros, dates back to 1832, the year in which he made his arrival from Constantinople. In the last century the preparation of dolcetto has spread like wildfire in almost all of Greece and loukoumi has quickly become famous also in the rest of the world, from Europe to Asia and even Japan.

A sweet and delicate rose cube to be discovered

There Greek basic recipe provides for the use of sugar, water and starch, to which is generally added therose water but also essence of bergamot, vanilla or cinnamon; there are also variations with dried fruit such as almonds or walnuts, but also those with coconut, chocolate or pistachio. These sweet sugar-based cubes have a consistency reminiscent of marshmallows, although they are more sticky due to the concentration of sugar. They come traditionally accompanied to Greek coffee and are sometimes offered to visitors of Greek-Orthodox monasteries.

In some places in the north of Greece it is also possible to come across a variant beloved by children called biskotoloukoumo, which is nothing more than a fresh loukoumi served crushed between two butter biscuits.

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from appetizer to dessert with taste and imagination – Italian Cuisine

Rich in properties, oranges do a lot of good for our body. And their sour and sweet taste makes them the ideal ingredient for many recipes, both savory and sweet

The oranges – rich in vitamin C – they are a precious fruit for the health. Not only: their flavor makes them perfect also as an ingredient for many sweet and savory recipes. A citrus truly unique that can flavor dishes, make them less heavy, lighten too strong flavors and embellish others that need to be reinforced. They cost little and make a lot: the oranges are the product ideal for those who love to combine in the kitchen creativity and genuineness.

Fennel and orange salad

THE'fennel and orange salad it is an excellent idea for a tasty and healthy appetizer. Rich in C vitamin and mineral salts, is ideal for those who want to start the lunch in lightness and prepare the palate for others food. Remember to season your salad with salt, oregano and olive oil of high quality and to peel the oranges for good, trying as much as possible to eliminate the cuticles that would make the salad too bitter. You can add apples or endive.

Orange and avocado salad

In this case the taste of oranges will go with the creaminess of the avocado for an original appetizer. Remember also to season the ingredients with olive oil and salt. You can decide to make a sauce guacamole or cut theavocado in small pieces, the important thing is that it is ripe. Serve your cold salad by removing it from the fridge 5 minutes before eating it.

Cous cous with oranges and peppers

The couscous with oranges and peppers is a typical dish of the Sicilian cuisine. An intense combination of taste and excellent flavor for a traditional Arab dish revisited in an island key.


400 g of precooked couscous
vegetable broth
2 lemons and 4 oranges
1 wild or leek spring onion
3 yellow peppers and 3 red peppers
chili powder


Cook the peppers in the oven and cover them with newspaper. Let them rest for about 15 minutes and then clean them by removing the peel and the seeds, then cut them into very small pieces.

Squeeze 2 oranges and 2 lemons and cook the couscous in the broth. When it is ready, pour the juice you have prepared on the couscous, add the olive oil, i pepperoni, the wild onion or the very thin chopped leek and a few mint leaves. Cut the two oranges left in small pieces and add them to the cous cous and let it cool in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving.

Duck in orange sauce

It is one of the great classics of the Italian cuisine. A rich and very tasty dish in which oranges have great merit degrease and make duck meat lighter and tastier. Try the recipe below and also the version of duck breast with oranges and hazelnuts.


1 clean duck ready to be cooked
4 fresh oranges and thick peel
150 g of butter
salt and pepper
Grand Marnier


Place the duck in a pan from oven flavoring the inside with salt, a little butter and rosemary. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for about 90 minutes at 150 degrees. Cut the orange peel and blanch for 5 minutes, drain, add the Grand Marnier and leave them to marinate for an hour.

After checking that the meat of the duck has turned pink, remove the duck from the pan and, keeping the cooking liquid, keep it warm.

Cut the oranges into very small pieces and set them aside, you will use them for the final decoration of the dish. At this point add to the cooking liquid marinating oranges and Grand Marnier and cook over high heat for about ten minutes. Season your duck with this precious sauce and, with the oranges that you had previously cut, garnish the dish before serving.

Orange and chocolate brioche

Orange brioche e chocolate it is a dessert that is easy to prepare and perfect for breakfast and for a snack.


brewer's yeast
600 g of flour (00 and manitoba)
300 g of whole milk
150 g of butter
150 g of sugar
orange blossom honey
1 whole egg and 1 yolk
the rind of a grated orange

For the filling
500 g of orange jam
400 g of chocolate
flaked almonds


Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm milk sugar and honey (optional). In a large bowl, mix the mixture with flour, eggs and butter. When the mixture is homogeneous and without lumps place it in a buttered baking dish and cover it with a damp cloth, let it rest for at least 6/7 hours. Roll out the dough and fill it with jam, melted chocolate (white or black, the one you like best) and almonds. Wrap it in a roll shape and place it in a shape from plum cake ready to be fired. Let it rest – covered with plastic wrap – for about half an hour before placing it in the oven and then cook it for 45 minutes at 160 degrees.

Orange smoothie

The shake of fresh oranges is a very good drink for all seasons. Refreshing, nourishing and thirst quenching it is the perfect drink for every moment and is a great way to make people eat fruit – and vitamin C – even for the little ones. You can embellish your smoothie with blackberries or red fruits, to make the taste sweeter and even more precious thanks to the mineral salts of red fruits. The advice is to chop, together with the oranges, some ice cubes so as to make the cold smoothie at the right point to be immediately tasted!

a light dessert without eggs and without butter – Italian Cuisine

A very simple dessert to prepare, but still excellent, also ideal for children because light: try this recipe!

You have little time and a few ingredients at home, but the desire to prepare one cake is not missing? Try the water cake: it is a sweet light and very simple, which does not provide for use neither of eggs nor of butter. Also suitable for the little ones because it contains very few calories, has several variations. For example, one can be replaced with water Orange juice you hate lemon, or for the sweet tooth can be expected chocolate chips. The water cake is ideal even if you have guests vegansbecause it does not contain ingredients of original animal. Let's find out the recipe together!


380 ml of water (or orange juice if you want a more fragrant cake)
370 grams of 00 flour
250 grams of sugar
80 grams of seed oil
grated lemon peel (or vanilla extracted from pod)
1 sachet of baking powder


Take a bowl and sifter flour and baking powder here. Then add the sugar and lemon zest. Separately add oil and water and mix well.

Slowly, add the mix of dry ingredients to the liquid and mix. Meanwhile, heat the oven to 180 ° C and, when it has reached temperature, transfer the mixture into a pan greased with oil and bake for about 45 minutes. Always check the cooking with a toothpick before removing the cake from the oven.

If you like, you can sprinkle the cake with icing sugar.