High blood pressure, what to eat to lower it and what to avoid at the table – Italian Cuisine

High blood pressure, what to eat to lower it and what to avoid at the table

Regular consumption of certain foods can prevent and fight hypertension. Here's what to bring to the table to keep the circulation healthy

In Italy as many as 15 million people suffer from high blood pressure. This is revealed by data from SIIA (Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension). Adopting healthy eating habits can help to combat the problem. Nutrition, in particular, plays a fundamental role in preventing the disorder and limiting the risks of stroke, heart attack and many others. Let's see with the help of the doctor Nicoletta Bocchino, nutritionist biologist, what to bring to the table and what to avoid in case of high blood pressure.

The foods yes

"At the table," explains the nutritionist, "there must be foods rich in antioxidants such as kiwi, citrus fruits and red fruits such as raspberries, strawberries and blueberries, but they must be consumed far from taking drugs. Flavonoids, for example, in addition to protecting blood vessels from the damaging action of free radicals responsible for aging, promote the proper circulation of blood ". Even foods rich in magnesium and potassium are a panacea for those suffering from high blood pressure. "These minerals regulate circulation by lowering sodium levels in the blood. Vegetables and fresh and dried fruit are particularly rich . The daily menus should not be missing the fibers contained in large quantities in green leafy vegetables, whole grains and many other foods. "Regular consumption of these substances lowers the pressure and slows down the absorption of sugars and fats in the blood".

The foods to be limited

"To prevent and counteract hypertension, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sodium in the daily menus both in the form of cooking salt and rich foods such as cheese, especially those aged, canned products, packaged snacks. , sauces. The consumption of fried and fried foods rich in trans fatty acids, harmful to the health of the arteries, must also be limited ".

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