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7 tips to avoid wasting in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

7 tips to avoid wasting in the kitchen

Cooking without waste is one of the goals of each of us, but many times it happens that what could have been eaten ends up in the garbage. On the National Food Waste Prevention Day, here are some tips to help prevent this from happening

You know how much food is thrown away each year? According to the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, we Italians throw in the trash about 65 kg of food every year, especially fruit, vegetables, bread and other fresh foods. Established in 2014, the National Food Waste Prevention Day it is intended to remind everyone that they must try to improve the situation. A good way is to start with the small things, the ones that are within the reach of all of us.

Here are our tips in 7 helpful tips:

1) Think and observe before buying: try to imagine a sort of menu of the week and take a good look at what you have in the fridge, freezer and pantry (yes, even in the second row, on the last shelf). In this way the shopping list will be shorter and only of necessary things.

2) At the supermarket with a full stomach: if you are hungry when you go shopping, it could happen that different products appear mysteriously in your cart that perhaps were not essential. And that maybe they will stay for months at the bottom of the pantry. Give them as a gift, someone who will appreciate them will be there for sure.

3) Dates are important: always check the deadlines, remembering that "to be consumed preferably by" does not mean to be thrown away. Make foods close to date X more prominent.

4) Out to dinner: it is now almost a consolidated practice and no one will be surprised if you ask to take away what you have not finished. Far from it. And this also applies to the wine bottle.

5) Long live the schiscetta: if you do not finish everything you have prepared, divide it into small airtight containers and use them for the lunch break in the office, or freeze them to eat them again. If, on the other hand, there are small quantities left over, try transforming them into a new recipe: omelettes, filled with savory pies, vegetable cream, pasta sauce

6) Don't pay attention to aesthetics: never choose a fruit for its beauty, you might be disappointed. In the same way, do not throw away trusting only your eyes, if the apples are bruised, they will be perfect to enrich a cake or to become a compote to be served with cheeses.

7) Gastronomic reuse: at first it takes a bit of imagination and the desire to experiment, then it will become a habit to imagine a second destination for peels, peels & C.

Speaking of the latter, here are some our recipes against waste in the kitchen:

Empty fridge syndrome: what it is and how to avoid it – Italian Cuisine

Empty fridge syndrome: what it is and how to avoid it

For some, dining on biscuits, snacks and other packaged foods sometimes risks becoming a bad habit, called empty fridge syndrome. Here are the causes and tips for wanting ladles and pans even at the end of the day

Skip dinner and eat ready-made foods, mostly packaged such as biscuits, snacks, potato chips, snacks. It is commonly called empty fridge syndrome and it is not a real nuisance, rather a widespread habit among those who have little time to devote to meals or have little desire to get in the kitchen, perhaps because they are alone or work late and return home exhausted . A bad habit, the empty fridge syndrome, which weighs on the figure and on health. "Everything we eat nourishes our body, our mind and our thoughts and often due to lack of time or laziness we choose the wrong" fuel ", without thinking that what we eat can be the cause of diseases and disorders, but also of many ailments such as "simple" swelling, headaches or chronic fatigue , he comments Marilù Mengoni, nutritionist biologist, also graduated in psychology, creator of the method psychoanalysis and contract lecturer at the UniCusano University of Rome and the CNM school of naturopathy in Padua. "It is often underestimated, for example, that the food we consume can be related to depressive states, anxiety and agitation and we always end up choosing what we seem to like the most. I say it seems because in most cases it is a simple addiction, especially to sugars or other substances perhaps present in our favorite food that we end up eating like robots and whose consequences are also seen on weight and waistline, which inexorably increase over the years Says the expert. But what can the lack of desire to cook depend on? Here's what you need to know about the empty fridge syndrome and what to do to stay away from it.

Causes of empty fridge syndrome

Among the factors that certainly affect the most in the empty fridge syndrome are the frenetic rhythms and stress. "If we have been busy with work, shopping, housekeeping and many other activities all day long, we end up really exhausted in the evening and no longer have the energy to do anything other than eat ready-made food. and then perhaps collapse in front of social networks or watching TV , says Dr. Marilù Mengoni. "Having the habit of eating packaged food, full of fats, sugars, additives and preservatives, can really be harmful to health in the long run. Most diseases could be prevented with a healthy and conscious lifestyle, which includes greater attention to the choice of food and the moments dedicated to meals .

Tips for regaining the desire to cook in the evening

"To regain motivation in the kitchen and eat healthily, it would be enough to take small breaks during the day or to dedicate time to yourself, for example, taking a walk in the open air or a little yoga. Slowing down the pace a little helps you find your center and the desire to pamper yourself a little even with a healthy and nutrient-rich dinner ", suggests Dr. Marilù Mengoni. The ideal is to focus on simple dishes. "If you plan to cook something that takes an hour or more between preparation and cooking, you will probably find yourself easily with a nice packet of biscuits in your hand without even realizing it." Another useful trick is to get the right equipment. "In addition to the classic pots and the oven, you can also opt for a practical steamer, a blender and a bread machine that has the program to cook cereals in a few minutes". And finally, challenge yourself. "If the goal is to feel lighter, energetic and focused during the day, starting to eat healthy in the evening is a great way to do it".

Children's beach snack: mistakes to avoid – Italian Cuisine

Children's beach snack: mistakes to avoid

What are the foods to avoid? What to choose to stop hunger between one meal and another? Here are the expert's tips and 5 inspiring ideas to make children's snacks healthier and more nutritious

In Italy, more than 21% of children are overweight and 9.3% are obese. The data from the latest Eurispes Italy report say so. The cause? "They eat inadequately and move little," he comments Nicoletta Bocchino, nutritionist biologist. Behind the extra pounds in the vast majority of cases there are bad habits, especially between meals. «Often children skip the snack or consume as a snack mostly high-calorie foods with a low satiating power which instead of stopping hunger, stimulate it. As a result, they nibble constantly, overdo the quantities in subsequent meals and gain weight . But it's not just about the extra pounds. "A child who is overweight or obese is more likely to have problems with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many other ailments over time", adds the expert. On vacation, the risk of eating badly increases. "On the beach, for example, children are taken by games and baths and often forget to have a snack or as soon as they feel hungry they ask to eat ready-made snacks, easy to munch, which are often also rich in lipids and simple sugars, which favor the weight gain and the onset of health problems. To quench their thirst, they also take sweet and carbonated drinks, which in addition to not satisfying the thirst, increase the desire for sweet ", explains the expert, who here reveals what they are mistakes to stay away from on the beach and the tips to follow to make children's snacks healthier.

Things not to do

Consume brioches and ice cream

"Sweets and ice cream are rich in fats (hydrogenated and saturated) and refined sugars, which in addition to promoting the accumulation of fat have a reduced satiating and nutritional power". The ideal, therefore, "is to replace them with fresh and natural foods such as seasonal fruit. It is particularly rich in vitamins, mineral salts and water, which improve hydration and help the body better cope with the heat. Ok then to peaches, watermelon, apricots. The latter in particular are rich in beta-carotene, a precious antioxidant that protects the skin from damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and then natural water, the most effective thirst quencher ".

Eat salty snacks

«Chips and snacks in bags are convenient to carry and easy to munch on the go. However, they are not the ideal solution for a healthy and balanced snack ", warns the expert. "They often bring a lot of saturated fats and a high sodium content, which promotes dehydration, stimulates thirst and increases the risk of undergoing weight gain. In addition, they are poor in vitamins and minerals . For a snack on the beach, it is better to focus on foods that are easy to munch on, nutritious and healthy, such as nuts. "Walnuts, for example, provide satiating fibers and mineral salts such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, which improve the body's response to high temperatures. But pay attention to the quantities. «Dried fruit is very energetic. The ideal is to consume no more than 30 grams per day ".

Go overboard with stuffed sandwiches

"To break hunger between meals, the classic sandwich stuffed with mozzarella, cured meats and sausages should be avoided. In addition to providing an exaggerated amount of saturated fat and calories, it is difficult to digest. Better to prefer two small slices of wholemeal bread with cooked ham. It provides fibers and slow-absorbing complex carbohydrates that recharge with energy and give satiety. The ideal is to accompany it with a slice of tomato, rich in minerals and water that help replenish the liquids lost with sweating ".

Drink packaged juices

«Even if they are refreshing and thirst-quenching, these drinks are a" bomb "of rapidly absorbed sugars. They stimulate an exaggerated production of insulin, a hormone that promotes weight gain. Better to give priority to DIY drinking fruit and vegetables such as smoothies and extracts, without adding sugar. The fruit, especially the juice version, due to the lack of fiber is already particularly sweet .

In the gallery you will find 5 ideas to inspire you for a children's beach snack

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