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pandoro with mascarpone cream, a masterpiece of high pastry making – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

pandoro with mascarpone cream, a masterpiece of high pastry making

The Pandoro it is a traditional dessert of the Christmas period in Italy, particularly associated with celebrations in the north of the country, especially in the area of Verona. His star shape eight-pointed symbolically represents i gifts from the Three Kings. However, this delicious dessert has gained popularity throughout the Bel Paese and beyond, becoming a Christmas cake iconic. The stuffed variant is a testimony to the continuous evolution of Christmas confectionery cuisine. There mascarpone cream, a fresh Italian cheese known for its creamy texture and delicate flavor, becomes the delicious heart of pandoro, made with fresh mascarpone, icing sugar and, sometimes, eggs. It gives a velvety texture and a rich flavor to this delight, without being excessively sweet. There history of pandoro has its roots in the 19th century, when the master pastry chef Domenico Melegatti from Verona created this dessert to celebrate Christmas. The original recipe includes ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar and eggs, which are carefully worked to obtain a soft consistency. Over the years, the preparation has undergone various interpretations, giving rise to creative and original variations. The procedure for preparing the pandoro stuffed with mascarpone cream involves the delicate opening of the pandoro, creating a central space in which to insert the emulsion. This is prepared separately. The procedure requires attention to detail, to preserve the integrity of the entire compound. Finally, the dessert can be accompanied by a dusting of icing sugar or decorated with one light icing for a touch of elegance. Give your guests a unique delicacy and prepare the pandoro stuffed with mascarpone cream. Your Christmas will be sweeter than ever!

South Tyrol, high quality from our mountains! – Italian Cuisine

Drowned mozzarella

Drowned mozzarella

Poached mozzarella in sauce is a second course that combines the sweetness of fresh mozzarella with a tasty tomato sauce… Poached mozzarella
Drowned mozzarella

Lasagna with chanterelles and Stelvio

Lasagna with chanterelles and Stelvio: an exquisite first course that combines the creaminess of the cheese with the unique flavor of chanterelle mushrooms. Find out get ready! Lasagna with chanterelles and Stelvio
Lasagna with chanterelles and Stelvio

Spiced broccoli and yogurt hummus

Spiced broccoli and yogurt hummus is a variant of chickpea hummus enriched with vegetables and honey yogurt, a delicious idea for an aperitif! Spiced broccoli and yogurt hummus
Spiced broccoli and yogurt hummus

Galette with potatoes and cheese

The galette with potatoes and cheese is a simple and delicious savory pie. Discover here the doses and procedure for preparing this recipe at home. Galette with potatoes and cheese
Galette with potatoes and cheese

Mousse with figs and dried fruit

The mousse with figs and dried fruit is a delicious yogurt dessert served in single-portion glasses, very easy to prepare. Here’s the recipe! Mousse with figs and dried fruit
Mousse with figs and dried fruit

High and soft pan pizza: the original recipe – Italian Cuisine

all the steps to do it really well

The secret of a thick and fluffy pizza? In our opinion there are two: the mix of flours and the leavening several times. Try our recipe

There are those who love thin and crunchy pizza and those who love deep pan pizza.
If you are part of the second category of people you should definitely try this recipe.
To make it, we use a mix of flours that will make the dough well hydrated.

The recipe for pizza in a high and soft pan


For the pizza base
250 g of Manitoba flour
250 g of flour 00
375 g of water at room temperature
10 g of fine salt
50 g of extra virgin olive oil
3 g of fresh brewer's yeast

For the margherita pizza topping
200 g of tomato puree
300 g of mozzarella
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Salt to taste


In a large bowl, mix the flours with the yeast and water.
Work well with your hands and when you have obtained a homogeneous mixture, lift a flap of external dough and bring it towards the center and continue to form the gluten mesh.
Add the salt and then the oil and knead the dough again until you get a smooth, soft and uniform ball.
Cover the bowl with cling film and let it rest for 10 minutes at room temperature.
After this time, resume the dough and make folds from the outside to the inside and let it rest for another 10 minutes.
Repeat this operation twice, then cover and let rise for two hours.

Once doubled, resume thedough and give it two reinforcement folds lifting it with both hands and tipping it forward.
Spread it out on a greased baking sheet with the help of your hands and never with a rolling pin.
With slightly wet or greasy fingertips, create small holes and spread the dough. Let it rest for 20 minutes and then continue to widen it a bit without insisting too much otherwise it breaks.
Then season it with the tomato puree, a pinch of salt and a drizzle of oil and bake at the maximum temperature (230 ° -250 °) of the static oven for 20 minutes.
Then add the mozzarella and continue for another 10 minutes.

Seasonings to taste

We have proposed the Pizza Margherita version because it is the one that everyone agrees on, but you can prepare other types of pizza with the same high and soft base.
You can simply add some olives, or of the anchovies for a simple but tasty pizza.
Or you can do it without tomato, but only with mozzarella cheese And mushrooms or baked ham And artichokes.
You can also divide the dough into several parts to prepare single-portion pizzas.
Finally, you can leave the simple base without condiments and you will get a delicious focaccia to use instead of bread or to fill as you like for a quick lunch or a snack.

In the gallery, other tips for preparing pan pizza at home

Our homemade pizzas

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