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Like every year, as soon as time makes us want to enjoy nature and the open air, they return inexorably mosquitoes to ruin our party. And like every year we rush to find effective but natural remedies. There are hundreds of tips on the internet, some quite unlikely. To be sure of using remedies that have a scientific basis it is worthwhile to go to the CNR website, where some researchers have collected them on

We can use it as a repellent vinegar, lemon or one onion cut in half sprinkled with cloves, placed in large-based containers, or a decoction of mint and basil to be sprayed on the body.

Or you can try to supplement our normal diet with ingredients that by changing the smell of our sweat make us less appealing to evil insects.

THE'garlic, first, it contains a substance (the alumina) that gives our body an odor that makes the mosquitoes unable to recognize us. But it should be eaten raw, therefore it is useless to use it in preparations in which at the end the segments are thrown away. The advice is to eat often tomato bruschette well rubbed with garlic, and we will thus obtain two results, satisfy the palate and avoid annoying bites.

53401 The peperoncino, as garlic alters our odor but through other substances. It contains both B vitamins and vitamin C. These mosquito repellents are contained in abundance and together in this food but we also find them in citrus fruits (vitamin C) and in yeast (vitamins B).

Finally, in summer, it is advisable to season the food as much as possible with such spices basil, mint, thyme, lavender, nutmeg.
These foods spread repellent scents for insects and thus help in the perennial struggle without having to resort to chemicals that, although effective against mosquitoes, are harmful both to us and to other animals.

Cristina Papi
12 May 2014

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