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Raw fish (Italian style): here you are never wrong

Especially in summer, it's hard to resist raw fish: from seafood to carpaccio – the tricolor dish par excellence – always accompanied by a good glass of wine. Here are fifteen locals, along the peninsula and in the islands, where they can be enjoyed to the fullest

Raw fish, never so fashionable as in recent years, they bring back, to ancestral memories, to traditions that are lost in the mists of time in different parts of the world. Behind an apparently elementary dish, techniques, skills, aromas and different stories are hidden, which have developed and refined over the centuries. A continuous and necessary improvement, due to taste, but also to the consequences that raw fish can have on our health. Also striking is the fact that the borders have skipped: sashimi, poké, ceviche – we limit ourselves to the most famous recipes – they remain tied to the lands of origin, but they are popular everywhere. And paradoxically, their diffusion also from us, does nothing but contribute to the success of Italian raw fish. Which can be enjoyed happily, in purity, in the rooms of our selection.

Exceptional products

The tricolor contribution to the movement is represented more from sea products to recipes: our best tuna finishes almost everything in Japan, but what's left makes you enjoy; red prawns from Mazara and Ligurian “viola” are the tip of an iceberg with few rivals in the world; sea ​​urchins and canolicchi are very popular in the Adriatic; lobsters and lobsters in Sardinia are at the top. And our marinated anchovies are very good. In reality, the only technique we have taught on the planet is that of the Carpaccio, a dish of Venetian origin in which the ingredients are strictly raw and cut very thinly. We speak of a maximum thickness of 0.4 mm to preserve the right balance with the condiments: oil, salt, pepper, parmesan flakes, lemon juice, all ingredients that must be poured at the last, just before serving, unlike of marinating. According to some it is wrong to speak of fish carpaccio because in the original recipe of the mythical Giuseppe Cipriani there was explicit talk of raw beef. But for us it is not a problem …

o Magazin – Camogli

In the center, between the church and the port, in an old warehouse, as its name indicates, it opened this very small restaurant, fish bar and fish delicatessen, where you can always find fresh fish, even raw prepared, especially tartare. You can eat on the spot, take it home or move to the beach.

Vivo – Capalbio

Born from the experience of a family of fishermen and traders (within their establishments), it offers a different menu every day based on the catch. So many tastings of oysters and a wide selection of raw dishes that also include mussels, hedgehogs, prawns, truffles, snails, crabs.

Romolo al Porto – Anzio

A place with an explicit philosophy and a great history: only fresh local fish – sometimes caught with your own boat – and a new tender area for aperitifs, as well as “mile 0” sushi. The raw mix is ​​great, but the mackerel burger and the licorice steamed prawns are also good.

Crudo Rè – Naples

From lunch to dinner through the aperitif, the mission is to «give back to Naples its own marine vocation through the art of raw fish. On the menu you can choose different tastings that include oysters, prawn truffles and then tartare and carpaccio from tuna to cod.

Badalamenti Cucina and Bottega – Palermo

Near the beach of Mondello, this restaurant offers traditional Sicilian dishes with an adjoining shop selling gourmet products. Among the crudités that can be found here, white Sciacca prawn, oysters, tartare and carpaccio. The environment is design, very pleasant.

Porto Bello – Santa Marina Salina

Restaurant dedicated to Aeolian cuisine, open for 49 years, has four terraces overlooking the sea. The raw specialties are all excellent: red prawns in yoghurt sauce, raw sword au gratin, natural raw tuna, Porto Bello grouper, amberjack croque, tuna salad.

Sotto Sale – Favignana

Original and evocative furnishings in the interior and a space with external tables. The raw dish is rich in quality: red prawn, prawn, mackerel, amberjack. But you should definitely try the red tuna tartare, symbol of Favignana, with salmorejo of swordfish, fennel and orange.

Alex – Lecce

Here the raw create the embarrassment of the choice. Any examples? Cod carpaccio with cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives, Wild salmon marinated in dill, Scampi and raw Gallipoli prawns, Ceviche, Raw seafood plateau, or French oysters, hairy nuts, black mussels.

Il Bastione – Gallipoli

Inside the walls, it has a fantastic window overlooking the sea. On the menu, the item "A tutto crudo" includes jewels such as the Plateau of raw seafood with oysters, walnuts, fasolari, red prawns and scampi, the Trittico with tuna tartare, red prawns and red prawn and amberjack carpaccio.

Tuccino – Polignano a mare

It all started in 1968 from a wooden shack and a plate of raw mussels: today it is synonymous with (large) raw fish in the area. The offer seems endless: you can taste countless types of oysters and smoked salmon, seafood, scallops, carpaccio, tartare. Splendid sea view.

La Barcaccia – Pescara

It is located in Piazza Salotto and is a guarantee. Fresh fish chosen with experience, cooked with delicate marinades and short cooking. We recommend the seafood plateau, marinated raw baby squid, the gurnard carpaccio, the shrimp with rosemary or the scampi garlic, oil and chilli.

Al Cuoco di Bordo – Senigallia

Ideal for a real feast of raw in the town of "creative" Cedroni and Uliassi. From raw shells to carpaccios, from the tasting of four crudités (squills, cuttlefishes, giltheads, Marlins) to the crudone tray (with also ostrische, scampi, prawns). The place is between the beach and an avenue of tamarisks.

Sale Grosso – Cervia

Restaurant & Cruderia reads in the name of this place where, in fact, raw fish and seafood – in most of the Adriatic – are among the protagonists. Everything is cooked with the famous sweet salt from Cervia and accompanied by 150 labels of Italian and French wine.

Da Guido – Jesolo

A certainty for 40 years. Among the starters there are “fine de Claires” oysters and the raw composition of six fish and shellfish. Some specialties can also be taken home: Raw sea bass, tuna, salmon, scampi, holy hoods or salmon tartar with salted mascarpone.

Al Bancut – Lignano Sabbiadoro

In the capital of Friulian Riviera, a place – inside the Golf Inn hotel – furnished like the inside of a yacht with cherry wood and elements related to sailing that is at home here. With the offer of raw fish here you are not mistaken, starting with the Lobster Salad and the series of appetizers.

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