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or how to make children eat fish – Italian Cuisine

or how to make children eat fish

Fish cakes are fried fish balls, tasty and fun to eat. You can use cod, but also salmon. Here is the recipe

Have you ever heard of fish cakes? This delicious dish of the British tradition it is one of the most appreciated snacks across the Channel and in the States!

It's about a fish meatball (to choose as you like between what you like or have at home) lightly flattened with le potatoes and the eggs, fried then in the boiling oil. The fish cakes are very good and very easy to prepare, with a lively taste that even the little ones like. It is therefore a great way to make people eat fish also for children, presenting it in a tasty and fun way.

How to prepare fish cakes


300 g of cod fillets (but the salmon or another fish you have at home is fine too)
5 large potatoes
2 eggs
Grated cheese (grana or pecorino)
Chili pepper
White wine
Extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper


The first thing to do to prepare tasty fish cakes it's cooking fish. Sauté a clove of garlic in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Then add the fish, adjust to salt and pepper, blend with a little White wine and let it cook until it becomes soft. At this point put it in a fairly large bowl and mash it with the help of a fork.

Then take the potatoes, peel them, cut them into slices and cook them in the same pan where you cooked the fish, adding a little oil and a little water. Cook them until they become very soft. At this point, drain the water well, mash it well and add it to the bowl with the fish.

Add the beaten eggs, the grated cheese, thechives (alternatively, parsley and basil can go well), chilli (do not overdo it, especially if they have to eat fish cakes even the smallest ones) and mix everything together. When the mixture is homogeneous let it rest for a few hours fridge or freezer to compact it better before frying it.

At this point formed the fish cakes from the dough, must be of the meatballs slightly crushed. Pass them in the flour and dip them in the boiling oil, frying until they are well browned. Dry them and eat them hot, they will be one delight for the palate!

You can accompany fish cakes with one sour sauce or one mayonnaise to make them even tastier.

Fish Omelette Recipe – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Fish Omelette Recipe - Italian Cuisine

  • 300 g frying fish
  • 12 pcs eggs
  • flour
  • chopped parsley
  • milk
  • peanut oil
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper

For the fish omelette recipe, clean the fish and remove the heads; rinse them and dry them very well, then flour them and fry them in peanut oil until they are golden brown. Drain on kitchen paper and add salt. Let them cool. Beat the eggs in a bowl and add 1 spoonful of parsley, salt, pepper and 2-3 tablespoons of milk, then the minced fish cut into small pieces, keeping aside 1/4. Cook the omelette in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil: let it thicken for 4-5 minutes, then add the remaining fish. After 10 minutes turn the omelette and finish cooking it on the fire or, without turning it, put it under the grill for another 5 minutes: it must remain soft in the center.

Fish menu for sea nostalgists back in the city – Italian Cuisine

Fish menu for sea nostalgists back in the city

For those who do not want to give up the scents and flavors of the Mediterranean once back in the city, a fish menu and a table with the unmistakable scent of Mediterranean scrub

Have you just left the umbrella to go back to the city and already miss the sea? A fish menu and the right atmosphere can soothe melancholy and bring relief. At least for a few hours.

Whether a romantic occasion or a meeting between friends, dinner is a ritual made not only of cooked dishes but of atmospheres, forgotten and rediscovered sensations. Every detail contributes to recreating this magic.

The table

The care that goes into preparing it is as fundamental as the commitment made for the preparation of the dishes: it is always and in any case the sign of a particular attention for the guests, who will immediately feel pampered.

Organizing dinner in an open space would give an extra touch to the evening: if not possible, place vases with fresh and fragrant flowers in every corner of the house, they will immediately create an atmosphere. The tremulous light of a candle will refer to the sprawling motion of the sea, the intense and heady scent of rosemary and myrtle bound together with a string of string to fill an old metal watering can, transformed into a vase and placed in the center of a romantic garden table dressed in white linen, will give the feeling of being still on a distant island. On the table, dishes from the forgotten family service, and on napkins, vintage silver cutlery, more chic if different ages.

A welcome

While waiting to savor the scent of the sea, serve a glass of Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei, a native Campania wine, delicately fruity, fresh, soft and slightly savory, given the volcanic nature of the place where it develops. In background the unforgettable notes of Pino Daniele: you just have to relax and enjoy the menu.

The menu

The beginning will be a surprise for the delicacy of the combination: an appetizer made with avocado and red prawn salad, oranges and julienne with fennel. All seasoned with an emulsion of extra virgin olive oil and orange juice.

The first course, like a Beethoven sonata, will overwhelm you with all the flavors of the Mediterranean, in a mix of intense colors: bronze drawn spaghetti seasoned with a marinated swordfish cut into cubes, dipped in a sauce of cherry tomatoes and aubergines, enriched with desalted capers, pine nuts and mint leaves. An enveloping yearning of Sicily, for the most nostalgic.

For the second, expect turbot rolls in crumbled bread crust and sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with the addition of untreated lemon zest. All served on a bed of baby spinach seasoned with a little oil and a handful of peeled almond slices.

Finally, as sweet, a tarte tatin with white peaches, garnished with sprigs of fresh thyme. It can be served in individual cocotte for a more tasty presentation.

The wines

With the appetizer and the second dish, both with a delicate flavor, you can propose a Ligurian Vermentino as the Flgono, straw-yellow in color, with an intense bouquet of white flowers and fruit. The taste is quite warm, fresh and tasty.

For spaghetti instead, more intense and decisive, choose a more structured and sapid wine, like a Grillo in purity, originally from the province of Trapani. It has fragrant nose notes, with a certain minerality and flavor in the mouth, deriving from the type of soil typical of that area. It is a persistent wine, suitable for more structured dishes.
For the dessert you can choose a Trentino Superiore Moscato Giallo Vendemmia Tardiva, wine with aromatic notes and moderate sweetness, fresh and very pleasant.

At the end of the dinner, for those who wish, a glass of limoncello or a rosolio, more delicate for the ladies, cannot be missing. And then a last toast, remembering the sea breeze on a warm summer evening.

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