90 years of flavors, together with you – Italian Cuisine

90 years of flavors, together with you

December 15th is our birthday: this year, La Cucina Italiana celebrates its 90th anniversary and we could only celebrate with you

"December 1929. Christmas is approaching in the lively Milan, where the work of covering the Navigli began, with great enthusiasm of the Futurists who want to asphalt the waterways to be able to make you fly over the bolides of the new world. An elegant and busy lady rushes into the doorway of the beautiful building on Via Monte Napoleone, greeted by the caretaker who smiles, touches her cap and watches her quickly cross the polished marble atrium. The first issue comes out now, December 15th …

This is how our story begins (told by Marina Migliavacca in our celebratory issue released in November). Today, in 2019, we are ready to blow well 90 candles. But what kind of party would it be without great guests and a rich buffet? We could only choose you, who accompanied us on this journey that lasted almost a century. To do this, we challenged you to prepare your celebratory dish, a great classic of Italian cuisine, but above all of your kitchen. We have collected the recipes and the photos which struck us most and which best respected the three principles we proposed.

1. Tradition
Traditional dishes, as always, to prepare on Sundays with family or friends, those without which it is not really a day of celebration. The recipes of memories, those that make you feel good and that make you feel home.

2. Creativity
Your touch of originality, without distorting the soul of the dish.

3. Sustainability
The choice of ingredients Seasonal is locals, without forgetting to reduce as much as possible each type of waste and waste.

Among those that impressed us most, the project of some members of our official group, who joined from various cities of Italy to launch a beautiful message.

"We live in times that we would not have imagined, where fear, fear, division dominate. Since we do not like competition, we preferred collaboration, to launch a message of unity and harmony. Italian cuisine reflects the history and spirit of our country. It is made up of mixtures, in an incredible "multiple uniqueness". Already the book of Artusi, which many consider the bible of tradition, included among the recipes the "cuscussù", just to give an example. We therefore wanted to take inspiration from the competition launched on the occasion of the ninety years of the magazine "La Cucina Italiana", to offer a virtual banquet, a wedding feast that celebrates the union of the different regions to which we belong. Different, but agree. Single, but united. For an initial collage of some preparations, follow the photos of the individual dishes prepared by each of us, with descriptions, in which we tried to follow the requirements of the competition. The kitchen par excellence is the place of aggregation, in fact, for cooking, "the other" is essential. Without it, it's just survival or, worse, self-celebration. Like love. Even in love, the other is essential. "

Look at all of them your recipes in the gallery above. And fear not, we have no short memory. Keep following us to find out who of you will have the chance to live a truly special experience with us …

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