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Good? Also beautiful. Here are the most beautiful panettone of 2019. Those with design packaging or more elaborate sugar decorations. Because even the eye wants its part, even at Christmas

There are those who have ended up at the museum, those who make themselves packaged as street-artists, those who celebrate Leonardo da Vinci's 500 years and those who dress panettone as a high-fashion dress. Panettone is the sweet of the moment and is now more than ingredients and workmanship, it has its own artistic and communicative expression. It must be good, of course, but to convey its peculiarity and its value it needs an adequate image, which knows how to enhance the content.

"As long as the product is quality and you don't sell the box with a panettone inside," he explains Dario Loison, confectionery entrepreneur pioneer of communication. "First of all we need to start from the product, and a product of Made in Italy cannot but combine the quality of the raw materials with the quality of the design". They in a small laboratory in the province of Vicenza were true forerunners. "While the market offered either industrial boxes or handmade packaging, we valued design, accessories and innovation. The satin fold of our bows is inspired by Ferragamo ". Big, big and a river full of energy and words, it started among the first to reach abroad, where today it exports 50% of its production. “Merit of my wife Sonia, who is now her own brand, Sonia Design, and who signs the aesthetics and research of our packaging. We have not suffered it as a duty, but given an opportunity, without the value of the box ever exceeding the value of the product. We make panettone, not boxes! ".

Here are the most beautiful of 2019, also good to eat

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