Sipping 5 o'clock tea. The ancient British ritual from the 19th century to today. – Italian Cuisine

Sipping 5 o'clock tea. The ancient British ritual from the 19th century to today.

"I'll wait for you at home for a tea", a classic invitation to the afternoon which makes us think of a meeting between friends, a delightful meeting place in which to exchange a chat. But this custom that we have inherited over time and changed according to our beliefs, is born two centuries ago by the will of the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in England. The British in fact, at that time, used to consume only two meals a day, lunch and dinner. But the Duchess, impatient, due to the numerous attacks of hunger, asked a waiter to serve her you accompanied by sweets just before 17. This experience was so appreciated by the Duchess Anna, who decided to repeat it every day. So it was that she began, shortly thereafter, to invite friends and acquaintances to join her.

But unfounded those of you who have never identified with an elegant one lady of the nineteenth century, who wearing white satin gloves sips skillfully, with the little finger up, a cup of tea? Like the loyal English customers of Library Lounge of the Marriott County Hall of London overlooking Westminster Bridge. Where with its beige armchairs and the pretty round tables covered with pink placemats, it seems to travel a journey through time, when the tea rooms, in the early twentieth century, Were occupied by distinguished gentlemen and bourgeois women, used to exchange the latest gossip between a sip of hot and aromatic drink and a fragrant pastry.

It is called the 5 o'clock tea but in reality in all the places, especially the English ones, it is served between 15.30 and 17.00, to always maintain a certain detachment from the two main meals. Black, more classic, green, preferred by health lovers, flavored, spicy or fruity, the range is very rich, but the classic ones, like Earl Gray or Darjeelings they never set. But never be seen with the one in the bag, it would be practically an offense … the classic tea, the original one, is that bulk. Also wanting to always respect the Anglo-Saxon tradition, you can taste it with the milk which must be poured strictly before tea. A little contrary to what happens with coffee. But do you know why? It is thought that the custom arose from the need not to stain and crack the porcelain, pouring the cold milk first.

Afternoon Tea, by now, from an informal meeting it has transformed into a social event that has been taken up a bit all over the world. But the focus remains a London where you can treat yourself to a nice gift taking tea in the most elegant and exclusive places of the English capital. And it is precisely upon entering that you should pay attention to kit. Very important element that enriches the magical atmosphere. Cups, saucers, teaspoons, strainers and above all the pot-bellied teapots under the lid, with the spout ready to let down its amber or jade liquid … A sciccheria! This refined service comes to light and is admired by all diners. But let's not forget that in this tradition there are two types of Afternoon Tea: the "Low Tea ", which is accompanied by typical sweets and canapés and "Hight Tea", which is instead consumed alongside a real meal, which the British replace dinner.

Niko Romito's super biscuit from today in Milan – Italian Cuisine

From 5 December 2020 to 6 January 2021, in the beautiful residential area of ​​Piazza Risorgimento in Milan, between Porta Venezia and Porta Romana, the Niko Laboratory Romito opens a window with many delicious news that the Chef presents in preview for Christmas 2020.

"Finally here we are" the chef tells us “The super biscuit is exactly how I wanted it: good, greedy and at the same time light and healthy. I believe that this simple biscuit and the whole line we are presenting today fully represent my idea of ​​the evolution of the kitchen, of the whole kitchen. I have always seen simplicity as a point of arrival, as the understandable and recognizable result of processes of research, study, tests and a physiological alternation of failures and successes.

Simplicity is the great luxury of contemporary gastronomy, as I see it, luxury is eating a chocolate biscuit knowing that it is good for me, recognizing that taste that is sedimented in the memory of childhood, which refers to tradition and memories but which lives in the present updated by technology and innovation.

I like to define my research laboratory as the "scientific workshop" of my kitchens which become its creative expression.
The Niko Romito line that debuts today, certified organic and vegan, starts from the great classics of the Italian confectionery tradition: jam, chocolate cream, biscuits and fruit juices have always been the real stars of breakfasts and snacks for all of us and I wanted these products to act as standard gastronomic journey that has taste and health as its destination.

See you in Milan, in Piazza Risorgimento 3, where we opened a window in my workshop in Castel di Sangro, to bring a preview of the line to the city for this somewhat special Christmas. "

A temporary shop that becomes the Milanese showcase of Niko's research, pastry and bakery laboratory Romito which is based in the chef's headquarters in Abruzzo. For a month, a careful selection of new products together with the famous Panettone and PANDOLCE, the Chef's latest baked dessert, will be available for purchase in the shop in Piazza Risorgimento 3.

from today you can collect your order on site – Italian Cuisine

from today you can collect your order on site

Receive our delivery service at home or collect it directly on site. Don't miss an unmissable offer valid until September 30th!

From this year The Italian kitchen initiated the new delivery service for the city of Milan, active from Monday to Saturday from 12 to 15 and from 18 to 22. For the first time the recipes of the magazine, prepared in our kitchens in Piazzale Cadorna, reach the table of readers and all fans.

They have been selected in the composition of the menu and in the definition of the dishes excellence of the Italian territory in full respect for tradition and with an eye always attentive to seasonality of products. You can, for example, find veal with tuna sauce, pasta alla norma, cutlet Milanese and many vegetarian options. In addition, there is a section dedicated to wines, where expert sommeliers have selected for you perfect matches. The recipes will amaze you, adapting to any need: lunch with colleagues in the office, a romantic dinner at home or a picnic in the park with friends.

The service is active exclusively on Deliveroo, where you can look at the menu and select your favorite dishes. By ordering from the platform, you can choose to receive the order directly at an address indicated or, starting from now, you can select the option of pick-up: in this case, once the order has been placed, it is sufficient to go directly to the office to collect it. THE delivery costs they come like this cleared and, moreover, until 30 September, an additional one is exceptionally applied 10% discount% starting from 15 euros of expenditure.

To discover the menu and order, just access the Deliveroo delivery application. The dishes are stored inside a sustainable packaging, fully compostable and recyclable, which perfectly maintains the serving temperature.

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