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How to replace sugar in sweets: all doses – Italian Cuisine

How to replace sugar in sweets: all doses

Replacing sugar in sweets can be a necessary operation for those who want to stay lighter or follow a low-calorie diet. Let's find out which ingredients can be used and the doses needed to not alter the flavor of the recipes

Like replace sugar in sweets to make gourmands and fans of cakes And dessert without compromising the flavor of the dishes and winking at those who bring forward a low-calorie diet?

We will try to answer this question by trying to list all possible alternatives to use in the kitchen and the proportions to keep for do not alter the taste of the dishes.

The first premise to do when you have to replace sugar in sweets is the one between ingredients in dust and those liquids. When using the former, it is certainly easier to use the alternative because it's easier do the same doses in the recipes.
Liquid preparations, another factor to always keep in mind when looking something that can be used in place of sugar granulated, inevitably change the consistency of the dishes.

How to replace sugar in sweets: powdered ingredients

The traditional sugar it can also be replaced with that of coconut. Of color Brown, This ingredient is similar to that of cane but definitely sweeter. Can be used in same proportions than the white one.

One of the powdered ingredient most used instead of sugar is the fructose, a natural product that has a higher sweetening power than traditional sugar. Precisely for this reason, the advice is to use 80 g of fructose when 100 g of semolina is needed in the recipe.

A natural sweetener, very powerful and perfect for low-calorie diets and those with particular diseases related to the consumption of sugar, is the stevia. This product it has no calories and can be used in much smaller quantities than traditional white sugar. 40 g of stevia can replace 100 g of granulated sugar. It must be borne in mind, however, that the taste of sweets will change slightly, with a slight licorice aftertaste.

How to replace sugar in sweets: liquid ingredients

The liquid product which is most frequently used to replace sugar in sweets is honey. This delicious natural ingredient has a intense sweetening power and 100 g of white sugar can be replaced with 80 g of honey.

Those looking for a valid alternative can try the malt, obtained from the fermentation of cereals, it should be used in larger quantity compared to granulated: 130 g of malt instead of 100 g of granulated sugar.

A liquid mix which is obtained from the processing of cane and white sugar is the molasses. It has a high sweetening power: 80 g of molasses are enough for 100 g of traditional product.

Other effective ways to replace sugar in sweets are the syrups. The most used are that of apples and that of Maple tree: natural products capable of sweetening even with smaller quantities than white sugar. In fact, 80 g of syrup is enough to replace 100 g of traditional ingredient.

Completely gluten-free and therefore also suitable for those suffering from intolerances it is, finally, it rice syrup. In this case, the sweetening power is lower and 130 g of product are needed to guarantee the same flavor as 100 g of white granulated sugar.

For some original and simple ideas to do for desserts with "alternative" sugars do not forget to browse ours gallery!

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How to replace soy sauce in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

This oriental dressing can be prepared at home, but you can also try to recreate its texture and color with other ingredients

There soy sauce is obtained from soy, wheat, water and salt fermentation and is used to flavor many dishes, especially in oriental cuisine.
It may happen not to find it in the supermarket, especially in this period, but the good news is that we can try prepare it at home or replace it with other ingredients.

Homemade soy sauce


450 g of cooked soy beans
350 g of wheat flour
200 g of salt
3.7 l water


First, whisk the cooked soy beans.
Then add the flour and mix everything.
Give the dough an elongated shape and then cut it into slices until you get many discs about half a centimeter thick.
Stack the discs alternating them with moistened napkins and then wrap everything with plastic wrap.
Leave to rest in the pantry in the dark for a week.
After 7 days, place the discs on a baking tray and let them dry until they change color and turn brown.
At this point put them in a pot with water and salt and cover everything with plastic wrap.
Stir the mixture once a day until all the disks have melted.
After a few days, strain with a thin gauze and bottle your soy sauce.

Quick recipes of homemade soy sauce

There's a faster method, are you wondering? Yes here it is!


110 g dried soy beans
15 g wheat flour
65 ml mushroom broth
50 g butter


Cook the soy beans in boiling water until they soften.
Drain and blend them finely adding gradually broth, flour, butter and salt.
Cook the sauce until it boils and then let it cool and use it to flavor your recipes.


How to replace soy sauce

If you don't have time to make soy sauce at home or need it with some urgency, try to replace it with something else.
Here are some suggestions.
The ingredients and mixes we offer you they recall the color, the consistency, but not exactly the taste of soy sauce, but you can use them in all the recipes where it is mentioned among the ingredients, therefore in the almond chicken, in Cantonese rice and in all meat and fish stews to be skipped in wok with vegetables and sprouts.
You can also try replacing soy sauce with other ingredients in hot soups like ramen, although in this case it is better to use more seaweed and mushrooms to give flavor, rather than other different sauces.

Honey and lemon

This combination is certainly less savory than soy sauce, but for example it is an excellent alternative for glazing and flavoring and Oriental meat or fish morsels.
As for the variety of honey you can really play with the one you prefer even if we recommend a strong honey like chestnut if you want to recreate a hint of soy sauce.

Balsamic vinegar

Therebalsamic class it does not have exactly the same taste as soy sauce, but we are very close in color and texture.
You can try it on Cantonese rice, maybe mixed with a little honey if you want a bittersweet effect or with a beef broth if you want a savory aftertaste.

Vinegar and brown sugar

As already mentioned, vinegar and sugar or honey they go very well together.
If you don't like the strong taste of balsamic vinegar, use someWhite wine vinegar in combination with one brown cane sugar which has a stronger flavor.

How to do it without parchment paper: here's how to replace it – Italian Cuisine

How to do it without parchment paper: here's how to replace it

It is considered among the indispensable in the kitchen, yet it can also be cooked without. Here's what you can use instead of parchment paper

But how did grandmothers do when there was no parchment paper? In reality there are alternatives, only that we don't remember them anymore. Here how to do it without parchment paper.

How to cook without parchment paper: butter and flour

For the preparation of cakes, ciambelloni is plum cake, there is no doubt, the old remedy of butter and flour on the baking tray it is infallible, indeed, it is the best, because everything will be baked with the perfect shape of the mold.
But you have to pay attention to some things. The first is the cooking: if the cake is undercooked, or even worse, very cooked, there is no butter to hold, the dough may stick.
If the mold is damaged and has lost part of it non-stick layer, you shouldn't use it, not only because it no longer works, but also because it hurts.
Finally, when buttered, be careful cover the whole surface!

How to cook without parchment paper: oil

A good alternative to butter and flour to prepare cakes and pies is always the dear old man oil, but be careful not to use too much, because you risk compromising cooking.
Obviously choose a good extra virgin olive oil, both for the quality, but also because it still releases a little flavor and therefore must be very good.
We suggest you use the oil especially in the preparation of savory recipeswhile butter is better for desserts.

How to cook without parchment paper: spray butter

There are also gods butters to vaporize on molds and trays, generally widely used in pastry making because they are practical, fast and long-lasting.
Just sprinkle a little product and you're done, you don't even need to add flour to make the mold even more non-stick.
Spray butter is easily found on the market, especially online and in stores that sell kitchen products.
you can make at home a similar product with oil and a kitchen vaporizer.

How to replace parchment paper: silicone

There are gods molds suitable for baking in silicone and therefore easy to remove. You can find them in many versions and in every shape. There are those for muffin, those for donuts is cakes, those for Pancake and the mats that can be used, for example, for i cookies. They resist all temperatures.
Beware of the first use, however, because they may not work the first time if you don't know them well. Once purchased, you have to wash and dry them well and then grease them slightly.

How to replace parchment paper: aluminum

The aluminum issue is controversial. Someone uses the silver paper instead of parchment paper, but we do not recommend it, at least for some cooking.
If you have to cook a pepper in the oven or another whole vegetable to make a sauce or a cream, you can also put nothing at the base, or you can use aluminum, but do attention that leaves no residue.
In general, the real problem is this and therefore it is important not to cook anything that risks sticking on the silver sheets. If in doubt, avoid!

Don't use anything

If you want toast something you don't need to put a base on the baking sheet. Hazelnuts is almonds, for example, they can be cooked in a hot oven without anything because they are not likely to stick.
Even one meat or a fish salt does not need a base, which is not precisely salt.

Product baking paper

Some foods are already sold with their parchment paper, for example some ready pizzas or the shortcrust pastry, puff pastry or shortcrust packaged.
In this case, if you have nothing else, use the parchment paper already present at the base of the product. If you can, however, always replace it, because even a parchment paper already in some way used may not be the best solution, both from the point of view of health and for the final result.

In the gallery above, some tips for better cooking without parchment paper.

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