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Magical puddings that prepare in minutes – Italian Cuisine

Magical puddings that prepare in minutes

Few ingredients and many ideas for a spoon dessert that everyone likes and is perfect from snack to dessert

How beautiful are the puddings to bring to the table? Shiny, perfectly shaped, creamy and light.
However, preparing them is not always quick and easy, which is why we have collected the easier recipes to make puddings with few ingredients and in some cases even without cooking.

The persimmon pudding

Let's take advantage of this season to prepare this really easy pudding with guaranteed success.
At first glance it looks like a chocolate pudding, instead it is made only with persimmon and cocoa.
A real treat that will also appeal to children and those who don't like persimmons. Unbelievable to say, but we can guarantee it because we have tried!
How is it prepared? Just blend it pulp of two soft persimmons with 4 generous spoons of unsweetened cocoa powder.
You can flavor with vanilla or cinnamon or add chocolate chips if you want, but that's already delicious.
Pour it in pudding molds, preferably in silicone, and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least two hours.
They will turn out very easily, even if you use simple cups. They are truly magical!

The easy chocolate pudding

A chocolate pudding slightly more elaborate, but always very easy and quick to prepare is what you do by mixing 500 ml of milk with 30 g of corn starch.
Once mixed well everything is heated on the fire until it reaches the boiling point.
Then when the stoves are off they are added 250 g of milk chocolate.
Pour everything into molds and leave in the refrigerator for a few hours. Excellent to accompany with whipped Cream.
Kids will love it.

The vanilla pudding made easy

The white variant of the easy chocolate pudding is always prepared by mixing 500 ml of milk with 40 g of corn starch and also 130 g of sugar because here the chocolate is missing and therefore the sweet part.
Also add one vanilla bean open or even just the seeds or the natural extract to give a little perfume.
Leave simmer over low heat until it reaches a creamy consistency and then pour into molds.
This pudding is great to serve with fresh fruit such as raspberries during this period.

Chia pudding

It is a full-fledged pudding because it has a gelatinous texture, but it does not take the shape of the stencil.
It's a snack healthy and light and also one Breakfast complete if you add dried and fresh fruit.
You can prepare it with a vegetable milk tasty like that of almond or coconut to make it a dessert perfect for any occasion and garnish it with what you like best so that it is also nice to serve.
Here are all the secrets to a really good chia pudding.

The rice pudding

This preparation is called Rice pudding, even if real pudding is not.
Only in English it is pudding pudding and pudding is anything that is soft and creamy, so this also consists of rice and milk.
To prepare the rice pudding pour into a saucepan 1 liter of milk, 50 g of sugar and a vanilla pod.
Once it comes to a boil, add 200 g of rice and let it cook until completely absorbed.
You can at this point add cinnamon or grated coconut or even cocoa or chocolate chips.
Let the pudding cool and serve in bowls. It is also delicious warm.

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Discovering the magical places of Camogli – Italian Cuisine

The sea, the village, the boats, the romantic and characteristic views. Here is a brief guide to the secret places of Camogli, to discover the Liguria of simple and good things

When there is "sea", the waves reach the Dragonara and touch the Assunta bell tower. The castle, or what remains of it, and the church protect the small port, full of goiters and other boats. One of these is the Dragun, launched May 1, 1969, created by the artisan Ido Battistone. It is a boat with characteristics of the fable and the galley, derived from the transformation of a lifeboat of a ship of the early twentieth century. The Dragun has sailed all the seas and rivers of Europe and many of the world, with its 12 oars and its two Latin sails. It is one of the symbols of Camogli, with the fishermen's cooperative and the Cenobio dei dogi, on the other side of the bay from the church and the castle. The seafront, built in 1913, joins them. First the houses grew, one on top of the other, starting from the beach, now one on the other starting from the seafront. The other local pride is, precisely, the Fishermen's Cooperative, 30 members, 30 boats and a tonnarella, that is a fixed network with a traditional and highly sustainable fishing system. The fish, only medium to large in size, remains trapped in the chamber mechanism and concentrated between the boats. Thus the fishermen can control the catch and free the undersized fish, which cannot be sold or whose fishing is prohibited.
The fish ends up in the kitchens of the restaurants in the area, or in the two fishmongers of the cooperative, one in Camogli and one in Recco and, on the second Sunday in May, in the four-meter-wide padellona, ​​protagonist of the fish festival and the patron saint of the town, San Fortunato. There is a particular predilection for anchovy, poor but noble fish, sold fresh or salted, preserved in the glass “arbanelle” to be taken away.


The specialties

In the village there are several restaurants, including Paolo, which offer classic cuisine, with local specialties: from anchovies with lemon to those with tomato and oregano, from gianchetti to spaghetti with sea sauces, from trenette to pesto, to fries and grilled. In Liguria, with the fish that arrives in front of the house, the imagination in the preparations lacks a bit, but the product is exceptional. Moreover, in the morning, when you buy Revello's warm and fragrant focaccia, even on Sundays (it was the first to open, a fight), you don't want anything else. In addition to the classic, there are those with anchovies, fresh tomatoes, olives and oregano; the one with onions, zucchini and oregano; and then the focaccia di Recco PGI, the sailor's biscuit with which the capponadda is prepared, once a poor salad, but rich in ingredients. And then we went by sea.
To sleep there is the famous Cenobio dei dogi with private beach and breathtaking view, or the elegant tranquility of Villa Rosmarino, going up towards the Boschetto. A beautiful Ligurian villa renovated with six rooms without number and with a motto: "This house is not a hotel". In San Rocco, on the slopes of Monte di Portofino, there is a restaurant much loved by the public, the Kitchen of Nonna Nina, with its traditional dishes: from minestrone to corzetti (medallions of fresh pasta) with artichoke sauce with thin cappon , up to the accommodated stockfish, "stokes accomodou".
For lovers, and not only, aperitif at Muagetti, on the road that leads to Punta Chiappa. The bar is in the rock, but the tables offer a view of the Gulf of Paradise to sing along. Muagetti means low walls. I went down to Punta Chiappa, where you can also arrive by boat, there are other restaurants and the Stella Maris hotel which has a table with a view dedicated to Lord Byron, one of the many travelers who stayed in this magical place.

Our advice

To eat

From Paolo
Via San Fortunato, 14 Camogli (Ge)
Tel. 0185-773595

Nonna Nina's Kitchen
Viale Franco Molfino, 126 San Rocco di Camogli (Ge)
Tel. 0185-773835

To make purchases

Revello Patisserie-Bakery
Via Garibaldi, 183 Camogli (Ge)
Tel. 0185-770777

Fishermen's cooperative
Via della Repubblica, 174 Camogli (Ge)
Tel. 0185-772600

To sleep

Cenobio of the Doges
Via Niccolò Cuneo, 34 Camogli (Ge)
Tel. 0185-7241

Villa Rosmarino
Via Enrico Figari, 38 Camogli (Ge)
Tel. 0185-771580

For an aperitif

The Muagetti
Via Mortola, 2 San Rocco di Camogli (Ge)
Tel. 346-5126655

For a romantic moment

Hotel Resort Stella Maris
Via S. Nicolò, 68 Camogli (Ge)
Tel. 0185-770285

Text by Roberto Perrone

the most magical cake for your parties! – Italian Cuisine

Christmas boot

For the Christmas' Eve we bring to the table a cake that is a party. The typical Christmas log that puts everyone in agreement because it is beautiful to see and very good to eat.
The most fun thing is the decoration. Put it around mistletoe and red berries like it really came out of a wood and make it gorgeous and elegant with red fruits and chocolate chips.

The log always like children, especially if stuffed with hazelnut cream and decorated with chocolate ganache, but lends itself to countless reinterpretations. It can also be White and stuffed with cream and cream, could be all Black with cocoa paste and chocolate inside, it can even be green using pistachio. And therefore, unleash your imagination!

It is easy to prepare, but you only have to pay close attention to the basic dough, better known as biscuit dough.
It has a soft and spongy consistency and must be rolled up on itself with delicacy otherwise it breaks. In any case, even if it should happen, it is easy to repair the damage since the foremost will be completely covered. Therefore, stay calm!

Christmas boot
Christmas boot

The Christmas tree … and lots of imagination

A delicious dessert to prepare for the arrival of the Christmas. There are many variations for this Christmas cake, we offer the classic one. It is very simple as a recipe if you follow it step by step. Certainly yours is allowed for decoration fantasy to make this dessert even more greedy!

The recipe of the Christmas tree

Whip for 10 minutes, with a planetary or electric whisk, 3 eggs with 120 g of sugar and then add 1 tablespoon of honey and whisk for a couple of minutes more.
Add 80 g of sifted flour and mix slowly from bottom to top.
If you want to prepare the cocoa biscuit dough at this point, add a generous spoon of well-sifted bitter cocoa.
Roll out the cream on a rectangular mold (25 × 30) covered with parchment paper.
Bake at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes.
Fold the cookie base over on a dampened baking paper sheet and remove the parchment paper from the base. Sprinkle with granulated sugar and cover well with some film.
Roll up and let stand for 10-15 minutes.
Unroll and fill the biscuit with the hazelnut cream. Roll it up again. Decorate it with a ganache prepared by dissolving 250 g of dark chocolate with 250 ml of fresh cream and 30 g of butter. Let it cool.
Wrap in the foil and leave the stub in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

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