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Lunch on the beach: what are the right foods? – Italian Cuisine


Summer is not yet a memory and do we want to enjoy the last days at the beach to the fullest?
Here are the suggestions of Raffaella Melani, nutritionist biologist, to enjoy the beach to the fullest, with the right amount of energy, choosing the right foods!

Water at will

174817Thinking of a food to take to the beach, the first on the list will surely be thewater! In a normal adult and adult man it constitutes about 55-60% of body weight, while it represents up to 75% of the weight of a newborn. Water plays a fundamental role for the human body: it regulates body temperature and the elimination of minerals and organic substances, has an essential role in digestion, absorption, transport and use of nutrients. In addition, it "lubricates" joints and tissues and maintains elastic and compact skin and mucous membranes. For this reason it is important to drink even without the stimulus of thirst, especially when living on the beach and increasing sweating and dehydration.

Fruits and vegetables at the top of the list

161979Sandwiches are a staple food for the beach but there are alternatives that can still be appropriate and easy to carry. The skewers they are a popular beach snack since you can easily customize them with any sweet or savory ingredient desired by your heart. Those vegetables are the best option indeed, Fruits and vegetables they are made up of up to 90% water, which is the main component of the human body and in the summer it is known that water consumption is greater and for this reason it is advised to increase consumption.

Melon, watermelon also cucumber and celery

162141Among the fruit to favor the melon, and the watermelon rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenoids and potassium. The "wisdom" of nature has given us these fruits just in the time of year when there is warmer and the greater the risk of dehydration, they have a high water content and are very refreshing. Among the vegetables that can be used on skewers we have cucumbers and celery. The former are composed, up to 97% water and very low in calories, among the nutrients that distinguish it we find potassium, vitamin C and niacin. Celery, on the other hand, is rich in fiber, vitamin A and mineral salts such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus and a good source of magnesium, selenium and zinc. Among the numerous nutrients it provides luteolin, an antioxidant that fights free radicals, belonging to the flavonoid family.

Cereals, light and healthy

144451Cereal salad: here you have lots of options rice salad, spelled salad, quinoa salad … pretty much any grain, mixed with fresh vegetables and cheese, is a beach winner. But not only, in many regions they make salads with dry or friselle bread, here in my part (Camogli – Liguria) the "sailor's biscuits" are used, dry scones ideal for preparing the practice Capponadda a salad with soaked biscuits, tomatoes, olives and anchovies, a balanced, complete and digestible meal.

Dried fruit ode, the perfect snack

171820As a beach snack, the tasty and nutritious combination is a mix of nuts and dried fruit that has a high fat content and a good amino acid content.
be very careful about hygiene: perishable foods should not stay out for more than an hour in hot weather, and this includes travel time to reach the beach, so you need to organize yourself with a cooler or cooler to keep the food fresh foods.

Elisa Nata
August 2019

Beach lunch – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

How to organize and what to bring for the beach lunch: tricks and things to remember for a perfect picnic on the sand

Lunch on the beach brings with itaroma of the holidays: pure freedom, lots of relaxation and the desire to enjoy the sea until the last minute of the sun. The important thing is to better organize and focus on simplicity. Yes, because instead of the usual sandwich bought at the last minute bringing to the beach the foods you love will be a way to take care of yourself and organize a meal in the name of wellness. Even on the beach.

Lunch on the beach: what to bring to drink

Hydration is essential. Remember that it is necessary to drink before feeling the stimulus of thirst. The water detoxifies, helps diuresis by promoting the elimination of toxins, deflating and stimulating cell regeneration. Here is a good reason to drink a lot and often, especially on the beach. Drinking two glasses of water before meals helps the feeling of satiety: add a refreshing salad and you're done.

To get everything you need for the day at the beach, fill up with water bottles and store them in a portable fridge or let them cool directly immersed in water. Beware of carbonated soft drinks and sugar-rich drinks: they are tempting, however they drink only temporarily. How about preparing iced tea directly at home? Just put two tea bags, or an infusion of flowers, in a bottle of warm water, then put in the fridge and let it rest for a night. If you want one refreshing drink for the beach exploits the power of citrus fruits: squeeze a lemon or an orange into the water and add fresh mint or a sprig of rosemary, precious against exhaustion and suitable for those suffering from low pressure.

Recipes for lunch on the beach

Toasts and sandwiches represent a timeless classic of lunch on the beach: we love them because they are delicious and whet the taste. So why not take the opportunity to prepare them with so many healthy ingredients and fresh? Turn your usual club sandwich into wellness by using toasted bread, avocado, smoked salmon and lots of grilled vegetables.


You can use the jars that you have at home as a container for one special sauce. From the famous Greek recipe with yogurt, cucumber and dill sauce, to guacamole, with the unmistakable taste of avocado, the fresh flavor of sauces will be a delight for the palate. Yes to seasonal vegetables, like the tomato, which in this period of the year offers the opportunity for salads and side dishes: cut into cubes, together with extra virgin olive oil and basil, it is perfect for a simple and tasty bruschetta with wholemeal bread. By the way, don't forget to bring melon and watermelon with you summer fruits, already cut into pieces and ready for tasting: your lunch on the beach will be perfect.

Estathé at the Jova Beach Party #CiPiace – Italian Cuisine

Lemon or Peach? This year the fateful question is not just about the taste of Estathé to drink, but also the team to join for beach games!

Where is it? On the most beautiful beaches in Italy that will host the Jova Beach Party, the new Jovanotti summer tour: much more than a concert, a real beach party, where it will be possible to challenge each other in different games thanks to Estathé.

Beach games

After the division into teams, the following will be played: Water Volleyball, water volleyball; Water Run, Tests of balance and resistance on floating carpets, just like the real ninja; Fill the Can, Challenge to fill a giant can with a bucket as quickly as possible; Tug of War, The inevitable tug of war.

Estathé: Special Edition

With all these games, you'll need to cool off! In beach bar of Estathé, created with materials 100% recyclable, you can drink iced tea with lemon and peach with a special design. The can, with graphics dedicated to the Jova Beach Party, is made at 100% with recycled aluminum, material entirely recyclable over and over again.

The attention to the environment that characterizes the Jova Beach Party fits perfectly with the production methods of Estathé, which protect the ecosystems where tea leaves are grown, in the safeguarding people and the environment.

In addition, for each stage it will be realized with CiAl (Aluminum Packaging Consortium) one Ricicletta, special bicycle created with the equivalent of about 800 aluminum 33 cl beverage cans. recycled. Each Recycle will be donated to WWF and auctioned to raise funds.

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