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Tiramisu: alternatives to eggs – Italian Cuisine

Tiramisu: alternatives to eggs

What is the most loved Italian dessert spoon? Without a doubt the tiramisu. But if you are intolerant to eggs and the classic recipe you can't eat it, prepare it without it

Layers of biscuits dipped in coffee alternated with a delicious mascarpone cream and a generous sprinkling of bitter cocoa to decorate the whole. This the real tiramisu recipe, but the variants have now become innumerable and everyone adapts them to his taste and needs.

Savoiardi or Pavesini?

The real dilemma. We cannot give an answer to this question because the two factions are strong and combative. Those who prefer the Savoiardi, will never ever replace them with the Pavesini and vice versa. Let's just say that if you prefer the drier version then you have to use the larger cookies that absorb better and hold the liquid without breaking. If you love the soft version, then choose the Pavesini. You can also opt for coffee or cocoa Pavesini if ​​you want to make your tiramisu more original.

How to prepare the real mascarpone cream

The cream that makes this cake unique is prepared with 500 grams of mascarpone, 4 eggs and 5-6 tablespoons of sugar. The secret is to whip the egg yolks with half the sugar and apart from the egg whites with the rest. Only after mixing the egg yolks with the soft mascarpone at room temperature you can add the whipped egg whites, mixing from top to bottom to incorporate all the air well.
Beat the sugar with the egg whites it is the real trick of the perfect tiramisu because the consistency of the cream will become compact at the right point.

All variants of tiramisu

The ingredients of the classic recipe are biscuits, mascarpone, coffee and eggs, but by now there are infinite variations of this sweet. Have you ever tried limoncello tiramisu? And the one with strawberries?
And then, what is the best way to serve it. The classic grandmother's rectangular glass dish or the most elegant pastry portions?

But if you are intolerant to eggs or you simply don't like the flavor they give to the mascarpone cream, don't despair. You won't have to give up a portion of tiramisu, but simply follow one of the our suggestions to prepare it without eggs. Browse the tutorial.

Breading? Yes, but with imagination! The alternatives to breadcrumbs – Italian Cuisine


From cornflakes to dried fruit, breading can also be made with ingredients other than breadcrumbs or flavored in an original way. Here are some creative ideas

The usual bistecchina breaded, with the usual egg beaten and the usual bread crumbs. You are tired of bringing it to the table dish whenever? Do not worry, you are in the right place to find out different breadcrumbs and tasty to try with various ingredients. Here are ours 8 favorite sandwiches.

Bread with cornflakes

For breasts and chicken thighs really irrestibili: the breading with i corn flakes, the cereal flakes, makes the meat crisp and tasty. You will have to crumble and season with salt and extra virgin olive oil. If your children like it, you can also add a sprinkling of sweet paprika.

Mediterranean breading

Typical Mediterranean flavors turn any dish into a real success. Olives, capers, dried tomatoes, garlic and parsley, all minced, season the breadcrumbs and give a touch of flavor and a truly delicious aroma. If you want to experiment with breading to Palermo add also del cheese grated.

Sesame seeds for breading

The fresh fish goes well with sesame seeds, in particular you can try the slices of fresh tuna, passed directly into the seeds and then placed on the hot plate. Remember that tuna should not cook for long, indeed, it is advisable to leave it pink in the middle so that it is more tender.

A touch of freshness with lemon

Always for fish dishes, try the freshness of citrus. Simply grate the lemon and orange peel to give off a special aroma that will give fried or baked fish fillets a touch of refinement and taste.

Aromatic herbs for the perfect breading

With meat, from veal to pork, they are very good herbs. Do you have it on your balcony? Chop rosemary and sage, for example, and add them to the breadcrumbs. If you like, season the baked potatoes in the same way that you will bring to your table. The result will be really greedy!


Bread crisps for children

Kids are crazy for them chips! Crumble them and use them to bread their slices of meat or fish. They will appreciate very much.

Dried fruit as breadcrumbs

Toasted or not, dried fruit has a very intense flavor that can match well with the most delicate meat. Choose the ingredients you prefer, like walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, and chop before using them as breading. They will give a very special taste to the dish.

Polenta flour for celiacs

If you have a gluten intolerance, polenta flour is the right ingredient for a crispy and safe breading. It goes well with everything, even for example at vegetables, cut into julienne and fried. Delicious!

The real sturgeon caviar and low cost alternatives – Italian Cuisine

The real sturgeon caviar and low cost alternatives

Small fish eggs, they all look the same, but they are not: here is a reasoned guide to orient yourself in the world of caviar. The qualities, the methods of production and conservation, the false myths to dispel and the alternatives of other fish – cheaper but equally tasty

It should be served directly in its container, or in a glass container, on a base of ice that preserves its freshness, better if accompanied by blinis: to bring the caviar to the table you have to follow some good rules, like when you have a dealing with an important guest. Because caviar is a symbol of luxury and elegance, but it is also a product whose quality must be respected and valued. In the first place knowing him.

From the sturgeon the "true" caviar

With the term caviar we indicate the salted and preserved sturgeon eggs. If the salt that is added is little, you have the caviar malossol, literally, "slightly salty": it is the fresh caviar, with a delicate taste that is both complex and persistent. It is the most prized, produced only with whole sturgeon eggs, large and perfect. In some cases the eggs come instead pasteurized, to give a product of lesser value, more "crisp" but which is preserved longer. You can then find the "pressed caviar", based on small or broken eggs, salted and decidedly salted.

Several species of sturgeon, different types of caviar

A second classification is given by the varieties of sturgeon from which the eggs come. This is how caviar is made Beluga, extracted from the sturgeon Huso Huso: large eggs, bright gray, juicy and fat, highly appreciated and precious. Caviar is rare and prized Oscietra, with a golden hazel color. On the other hand, the eggs are small and dark Sevruga, the most intense in terms of taste.
"The types of caviar are numerous and each has its own history – Stefano Bottoli points out, sales manager for Italy of France Calvisius Caviar – currently we are experiencing a great success with the Tradition that is given by White Sturgeon and it is characterized by an elegant and delicate taste at the same time .

Quality is not just a question of price

As for quality, Bottoli emphasizes that "Beluga is certainly the most expensive but not necessarily the best. There are other caviars such as Oscietra and the Sevruga of Ars italica or the Siberian or the same Tradition of Calvisius which are certainly listed as caviar by connoisseur . The choice must be guided by several elements: «taste is definitely the main factor, but also the smell, during the selection phase, is important: it must be almost absent . Then there are gods myths to dispel, continues Bottoli: "color and size are instead factors linked to legends that, in reality, are not confirmed by an organoleptic level: there are small and dark caviar exceptional and yellow eggs (given by albino Sturgeons) of large size that do not they keep their promises ".
As far as the provenance is concerned, the caviar that is increasingly widespread and appreciated is the Italian one which, in these years, is considered a real qualitative reference point.

Not just sturgeon

By extension they are called mistakenly "caviar" also the eggs of other fishes: next to the very popular lumpfish eggs, it should be remembered those of salmon, bright orange red and delicate perfume, and those of trout; those of herring and those mullet, perfect to use in the kitchen, and the very special ones of whitefish of Lake Kalix, in Lapland.


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