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Classic choices and creative variations to appreciate all the goodness of one of the most popular first courses of autumn by exploring the basic ingredient: mushrooms

We kneaded the tagliatelle following the simple traditional recipe: 3 eggs, 300 grams of flour, a pinch of salt and enough love. We pulled them with a rolling pin into a thin sheet that we rolled and cut with a knife; just like my grandmother did. And now, which mushrooms will accompany you to perfection with our fresh pasta? Here are the best choices to taste a pasta with the perfect mushrooms and never get bored.


Let's start with a great classic. Porcini mushrooms are the most used for tagliatelle thanks to their intense aroma, the pleasant consistency of the stems and of the cap and the sweet taste, which makes the dishes particularly delicate. To give an extra twist to the porcini based pasta, we can count on simple ingredients such as tufts of chopped parsley, beans and nuts.


Seasoning tagliatelle with mushrooms is a simple idea to create a first course that smells of wood thanks to an ingredient that is easy to find and often less expensive than other types of mushrooms. Prepare them by cleaning them and cutting them into thin vertical slices without removing the stem. Trifoliate them in a pan with garlic, extra virgin olive oil and chilli for about twenty minutes. This will be the seasoning of our tagliatelle that we drain well al dente and season with the mushrooms and a knob of butter.


Another precious ingredient for our noodles are the pioppini. Less usual than those previously treated, they will pamper the palate of those who love simple, intense and instinctive flavors. To amplify the rustic effect of the recipe, cook them stewed, perhaps flavoring the sauce with grainy sausage.


Tagliatelle with chanterelles are almost as famous as those with porcini mushrooms. These mushrooms, also called chanterelles, marry perfectly with first courses enriching them with their strong flavor and pleasant consistency. For an optimal effect it is necessary blanch them before passing them in the pan with butter and chopped onion. In the recipe below, all the steps and procedures for preparing noodles with chanterelles.

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