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The funny thing about the omelette is that it can be done in so many ways. A versatile recipe that everyone always likes, especially if it is as tasty as the one we offer here

There frittata amatriciana it is a tribute to the famous pasta seasoned with bacon, pecorino cheese and tomatoes.
But how can a first course turn into a second? Let's find out.

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The essential ingredients

We need a good omelette eggs, a goccino of milk, parmesan, salt and pepper.
For the omelette to the amatriciana we add guanciale,
onion and potatoes is replace the parmesan with pecorino.
And i tomatoes? In pasta there are, but in the omelet?
It depends a little on your tastes. If you love the idea of ​​the omelette that takes the color of the sauce then add a little, otherwise you can use chopped tomatoes or even omit them.

How to make omelette with amatriciana

The first step is the onion cooking, in a pan with oil. The onion is missing from the pasta recipe, but in this case it goes particularly well with the pillow and counteracts its flavor.
Apart from We boil the sliced ​​potatoes and then add them to the onion to flavor them.
In another pan burn the pillow without adding other fats and then we combine it with onions and potatoes.
One time beat eggs with salt, pepper, a little milk and plenty of grated pecorino cheese we pour them into the pan with the other ingredients and continue cooking as you would for a classic omelette.
To avoid breaking it, you can also transfer everything to an oven dish and bake at 200 ° for about 15 minutes.

Amatriciana pasta omelette

If you have prepared one amatriciana pasta and it is advanced you can recycle it in an extraordinary omelette.
There pasta omelette it is a typical recipe from Campania, but so versatile that it is now known throughout Italy and adapted to any first.
Preparing it is very simple. That's enough mix the pasta and its seasoning with the beaten eggs. For a portion of 100 g paste you will need about two eggs because they must be able to wrap well and compact.
Also add plenty of pecorino and ground pepper and cook in the pan or in the oven.
This is a single recycling dish which you can also prepare the day before to take it to work.
Slices and serves. A true anti-waste delight!

Do you still have any doubts about this recipe? Take a look at the tutorial to follow our advice.

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