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Morels: how to cook these delicious mushrooms – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Risotto with mushrooms is always a good idea, whatever the variety of mushrooms used in the recipe

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Morel cream with cream

This is a condiment that you can use both for pasta and for a lasagna, or for dessert cannelloniand both for a second course based on meat or fish.
It is prepared simply by cooking the mushrooms cut into small pieces in a pan with butter and chopped shallots. Then add a little fresh cream and season with salt and pepper.
When the sauce has thickened a little it is ready to be used in your favorite preparations. You can also blend it and enrich it with some parmesan to make it tastier.

Cream and mushrooms is the perfect condiment for pasta, meat, fish and even vegan dishes if the cream is vegetable.

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Morels and fish: the surprising combination

We talked about pairings with fish and in particular we want to offer you the halibut fillet, which has a meat very similar to turbot.
You can, alternatively, use cod or perch.
First, simply cook the fillet clean and deboned fish in the oven with oil, salt and pepper and a little white wine. It will be ready in 10 minutes. If you want, you can also cook it in a pan with a little oil or on a hot plate, but be careful to leave the heart tender.
Then serve the fillet on a bed of cooked morel mushrooms with asparagus, also in season.
You can prepare this accompaniment in the air fryer, in a pan or in the oven, always starting with raw mushrooms and vegetables.

Asparagus goes very well with morels because they both have a fairly delicate, but at the same time very recognizable, taste.
This is a combination that you might not have thought of, but we suggest you try it!

how to make perfect cabbage rolls with barley and mushrooms – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

how to make perfect cabbage rolls with barley and mushrooms

The cabbage rolls with barley and mushrooms constitute one vegetarian recipe really tasty. The delicacy of the leaves of cabbage envelops a nutritious filling of barley cooked al dente and mushrooms, creating a symphony of earth and forest flavours. The dish, in addition to satisfying the palate, represents a celebration of the balance between fresh ingredients and culinary creativity, embodying meatless elegance in every bite.

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