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What diet to follow in case of gastritis

Pain and heartburn, nausea, decreased appetite and swollen belly. They are all symptoms of gastritis. When you suffer from this disorder, what can and should not be eaten? Here are some tips from the expert

Pain and heartburn, nausea, decreased appetite and swollen belly. They all are symptoms of gastritis, an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The main cause of the chronic form is Helicobacter pylori infection. The acute one, on the other hand, is mostly caused by irregular feeding, alcohol abuse, stress and smoking. Besides the possible pharmacological therapy indicated by the doctor, the symptoms can also be reduced thanks to the diet. For the dr. Riccardo Caccialanza, responsible for the Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Service of the IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo Foundation of Pavia, in case of acute gastritis it is enough to follow some «simple food directions, to be customized based on the individual tolerance of the disturbance. Here are some tips the specialist gave us.

Steam cooking and five meals a day

First of all, we must learn to recognize which foods cause the worsening of symptoms and favor those with a low fat content. In general, steaming, grilling, grilling or baking is best. THE meals must be at least five a day even if you are not very hungry, small but frequent. Another very important thing is to eat slowly, chewing calmly.

Foods to avoid or to take in moderation

When you suffer from gastritis there are foods to avoid and others that may be hired in moderation. The first things to eliminate are the alcoholic beverages and those carbonated, i sausages, all that is preserved in oil, ready meals, chili pepper, pepper, mint, The mature cheeses, the frying and also dried fruit, too rich in fats and proteins. Do not overdo it, however, with partially skimmed milk or yogurt. Drinks and foods containing nervine substances such as coffee and tea are not banned, provided they are not taken in large quantities. Also chocolate, citrus fruits, tomato (especially raw), onion, peppers, garlic and whole grain products should be limited, unless you notice that they sharpen the symptoms of gastritis, in which case they should be avoided.

Diet for gastritis: what you can eat

Removed all that can hurt, there remains a wide choice of foods to draw from so as not to renounce to taste and to restore normal functioning of one's stomach. Ben are i cereals, like pasta, rice, barley and oats. For example, the barley salad with sea bass tartare is an excellent light and complete dish. The bread must be well cooked, without breadcrumbs, perhaps lightly toasted. They can also be brought to the table ripe fruit is seasonal vegetables. The most suitable to reduce stomach pains are fennel, carrots, courgettes and cabbage. Use the extra virgin olive oil as a condiment. Those who want meat can choose the lean ones and maybe prepare chicken and spinach rolls or turkey and basil turkey. Go ahead also to fish and ai fresh cheeses. Finally, during meals drink water in small quantities, but not less than 1.5 liters per day.

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