The wine of the week: Valdobbiadene Dosaggio Zero Vigneto del Faè Canevel – Italian Cuisine

The wine of the week: Valdobbiadene Dosaggio Zero Vigneto del Faè Canevel

In the Venetian dialect the caneva is the cellar. The canevel is a small space, where the most precious wines are kept. Like this Zero Dosage, to be tasted with fish

The history of Carlo Caramel's company began in 1979, exactly 40 years ago, when his father Mario, who already worked in the wine sector as a merchant, decided to produce Prosecco in Valdobbiadene. "At the time there were two categories of producers," recalls Carlo; "Those who pressed grapes and turned it into wine, that is winemakers, and those who bought wine and turned it into sparkling wine, that is the sparkling wine producers. My father had the intuition of follow the entire production process: following the entire supply chain he rightly believed that he could have a higher quality product; began to buy grapes, to vinify it, then to sparkle it and then to bottle it: it was a half revolution, received with skepticism. I remember that people gave my father's business a life expectancy of six months; plus he came from outside and his wines cost almost twice as much as others. Fortunately in those years, people began to approach wine in a different way, looking for quality ".

The purchase of the first Canevel vineyard dates back to 1994, 15 hectares in the area of ​​Refrontolo, with clayey soil rich in minerals. "Here we can make wines with less scents but more structure," explains Carlo. The Valdobbiadene Dosage Zero Vigneto del Faè, one of the few Prosecco Superiore without sugar residue, is also born from a particularly suitable parcel of Refrontolo. "It is a new product for the territory but, at the same time, it is part of tradition of wines with the bottom, dry and common in the area, before the advent of sparkling in autoclave ”.

With its scents of flowers, almond and rennet apple and the slender and refreshing palate is a Prosecco Superiore very suitable for the table. Carlo recommends it with the fish cichéti, the small bocconcini of the Venetian aperitif: "Try it with polenta croutons with cod, sarda in saòr, folpetti, ovetto or peppers with anchovy and mixed fritturina" .

Why now: it is a fresh and low-alcohol wine that goes well with fish recipes.

As did: after the vinification of the glera grape, the foaming takes place in autoclave with the Charmat method.

To combine with: seafood first courses, cod, savory pies with vegetables, fish and vegetable risottos, mixed fry.

Serve it at: 8 ° C.

Price: 12 euros.

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