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They are good, they are beautiful and they stock up on likes and hearts. Here are the ten most popular drinks from social networks worldwide

Even a simple one cocktail enjoyed at the end of the day with friends, work colleagues and various gym companions and any can conquer the center of the social scene, hoarding likes with shaker shots and ice cubes: the right perspective, the right filter and the right hashtag are enough , and the game is almost done. The most experienced influencers know it well, as well as the search engine for holiday homes Holidu, who to give us an aperitif in view of next summer's trips has decided to browse on Instagram looking for 10 most loved and shared cocktails of all the world. So let's raise our glass to heaven and discover this fresh ranking together, preparing for a long series of virtual toasts.

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<p><strong>10 – Negroni: # 772.460 hashtag – Italy</strong></p>
<p>The count <strong>Camillo Negroni</strong>, who in the 1920s gave rise to the recipe for this drink in Florence, would certainly be proud to witness the international success of his personal reinterpretation of the American. With gin, Campari and red vermouth, of course, and that orange peel that makes its appearance even in front of the smartphone camera.</p>
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9 – Moscow Mule: # 782.388 hashtag – United States

Don't let the name fool you. Despite the direct reference to the Russian capital, what was the real one catchphrase alcohol of the last decade of mixology is actually a star and striped cocktail, designed at the table by two US entrepreneurs engaged in marketing vodka and ginger beer. A pinch of lime juice in addition, and then all inside the characteristic copper cup for a decidedly like-friendly drink. The only caveat: no cucumber, that's just a fake urban legend.

Brazilian Caipirinha Drink with Lime

8 – Caipirinha: # 1,248,197 hashtag – Brazil

The cocktail in eighth position catapults us directly on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro: the Caipirinha, a real classic based on cachaça, brown sugar and lime, is a drink with a strong Brazilian spirit, which smells of summer and total relaxation in the sun. Her fans also include people of the caliber of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Madonna and Tom Cruise.

7 – Michelada: # 1,282,453 hashtags – Mexico

At home they also call it Cerveza Preparada, a sort of flavored beer. And why it is easy to say: this very special drink starts from a very common beer, enriched with lime, spices, chilli pepper, tomato juice, salt and various spices. A real palette of suggestions in a Mexican key, in a single glass.

Spritz Aperol with cicchetti

6 – Aperol Spritz: # 1,442,207 hashtag – Italy

There is another pinch of Italy in the top 10, and speaks with a strong Venetian accent. There are over 1 million and 400 thousand mentions from the dear old man Aperol Spritz, a real bulwark of our local aperitif. A cocktail that last year blew out its first one hundred candles, after crossing the ocean and becoming in all respects a new international flag of the Italian food and wine culture.

Bloody Mary or Caesar Cocktail with Lime, Celery and ice

5 – Bloody Mary: # 1,751,434 hashtag – France

You enter the top 5 with the famous mix of vodka, tomato juice, spices, Worcestershire sauce, celery, garlic, herbs, olives, lemon, salt and pepper, otherwise known as Bloody Mary. Or after-hangover cocktails, as someone might argue. Her name derives from the ruthless Queen Mary I of England, nicknamed Maria the Bloodthirsty: and the reason is obviously to be found in her vibrant red color, perfect for capturing attention on Instagram. Nice and brutal.

Pina Colada cocktail on the beach with copy space

4 – Piña Colada: # 1,764,009 hashtag – Puerto Rico

Enveloping, sensual, with all the nuances of the Latin atmosphere. There Piña Colada conquers a well-deserved fourth place with its recipe based on rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice, perfect for those who love sweeter drinks. National cocktail in that of Puerto Rico, the actress Jennifer Lawrence can also count among her most avid supporters, who seems to have requested a small personal supply on her table on the occasion of the 2013 Golden Globes.

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<p><strong>3 – Gin and Tonic: # 3,238,385 hashtag – United Kingdom </strong></p>
<p>Getting to the bronze medal is really making the qualitative leap in social terms. Because there are over 3 million Instagram mentions for the <strong>Gin and Tonic</strong>, timeless British classic which – as is easily understood from the name – sees gin and tonic <a href=water poured into a glass in the company of abundant ice. The son of British ships' trips to the East Indies, he seems to have been born thanks to the idea of ​​a Scottish doctor, George Cleghorn, who was studying the effects of quinine on malaria. Thus he discovered that with the addition of gin, even the most bitter liquid seemed all in all pleasant: to this brilliant doctor, still centuries later, our heartfelt thanks go.

Winter autumn sangria

2 – Sangria: # 3,261,103 hashtag – Spain

It matters little that it is considered a real cocktail or a more generic preparation based on wine and fruit. The second step of the podium goes to the festive lightness of the sangria, Spanish bulwark of drinking in company whose name derives from the word "sangre", very simply blood. In fact, it is typically prepared with red wine, as anyone who has allowed a trip to Spain knows very well. From the parts of Barcelona, ​​in Catalonia, it is also possible to find special versions with white wine or sparkling wine. To try, absolutely.

Fresh mojito cocktail on wood

1 – Mojito: # 5,672,376 hashtag – Cuba

A big round of applause for the champion of champions. His majesty the Mojito, from Cuba with love, takes first place in the ranking of the most instagrammed cocktails in the world, clearly stopping all the other competitors. In fact, more than 5 million and 600 thousand people have shared the image of the king of the crushed on social media, based on white rum, brown sugar, lime, mint and Seltz water. A legendary drink, which in the past has also been able to conquer the heart of an expert drinker like Ernest Hemingway. And that still continues to swell the ranks of its supporters all over the world, summer after summer, toast after toast.

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