La Burgonza, the burrata filled with gorgonzola – Italian Cuisine

A specialty capable of uniting southern and northern Italy at the table, created by the Viscanti dairy in Altamura

The hybrids in the kitchen they are a really nice risk. Sometimes joining together two cornerstones of good food can generate a curious idea after all, as happened for example with Spaghetti Donuts, omelette of pastries with the appearance of an American donut. Other times, however, the gambling bar has been raised too far, giving rise to un-better-defined mutant creatures such as Dausage, half sausage (sausage) and half donut (donut). Something chilling both in name and appearance, without even tasting. It happens, however, that very, very captivating ideas, such as that of the, are extracted from the almost inexhaustible Italian cylinder Burgonza: one burrata stuffed with gorgonzola.

Fatherhood, as he also reported "Republic", Is to be attributed to Viscanti Dairy of Altamura, obviously in the province of Bari. A product born almost by chance, as often happens for the most sensational strokes of genius, which unites the whole of Italy's dairy products along an axis that starts from Puglia and reaches up to the northern regions: if the Burgonza wrapping is in fact the typical one of spun pasta of the local burrata, the filling combines cream and frayed morsels with a Piedmontese Gorgonzola Dop.

Photo: Viscanti Dairy.

How, then, to test the original Burgonza in person? The best solution is undoubtedly to schedule a short trip and land directly in Altamura. This curious version of the burrata, which has already attracted the attention of several places in Northern Italy, is mainly sold at the Viscanti Dairy itself, and in a few other extremely selected points of sale in the immediate vicinity (although it is possible to order it online on some bring them specialized in Apulian products). Of course, we're definitely not talking about a low specialty calorie content, and it is good to remember it. Even if resisting the temptation of a taste by finding it in front of it in all its creaminess – let's be honest – it would be really impossible.

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