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Lots of cocktails with tonic – Italian Cuisine

Lots of cocktails with tonic

Massimo D’Addezio's tips for combining tonic with liqueurs and spirits and going beyond the Gin & Tonic combination

Who said that tonic is only good with gin? After the great return of the Gin Tonic, a large quantity of different gins and tonics have been placed on the market. The latter differ in the perlage, the sugar content and, in some cases, the flavoring. The result is a potentially infinite number of combinations. What if we change the alcoholic base? The potential combinations increase and, therefore, we asked an expert to guide us. Our Virgil, in this journey in the bottles, even in those abandoned by his grandmother who could hide treasures, is Massimo D’Addezio, the patron of Chorus in Rome, as well as great teacher of many Roman bartenders.

The rule of the four whites

As Massimo D'Addezio says: "The four whites are the great lovers of tonic". But who are the four whites? Apart from the already known gin, there is vodka, and this is not surprising, considering that Vodka Tonic also had its golden moment. But those that are less obvious are rum and tequila. In the first case, emphasizes D'Addezio, the use of a white rum, never an amber one, is fundamental. "It is a custom, especially in the States. I learned it from the Bacardi family, Bacardi Carta Blanca and Schweppes ", an unexpectedly good combination for D’Addezio. Tequila & Tonic has its say too, although so far it has been better known in combination with soda (remember tequila bum bum?). "In the boom years more than one confused soda with tonic, but basically tequila is good with both." Be careful, however, not to exchange Tequila for Mezcal, which has a pronounced smoking and which ends up being "too much" according to the Roman barman.

With grape distillates, tonic with little sugar

Don't you know what to make of that grappa at the bottom of the bottle shelf? Here is a way to consume it easily, which makes it relatively easy to drink and mix a type of distillate known to be complex to use in cocktails. But pay attention to the choice of the tonic. "The grape distillate, grappa and Peruvian pisco, being close relatives of the wine, require a balance of sweetness, using a low sugar tonic, with a more bitter taste. Be careful, however, this does not mean trivially using sugar-free tonics, because those are correct with sweeteners and some are even sweeter . Again for a problem of excess sugar, D’Addezio excludes that the combination is successful between vermout and tonic. «An exception is Martini Rubino, which I got to appreciate.

Unexpected results with bitters and bitters

Who would have thought that bitters, the expression of a great Italian liqueur tradition, would have lived a new life today? Absolute or mixed, they are the basis of a real rediscovery by bartenders from all over the world. For D’Addezio, drinking with bitters and bitters is a real revelation. Your favorite with the tonic? Il Rinomato, the aperitif created by colleague Giancarlo Mancino. Great results also with Amaro Montenegro and Ramazzotti, with Aperol and Aperitivo Casoni. Even limoncello, if it is not too sweet, can give satisfactions. And an opportunity for Addezio would also give it to sherry, as long as it is the driest. Be careful, however, because in all these cases strictly clear and clean tonics must be chosen, not too complex, because as Massimo says, "the candy effect is around the corner".

We prepare two strawberry cocktails as in the bar – Italian Cuisine

Homemade strawberry cocktails, but perfect, as a professional would do them? You can, thanks to the advice (and recipes) of two expert bartenders

Would you like to sip a cocktail made as a real would barman but on the sofa at home, given the impossibility of going out for a few more weeks? Maybe a strawberry cocktail, fresh, fragrant, featuring a seasonal ingredient, to sip relaxed on the balcony of your home, dreaming of the moment when you can do it by the pool or simply in your favorite place? Then we give you the recipe to prepare one, or rather two!

Strawberry cocktail

You can sip two strawberries cocktails made in a workmanlike manner, thanks to the advice that two give us bartender specialists who share the art of mixology: Mario Esposito, bar manager of the Quellenhof Luxury Resort Lazise on Lake Garda, which offers the Venetian Strawberry, is Andrea Ciavarro, chef de bar at the Post Hotel – Tradition & Lifestyle in San Candido, which presents Strawberry and Vanilla Mojito. Get fresh and fragrant strawberries and you're done!


Fruit .. you drink!

Perfumed, with a firm and full of taste consistency: fruit it is irresistible, ideal to eat as an after meal, together with a spoon dessert or as an ingredient in cocktails, alcohol or soft drinks, as you prefer. Strawberries, peaches, grapefruits, oranges, bananas, pears: they are all perfect fruits to mix with alcohol to give life to homemade cocktails delicate or with a strong touch, to sip with a few snacks before dinner.

The Venetian Strawberry recipe


50 ml Aperol strawberry infusion, 90 ml Prosecco, Top sparkling mineral water.


Wash 200 g of ripe strawberries, infuse them in the Aperol for about 3 days, in a glass jar. After 3 days, filter everything. At this point, put 6 ice cubes, 50 ml of Aperol infused with strawberries, 90 ml of prosecco and a top of mineral water in a wine glass. Decorate with a strawberry and 2 basil leaves and serve!

The recipe for strawberry and vanilla Mojito


6 cl of Bacardi white paper rum, 3 fresh strawberries, 1 vanilla pod, 2-3 sprigs of mint, 2 teaspoons of white cane sugar, half a lime, soda water.


open the vanilla pod and infuse it with the rum for 5 minutes directly in a long drink glass. Add the strawberries, sugar and lime into small pieces and pound with a pestle. Add 6 mint leaves and pound gently again. Fill the glass with crushed ice, add the soda water, mix, decorate with a sprig of mint and a fresh strawberry and serve.

In the tutorial some tips to prepare your cocktails

7 cocktails to empty forgotten bottles – Italian Cuisine

Spring cleaning time and having to invent DIY bartenders. Here are the recipes (super, super, easy) to finish and rediscover the forgotten bottles in some closet

The time has come to drink it.
Without exaggerating, of course, but if at home we do not have "stocks" of vodka, gin and rum, and we cannot prepare the classic cocktail for a aperitif on Skype (in the contracted version: aperiskype) with friends, let's not forget ours bitters, the grappas, i spirit that have been part of our history. There are almost in every home: the surviving, abandoned, forgotten bottles between the kitchen and the room furniture. Sometimes they are part of gifts, leftovers from parties, remnants of war from when you drank more at home, invited friends for a coffee killer and in general you were more in the living room. You end up leaving them there, when they can be used very well for super easy DIY cocktails, with which to finish them, but above all with which to rediscover a made in Italy heritage that has nothing to envy to foreign liqueurs and spirits.

You only need large glasses, ice, lemon and orange and a few other ingredients to make these 7 cocktails Sambuca is Amaro Ramazzotti, Punt and Mes, Fernet Branca is Branch Mint, Vov, Borghetti coffee and … browse the gallery for recipes

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