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Antonino Cannavacciuolo, naked on Instagram – Italian Cuisine

Antonino Cannavacciuolo, naked on Instagram

Joe Bastianich, friend and colleague of the chef, is driving the social media crazy with a photo that would portray him without veils and tattooed. But where did you find it?

Gruff, tender, true and irresistible. There are so many terms to tell the chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, that we have learned to know in these years also thanks to the TV that showed his soul, professionalism and sympathy. But naked, we had never seen him before. The colleague showed it to us Joe Bastianich which confirms its Giamburrasca spirit with this post on Instagram:

The photo that is making the rounds of the web belongs to the shows Beyond The Body, the photographic exhibition that invites us to go beyond appearances. Protagonists of the shots, bodies outside the box that tell a story through signs and words written on the skin. And although there is a certain similarity, the protagonist of the photo shared by Bastianich is not chef Cannavacciuolo.

If you want to visit the exhibition, you have until May 9th, from Forma Meravigli in Milan.
In the gallery below, a small preview:

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A Humbling Strawberry Rhubarb Reminder

I was checking Twitter mentions last week, and saw that a
viewer by the name of

nguyen4 had posted a strawberry rhubarb pie photo on
Instagram (left), and credited me for the recipe. At first, I thought they were
mistaken, as I didn’t recognize the pie as one of my creations, but then I
realized that was because they’d made it so much better looking than mine. I
hate/love when that happens. 

Anyway, once I got over this blow to my ego, I
decided to repost this in case you missed it the first time, or just needed a
little reminder as to what a fantastic spring pie this really is. Enjoy!

To read the original post and get the ingredient amounts,
click here.

#trashtagchallenge, when Instagram is good – Italian Cuisine

#trashtagchallenge, when Instagram is good

Here is the cleansing mania that is bouncing around every corner of the planet proudly documented on Instagram. What is happening and why participate

A nice trip out of town can turn into a nightmare. For traffic, bad weather or, more and more often, because ours destination is submerged by waste. And if in the first two cases there is nothing to do but arm yourself with holy patience, in the third it is not enough. We must act. The people of Instagram know that it is flocking our feeds with the challenge #trashtagchallenge. A nice initiative to say no more bags, plastic bottles and other waste scattered in the woods, on the sides of roads, in parks and on beaches. The idea is to document with a photo the state of degradation in which the place is reached and compare it with a clean and tidy after, result of the work of the participants in the challenge. Armed with bags for separate collection, they document the final result (which also includes huge bags full of waste).

Image @ blue.fondation75

An idea that appeals to the whole world

The success of the challenge is international and bounces from one continent to another witnessing something very positive and negative at the same time. The happy side of the matter is that around the world there is someone who wants to fix, clean up and make our planet better. The sad face of the coin is that waste covers every corner of the world and represents a widespread and increasingly less controllable emergency. That the awakening on Instagram is the mirror of the final social conscience awake and ready to intervene?

In our small way

Of all the challenges launched on social media, this is the one to which we don't say no. For cultivate our civic sense, to solve in first person a problem that involves each of us and make a face to face with reality. Even the smallest, that of park near the house, of the closed road exchanged for landfill and ours beach of the heart, harassed by butts, bottles and various residues. Are you aware of the good satisfaction you feel at home after you have tidied it up? Here, now multiply it to infinity and think of the world.

How to participate

To prevent a good deed from turning into an accident, it's good have a few simple tools that will accompany us safely on our path to environmental redevelopment. We therefore bring with us several bags destined to collect recyclable and non-recyclable waste, which we will already divide into categories. The bag destined for glass and that for unsorted waste must in turn be placed in a bag resistant and cut resistant bag which will protect us from rusted metals, glass splinters and other blunt objects. It will also be important to have a stick with which we will examine the waste before touching it and thick gardening gloves. And now … how clean it is!

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