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The Pot Museum of Rozzano is the only one in the world that collects and presents only cooking tools. Founded in 1985 by AMC Italia, it is the right place for all lovers of history and cuisine

There are museums of all kinds, but this is really unusual: the Museo della Pentola di Rozzano (Milan) it is the only one in the world that collects and presents cooking tools only and exclusively. We have seen kitchen memorabilia telling the past of peoples in various museums, such as the British Museum in London or the Egyptian Museum in Turin, for example, but a focus so detailed ever. This is an original exhibition that honors Italy, the nation that perhaps more than many others links its history and its culture to food. Thinking about it was the AMC Italy, the national branch of the historic German company, world leader in the sector of high quality stainless steel cooking systems for a healthy and tasty diet.


The Museum of Pots in History, this is the full name, was founded in 1985 by AMC Italia. It took almost five years before it took the final form we can see today. In fact, its organization began in 1980 with the search throughout the national territory for unique specimens of cooking tools, many of which were donated by clients or consultants of the company. The Director of the Archaeological Museum of Milan and the Museums of the Sforzesco Castle, professor Ermanno Arslan, and the Director of the National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci" of Milan, the engineer Orazio Curti. Chosen the best and most representative pieces, these have been restored and dated according to the criteria of archaeological museums. The seriousness and accuracy of the research led to the official reporting by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, a recognition not just confirming its validity and cultural contribution.


Open on weekdays by appointment, the Pot Museum it is located in the modern 4000sqm headquarters of AMC Italia in Rozzano in the province of Milan. The collection goes from the third century BC to the present day, represented by the innovation of their famous "smart" cookware sets. Exciting to retrace the steps of human evolution through the progress in cooking tools, those that have allowed man to stop simply surviving but finally to live with taste.

The discovery of metals in Prehistory is the turning point, represented in Rozzano by the precious Cala Gonone cauldron, an archaeological find found in Sardinia and dating back to the II millennium BC With a hole of a few centuries due to the scarcity of metals and the need to recycle them, time travel from 1200 onwards is resumed. To the Pot Museum you can see with your own eyes Stovador or Stofeja in terracotta from 1500, la southern style from 1700 up to the precious Piedmontese bronzin from 1800. From the nineteenth century the pieces exposed ever closer to our reality procure a thrill of nostalgia (the first pressure cooker is really exciting to see!) until the date of 1963.


The pot has always been a container for cooking, a gap between food and fire, as long as the AMC transforms it into a smart tool to promote a correct, healthy and tasty diet. Founded in 1963 and present in Italy since 1970, the company uses stainless steel Alfametal (from which the name derives), which allows to exploit in an innovative way the water vapor and the liquids contained in the food thus keeping the precious vitamins and mineral substances unchanged. In the sixties the first series of AMC batteries are numbered 25 and 27, followed by series 28 and 29 which have brought important innovations such as Atmosphere, or cooking away from the stove, and the first generation of Secuquick. The latter is the strategic name of the fast cooking lid patented by AMC, which makes it possible to shorten cooking times considerably, also thanks to the acoustic signal Audiotherm.

The series M30 is the latest generation of kitchen tools signed AMC, which allows us to confirm the philosophy that sees them ambassadors of well-being and healthy and tasty nutrition in the family. In fact, the food remains compact, it does not lose liquid, the use of condiments is limited with a saving of time up to 50-80% – how about a risotto ready in 10 minutes? If you then add the mobile ceramic glass hob that can be controlled via Bluetooth, called Navigenio, the future is today.

Even the distribution of the product is alternative: with the focus of always putting the customer at the center, everything happens through home party organized throughout Italy by a sales network of over 1700 consultants – fun fact: in 2018 82,000 parties were organized!

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