Gourmet Guide: Crocetta district – Italian Cuisine – Italian Cuisine

Gourmet Guide: Crocetta district - Italian Cuisine

The fifth Guide to the neighborhoods of Turin is dedicated to the district of the Crocetta, considered by the Turinese one of the most chic of the city

We have selected some addresses for you if you are looking for agnolotti, ice cream and gianduiotti to lick your whiskers and maybe organize the shopping (or take-away) for the day of Ferragosto.

Best Tuna Calf
Where to buy it
Baracco pasta factory, course Alcide De Gasperi 53B
Slow cooking at low temperature, the sauce prepared with a light mayonnaise base, enriched with capers. A lighter version of the classic traditional sauce.

Where to eat it
Taverna delle Rose, Via Massena 24
A restaurant outside the box, a location reminiscent of an old tavern, with white and red checkered tablecloths, exposed bricks, wine flasks, which resists the changing signs of the times. A traditional cuisine, with Piedmontese and Sicilian dishes. the tavern of roses never disappoints, a comfortable kitchen, an interesting wine list with unusual proposals like La Scolca, winemakers in that of Gavi (Al) or Orsolani, Cantina di Erbaluce di Caluso. They offer a soft and delicious version of Vitello Tonnato Bon Bon: small bites covered with tuna sauce prepared in an ancient way.

Best Agnolotto
Where to eat it
Restaurant union, Corso Carlo and Nello Rosselli 54A
A revisited version of agnolotto, the ravioli of the village with roast sauce and Gremolada, which we find in the tasting menu.
Or, in the maritime interpretation, those with cuttlefish ink with broccoli cream and confit cherry tomatoes. In the kitchen the chef Paolo Cecchi, son of art: the chef's family is that of the Cecchi pizzerias, one of the best known in town for pizza with the pan. The place is small (about 20 seats), better to book.

Where to buy it
Baracco pasta factory, course Alcide De Gasperi 53B
Expert pasta makers from the Monferrato for more than twenty years, their agnolotto, stuffed with beef and rabbit, was awarded by Slow Food as the Migliore del Monferrato.
An obsessive selection of raw materials by Diego Baracco and all his staff, uses only recipes belonging to his family for his products and the quality is the same that his mother used before him.
Products that have also distinguished themselves for the originality of the fillings: in addition to the classic, with beef and rabbit, also of wild boar, of donkey. but also potato gnocchi, Panzerotti di magro, traditional cappelletti to be served in Cappone broth. In the shop of Corso De Gasperi you can also buy the excellences of the Basso Monferrato such as wines, cheeses, meats, desserts and biscuits.
Note to the sweet tooth: the Turin store is also open on Sunday mornings, from 8 to 12.30.

Best Ice Cream
Mara dei Boschi, Corso De Gasperi 57
Mara also boomed in Crocetta, one of Turin's best-known ice cream parlors, conquering everyone even in one of the most chic neighborhoods in the city.
For an ice cream cone, especially in summer, you'll have to queue up and wait for your turn. But it will be worth it. The Marotto remains one of our favorites, the fabulous Gianduiotto Gelato, without dairy products, 100% Langa flavor with hazelnuts from Alta Langa Azienda Agricola. And then Mara de Bois, the famous Mara dei Boschi, which gave its name to the ice cream shop, but also orange and chocolate and the Absolute Pistachio.
And then the tastes of seasonal fruit, which everyone likes. If there is space left, try the fabulous brioche with ice cream.

Where to buy (and taste) coffee
La Hacienda, via San Secondo 17
A tiny coffee shop, which opened a few months ago, but which is already a reference point for coffee lovers with a capital C.
Two Colombian sisters, Leidy and Natalia Arias have chosen Turin to open the business. From Apìa, a very small city in the mountainous region of Risaralta (Colombia) in Turin. The coffee comes from there, from Apìa, and in Turin it is served in a filter (with different types), but also in an espresso version.
After a course of study of techniques and coffee in Colombia for Leidy, who makes her fall in love with this ancient and invigorating drink, so much that she decides to open her corner of Colombia in Turin, in the Crocetta district. Open every day except Sunday. Follow their adventures made in Colombia also on Instagram.

Best Gianduiotto
Odilla Bastoni Historical Shop, Via Fratelli Carle 38
In 2004 Gabriele Maiolani decided to open a laboratory, after an intense experience in France, where he learned the best techniques in cocoa processing, studying with the greatest professionals in the sector. In the Crocetta district he opens and dedicates the workshop to his mother, Odilla Bastoni, who has dedicated herself for almost all her life to painting on ceramics.
Gabriele selects for his products the best excellences, starting from the cocoa beans (from the Peruvian Criollo to the Venezuelan Trinitario) up to the hazelnuts, working exclusively with the Tonda Gentile PGI.
This is how truly unique products are born, such as its Gianduiotto, in the classic version without milk, a hazelnut cream that is addictive or its famous Nocciolino, a chocolate prepared with a nut in the heart of chocolate.

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