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The meat carrot that challenges vegetarian burgers

Vegetable burgers and sausages, you officially have an enemy: here comes Marrot, a carrot made of meat

"If they can make vegetable burgers and other things, then we can make meat vegetables."

Thus begins the video that presents the first carrot in the world made of meat: here you are The Marrot, whose name is just a cross between meat (meat) e carrot (carrot). Designed by the American fast food chain Arby's, Marrot looks just like a classic carrot, but is actually made of turkey.

How to prepare meat carrot?

More precisely, it is chest of turkey chopped, shaped like a carrot and boiled. To obtain the orange color of the carrots, it is sprinkled with dried carrot powder and finally, it is roasted in the oven for an hour. The final touch: Marrot is impaled on the top with a sprig of parsley, so as to get something like the stem of the carrot.

A joke? A hoax against vegetarians and vegans? We do not yet know what the purpose of this campaign is, but in the meantime Arby's says that this meat carrot would bring about 70% of the daily requirement of vitamin A, the same vitamin that is found in real carrots. It also appears that this is only the first episode of megetables, or meat dishes disguised as vegetables. All that remains is to watch.

For now it is not yet for sale, but you can also try to prepare the meat carrot at home, following the step by step recipe in the video below.

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