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Grilled meat: which to choose? – Italian Cuisine

Grilled meat: which to choose?

Beef, veal, lamb, chicken or pork: we explain to you what are the best cuts to make on the grill

The tasks have been divided, the drinks are fresh, everyone knows which appetizer, side dish or dessert to bring. Only two things are missing: lighting the embers and … choose the meat for the barbeque. Here's what to choose for a insured result.


There beef it is one of those that best cooks at high temperatures, like the grill itself. To ensure an excellent result, the recommended cuts are: the fillet and sirloin, the rib, lo rump, the sirloin steak, the wot and the fesa.
In general, prefer the meat coming from the back for the steaks. You can also prepare some Hamburger, using a meat with a good percentage of fat to prevent them from drying out, they burn outside and are raw inside.
If you are in the mood to experiment, try the one you call Flan Steak or Arranchera in Mexico: intense flavor for a steak to be cooked whole and cut into slices at the table.

The calf

It is actually a meat for grilling little used, being more tender than beef, it prefers faster cooking. In general, though, if you use a fat-rich cut – which gives moisture and taste – the result will not be bad at all.

Meat for grilling: never without pork

Chops, loin, capocollo, pins, ribs: these are the best cuts for grilled pork. To obtain an even better result, place the meat outside the grill, so as to cook it more gently and slowly: the fat will gradually melt and sprinkle the meat with its juices. Avoid in this case i lean cuts, cooked on the grill will be hard, not tasty and stringy (unless you marinate them wisely).
Fresh bacon and skewers – just check that they are made with the same type of meat and that the pieces are of the same size to have a uniform cooking – instead, they lend themselves to quick cooking.
Then the inevitable sausages: long and rolled up on themselves, whole and only pierced or open like a book.

Chicken, to keep a healthy touch

For each barbecue there is a friend on a diet or a friend who does not eat red meat, it is better to provide chicken for them (which the whole group will like anyway). Thigh, overshoot and wings they are the most suitable pieces: to make them suitable for the grill is the high percentage of fat.
If, on the other hand, you want to use the chest don't forget to marinate carefully the meat, so that it remains tender even after cooking.

Lamb, not only at Easter

Thick chops (to keep it soft) o skewers for quick cooking, shoulder or leg for slow cooking with indirect heat or cost, cooked whole and then divided into parts: also the lamb with its particular aroma of great gratification gratings. If you want to exalt this meat even more, make it marinate for a long time, it will become a "never again without".

10 light meat dishes to try – Italian Cuisine

10 light meat dishes to try

Eat light at lunch, as at dinner, it is a need felt 365 days a year, for this reason the experts advise to adopt a light, correct and balanced diet, based on fresh foods and light dishes, to prevent a series of disorders and help our body to adapt quickly to climate change. Eating light and healthy does not necessarily mean giving up taste! Today the refinement of some recipes far exceeds our imagination and offers us light dishes, of course, but equally tasty and delicious! This special session of Salt and pepper is especially dedicated to light meat seconds, those so fanciful that they can convince even the most demanding palates and entice those who hardly give up the more elaborate and traditional dishes!

Prepare a second of light meat it is not difficult! Just choose the right meat, the cooking method and the most appropriate seasonings, without abusing too much with the addition of fat

Based on your preferences you can choose to prepare a second of light meat both white meat and red meat. In particular for the cute red ones, you prefer the lean cuts coming from relatively young animals, but suitable for cooking according to the recipe you want to prepare. If you prefer to prepare a good and light dish of beef better to choose cuts like fillet, sirloin or steak. If instead you like the calf, the fillet and the knot are indicated. The pig in diets it is certainly not the most indicated, but if you really can't do without it, choose the fillet, the loin, the ham or the escalope, but avoid the coppa and the pancetta

Among the white meats, the prince of light dishes is undoubtedly the chicken. Delicate and low in fat, along with the turkey, it is perfect for use in the preparation of quick, easy and light dishes to be enjoyed in all seasons: click here to discover the recipes of Salt & Pepper with chicken breast

The meat of rabbit it is extremely lean, low-calorie white meat; it has an excellent percentage of proteins with high biological value and in parallel a very low amount of cholesterol, therefore suitable for everyone, large and small and perfect for being the protagonist of numerous light meat dishes with a delicate but definite taste

If you want to prepare a second of light meatmoreover, you have to abandon recipes that involve long cooking of meat or more substantial ones, and prefer instead tartare, le short oven cooking, the grid or the cooking in a non-stick pan or boiled. And don't exceed the use of fats. To flavor the meat use spices, aromatic herbs and lean but tasty sauces, they will give flavor to the meat without covering the taste and, in this way you will bring to the table light meat seconds always different

If you are looking for ideas and recipes for light seconds easy to prepare, you're on the right link! Salt and pepper with the recipes of this top ten! 10 recipes that will surprise you with their lightness and taste,10 second light meat dishes ideal for any occasion for a quick lunch or a light but refined dinner. Don't hesitate immediately Salt & Pepper recipes!

How to prepare meat loaf – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare meat loaf

The meatloaf it is a dish that contains within it flavors and memories of family lunches, warmth of cooking, loving hands careful to enclose gourmand fillings in the coils of meat. Although it looks like a simple dish, perfect for retrieving leftovers and achieving a regal result, even meatloaf hides pitfalls in its preparation. Find out how it is cook the perfect meatloaf with the advice of Sale & Pepe!

Beef mince and more: the ingredients

To prepare the meatloaf you will need to minced meat (also mixed) such as veal, beef, chicken and and turkey or pork. Ask your butcher to chop it more than once.

Add this to the mix bread crumbs soaked in milk and well squeezed, a beaten egg, some chopped parsley and some tablespoons of Parmesan or grana padano. And, to achieve the correct consistency, add some breadcrumbs, little by little. To flavor the base you can naturally let your imagination run wild and add cheese cubes, capers, olives, mushrooms, chopped vegetables, aromatic herbs, spices and various aromas to taste.

Can the leftovers of cooked meat be used?

Sometimes it can happen to overdo the portions and, therefore, to cook much more meat than necessary. Not sure what to do with leftovers? Salt & Pepper helps you! With the advanced meat you can always prepare something good, from the meatballs to a gravy, passing for precisely for a sumptuous Meatloaf. In fact, turkey slices and boiled leftovers are perfect for this recycling dish. Chop the meat together with a sprig of parsley and a clove of garlic. Then add an egg, some grated cheese and breadcrumbs.

Create a firm mixture, similar to a large oblong meatball. After that sprinkle it with breadcrumbs and align it in a pan with a little oil. Cook the meatloaf, taking care to turn it from time to time.

How to prepare it for 4-6-8-12 people

Prepare the Meatloaf for four people it involves a proportion of 800 grams of meat compared to 200 grams of breadcrumbs. You will then need 30 grams of cheese. While for the smells and the spices you can always adjust yourself to the eye, for the main raw materials necessary to prepare the meatloaf, you will need to make proportions.

So to calculate the right ones doses for a meatloaf, keep in mind that to each diner there are 200 grams of meat and 50 grams of breadcrumbs. Holding this ratio firmly, for 6 people you will need 1 kg of meat and 300 grams of bread crumbs, for 8 people you will need to use 1.4 kg of meat and 400 grams of bread, for 12 people you will need 2 kg of meat and 600 grams of breadcrumbs.

What to prevent the meatloaf from opening

Despite being a very simple and rich preparation of variants, preparing this dish is not easy. Now we will explain to you what to do for do not open the meatloaf.

First of all, if you have decided to prepare a stuffed meatloaf, you must perfectly seal the meat so that the filling does not leak out. Start spreading the meat, giving the mixture a rectangular shape. Stuff and roll up the meatloaf. As you create the coils, push the meat in on both sides, compacting it with your hands. Press the closing flap well. Wrap it all in one sheet of parchment paper and let the meatloaf rest in the fridge for half an hour. Then bread it with flour and brown it in the pan first, which will ensure that the filling remains inside. After that you can either continue cooking in the pan or put everything in the oven.

Baked meat loaf

To prepare the baked meatloaf, you will have to follow the technique just explained. Once given the form, Bake the meatloaf at 200 ° C and leave it cook for 45 minutes. A spectacular variant, which cannot be done in the pan, is that of the Meatloaf In Crust. In this case you have to wrap the roll of minced meat in the puff pastry or in the brisée dough just before baking it.

If you have prepared a stuffed meatloaf, cooking in the oven must be carried out at 180 ° C for 45 minutes, but only after a short time pan fried to avoid the leakage of the filling even in this case.

Meatloaf in a pan with meat

Cooking the meatloaf in a pan is a choice aimed at having one moist meat, soft and juicy. To cook it without the passage in the oven, help yourself with some vegetable broth, which you will need to wet the mixture during cooking.

While you are cooking the meatloaf in the pan, you can also add gods pepperoni, of basil and other vegetables that will give a fresh taste to this dish already of his greedy. After preparing the mixture and heating a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and a knob of butter in a pan, arrange the meat and let it evaporate with white wine.

Meatloaf with meat sauce

Among the many variants available in the Italian culinary tradition, there is also that of the meatloaf with meat sauce. Preparing it is very simple and the result will amaze your guests.

After following the basic procedure to prepare the classic meatloaf or a recovery meatloaf, created by exploiting, for example, advanced boiled meat, prepares for vegetable broth with fresh vegetables or to the limit of the nut.

Prepare the meat mixture with all the necessary ingredients: eggs, parsley, bread crumbs softened in milk, grated cheese, salt, black pepper and nutmeg. If you want a richer and more appetizing result, add to the mixture even the crumbled pieces of sausage. Give the meat and ingredients mix the classic elongated shape of the meatloaf and place it on a cutting board. The meatloaf must be cooked with a sauce in a very large pan.

Fry crushed poached garlic, add the meatloaf and leave it brown for a few minutes. Remove the garlic and add a few tablespoons of tomato sauce. Shrink the sauce for a few minutes and add salt. At this point dilute of the tomato concentrate in the vegetable broth and add it to the meatloaf in cooking, thus feeding the cooking juices which, as they are, will narrow.

Cook in the pan for 45 minutes and only at the end add some fresh basil leaves. Serve the stewed meatloaf with a tasty side dish, for example gods mushrooms, which will enhance the already delicious flavor of the meat.

Stuffed meat loaf

It is possible to prepare infinite variations of meatloaf with the addition of stuffed meat based inside cheeses, vegetables, cured meat is sliced, hard-boiled eggs but also real omelettes. The combinations are really many. The only care is to never forget the passage in the pan to seal the meat roll and not let the filling "escape".

Light meat meatloaf

You can prepare a light meatloaf meatloaf using only 3 ingredients. For this quick and easy recipe spread thin slices of grilled courgette in a non-stick plum cake pan or in a previously oiled cassette mold by making them overflow. Mix 500 grams of chicken meat ground with 500 grams of ricotta cheese. Plasma this mixture with your hands in the center of the vegetable base, filling the shape, and then close the zucchini on the meat. In a pan pour a glass of water and place the mold with the meatloaf in the center. Bake for 200 ° C for about 20 minutes.

Another way to prepare a light version of this great classic is the vegetable meatloaf and in general all the vegetarian or vegan recipes, without meat. Try for example the baked eggplant meatloaf.


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