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The meat carrot that challenges vegetarian burgers – Italian Cuisine

The meat carrot that challenges vegetarian burgers

Vegetable burgers and sausages, you officially have an enemy: here comes Marrot, a carrot made of meat

"If they can make vegetable burgers and other things, then we can make meat vegetables."

Thus begins the video that presents the first carrot in the world made of meat: here you are The Marrot, whose name is just a cross between meat (meat) e carrot (carrot). Designed by the American fast food chain Arby's, Marrot looks just like a classic carrot, but is actually made of turkey.

How to prepare meat carrot?

More precisely, it is chest of turkey chopped, shaped like a carrot and boiled. To obtain the orange color of the carrots, it is sprinkled with dried carrot powder and finally, it is roasted in the oven for an hour. The final touch: Marrot is impaled on the top with a sprig of parsley, so as to get something like the stem of the carrot.

A joke? A hoax against vegetarians and vegans? We do not yet know what the purpose of this campaign is, but in the meantime Arby's says that this meat carrot would bring about 70% of the daily requirement of vitamin A, the same vitamin that is found in real carrots. It also appears that this is only the first episode of megetables, or meat dishes disguised as vegetables. All that remains is to watch.

For now it is not yet for sale, but you can also try to prepare the meat carrot at home, following the step by step recipe in the video below.

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How to prepare raw burgers (ie without baking anything) – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare raw burgers (ie without baking anything)

Can tasty burgers of only raw ingredients be prepared? We can try with vegetables and seeds (and not only)

Today it is all the rage raw food cuisine, the one that provides that the dishes are not cooked, if not a very low temperatures.
Some recipes are very practical and fast and many children can also like them Raw burger.

100% raw food burger

These are the ones we present to you now totally raw burger. No ingredient in the dough is previously cooked.
The secret of these burgers is the use of Chia seeds or flax seed that once crushed to the mortar they become a kind of flour with a thickening power, releasing a particular gel in contact with water.
To prepare a completely raw food burger then you have to pound or even chop two or three tablespoons of flaxseed or chia and then mix them with a cup of water and with the vegetable pulp of your choice like carrots, leeks, celery and whatever you prefer and that can be eaten raw.
These burgers are made by blending all the ingredients together and once they are made they are cooked in a dryer or in an oven, but at a very low temperature, at less than 50 °!

50% raw food burger

In this case we always talk about raw burger even if we actually use the legumes in glass to prepare the base compound.
For a compact mix, in fact, it is necessary to use something that keeps all the ingredients together as precisely chickpeas, or lentils or beans, which however have been previously cooked.
We suggest you always choose the legumes stored in glass that should be rinsed very well and then shakes.
Burgers prepared with a legume base go stored in the refrigerator in order not to lose compactness.

Other uncooked ingredients

You can add other raw, uncooked ingredients to your raw or partially raw burger.
Among the vegetables you can opt for zucchini (but only the green outer part), cauliflower, carrots and celery.
For a bit of flavor, aim at capers, dried tomatoes and olives.
In spring and early summer peas and broad beans they will be magical ingredients!
Finally, if you like strong and somewhat strong tastes, don't give up onion and garlic.

Spices and herbs to play with flavors

The most creative part of this really basic recipe is the addition of colors, flavors and aromas.
With the spices and the herbs you can do a lot of things and above all you can avoid adding too much salt.
Some idea? Chickpeas are great with curry and paprika, the beans with the parsley and the lentils with the mint.

How to compose raw burgers if not with bread?

Not being able to use the bread that is cooked, you must necessarily opt for fresh or cooked ingredients in a dryer. Try to put the burgers inside a tomato or avocado cut in half, for example. Two original and very funny ideas that will leave your guests speechless.
If you want something crunchy, then use a portobello mushroom, always divided into two parts like a sandwich, dried at 40 ° for about 10 minutes.

Raw sauces

As in any self-respecting burger, even in raw burgers can not miss sauces.
Prepare them with lo yogurt or even with the avocado pulp or with soy milk, lemon juice and seed oil to make one Vegan mayonnaise, even if the classic mayonnaise is equally raw, therefore absolutely granted.

Some possible combinations.

Some idea to prepare raw burger compounds?
Try, for example, by blending the chickpeas with dried tomatoes, fresh oregano, a little oil and a little feta.
Good also the one based on Spanish beans smoothies with leek, pre-cooked red turnip, oat flakes softened in water and dried thyme.
With the lentils instead we suggest you blend Tropea onion, a little oil, mint, avocado pulp and black olives.
All three compounds are left in the refrigerator for at least an hour before being shaped to become burgers.
With the crushed and softened flax seeds in water you can blend carrots, a piece of onion, celery and courgette peel, also adding oats softened in water to give a little more compactness.

They return the best McDonald's burgers ever – Italian Cuisine

They return the best McDonald's burgers ever

The perfect balance between everything that compose them is the secret of success McDonald's sandwiches. It is what most differentiates them from others "Hamburger"(Called the American) in circulation," often exaggerated ". Word of Joe Bastianich that for the second consecutive year has signed the line "My Selection"Of the well-known fast food chain, which he defined as the best ever.

For him, the son of Italian immigrants in New York and American by birth it was natural to combine the two culinary cultures in this project. From Queens where he grew up with the smell of Mc Donald's under his home Rome, where is the November 26th, in the first restaurant in the chain in Italy, opened in 1986, presented us with the new selection that bears his name.

From its origins Bastianich has taken the goodness, the genuineness and the simplicity of the Italian ingredients and made them marry with the typical taste ofamerican burger who knows well.

"I chose recipes in which we meet typically American tastes with the great quality of the Italian raw materials"He said Bastianich, a tribute to the "two most beautiful countries in the world".

The result can be tasted starting from January 1st with three sandwiches of the My Selection line which will be available in all 570 restaurants of McDonald's in Italy. It is the second stage of a success story. The first edition of My Selection indeed, it exceeded expectations with more than 10 million products sold. "Making the best of last year was a real challenge, but I'm sure we've hit the target once again," he said Bastianich.

And all this always through the promotion of the Made in Italy, the enhancement of the PDO products (of protected origin) e IGP (of protected geographical indication) and collaboration with local consortia. For My Selection McDonald's in fact, he bought over 100 tons of Smoked Scamorza produced with pure Italian milk, almost 80 tons of Fontina DOP and as many of Speck of the South Tyrolean Train, 27 tons of Tropea Red Onion PGI and almost 8 tons of Balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI.

The first sandwich is not new, but the best seller of last year, is called My Selection BBQ and consists of 180 grams of beef, seasoned with red Tropea onions, balsamic vinegar of Modena, crispy bacon and delicate mustard.

The second is My Selection Smocky, 180 grams of beef seasoned with crispy bacon, smoked scamorza cheese with 100% Italian milk, mustard sauce.

The third is the My Selection Chicken, based on chicken meat, bacon, fontina, porcini mushroom sauce.

Together with them the tasty ones will be launched nuggets, croquettes stuffed with Asiago cheese and Trentino speck.


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