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Carrot cake: let's do it different! – Italian Cuisine

Carrot cake: let's do it different!

Sweet and fluffy, the carrot cake makes everyone agree. Here's how to propose it in different tasty versions (from coffee to cream cheese)

Spring, want to outdoor snacks in the park, of picnic with the family Sunday, of breakfast on the veranda. And what is it that goes perfectly with all these situations? There Carrots pie! Soft, naturally sweet, in a word delicious, carrot cake is simple to make, and above all it appeals to adults, but above all to children, palates more complicated to satisfy. And then, the protagonist is the carrot, ubiquitous vegetable on our tables, but typical of the summer: in addition to the famous ones tanning properties, thanks to the beta-carotene reserves, is also rich in vitamins and fiber, able to rebalance the intestinal flora.
However, there is not a single carrot cake, but a multitude of variants: to the basic recipe you can add dried fruit, but also delicious creams. Don't believe it? Read below!

Carrot cake: basic recipe

To cook the carrot cake, it is obviously necessary carrots, but also type 00 flour, almonds and hazelnuts, as well as eggs and sugar. Start this way: after having mounted the egg yolks in foam, combining them with the sugar, peel the carrots and grate them, mixing the mixture obtained with the beaten egg yolks, and the almond and hazelnut flours. At this point, add the whipped egg whites and finally the 00 flour and starch, taking care to mix from the bottom upwards, so as to incorporate more air into the mixture, to make it softer. Pour everything into a hinged mold that you have already buttered and baked for 50 minutes at 180 degrees. Here's your carrot cake. Now you can enjoy the variations!

Carrots and nuts cake

The hazelnuts they marry perfectly with carrots. In addition to using hazelnut flour, hazelnuts can also be added, reduced to grains, when it is time to add the egg whites. You will get a soft dough, but with a crunchy note. This version is usually very popular with children.

Carrot cake with pea ice cream

Do you want a fresh and curious dessert, perfect for the warm season? Propose this carrot cake in a gourmet way. After removing the basic carrot cake, trim the edges with a ring to obtain a circumference of 19 cm in diameter. Do not remove the ring, but keep it as a levee, to distribute previously prepared pea ice cream on the surface. Such as? Just boil the peas in milk for 10 minutes with 60 g of water, a vanilla pod and sugar. Once boiled, whisk them, strain them, add the cream and pour into the ice cream maker.

Carrot cake with cheese cream

Here the highlight is the cheese cream, with which to garnish the carrot cake. How to get it? Get some spreadable cheese, to mix with icing sugar and lemon juice. Then, use it to decorate the cake. A simple but effective dessert.

Coffee carrot cake

The coffee, slightly bitter, creates a nice contrast with the sweetness of carrots. Also in this case, following the basic recipe, the trick is to add the secret ingredient – or coffee – before the egg-whites beaten. Attention, however, to the quantity and type: they are 4 bags of freeze-dried coffee.

Carrot and yogurt cake

The yogurt has the ability to make the dough even softer and more delicate, if possible. After mixing egg yolks and sugar, add the yogurt, then the carrot puree, egg whites and all the other ingredients. After taking it out of the oven, let it cool and serve it in slices, with a knob of whipped cream: your children will love it!

Recipe Dentice on carrot sauce with watercress – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Dentice on carrot sauce with watercress

  • 700 g 2 large slices of snapper
  • 4 pcs carrots
  • 200 g watercress
  • 15 pcs peeled hazelnuts
  • 1 pcs shallots
  • 1 pc lemon
  • 1 pc clove of garlic
  • vegetable broth
  • butter
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt

For the recipe of snapper on carrot sauce with watercress, peel the carrots and cut them into pieces. Cut the shallot into slices and brown it in a pan with 30 g of butter for 2-3 minutes, then add the carrots and the lemon juice and let simmer for 1 hour, wetting occasionally with 1 ladle of vegetable broth. Blend everything.
FOR THE FISH AND THE CONTOUR: Break the hazelnuts and toast them in the pan for a couple of minutes. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil and 1 small knob of butter in a pan with 1 clove of crushed garlic with the peel; cook the fish steaks on the flesh side for 5 minutes; turn them over and continue cooking for another 5 minutes, then transfer them to a baking sheet lined with baking paper, salt them lightly and cook them at 180 ° C for another 5 minutes. Spread the carrot cream on the plates, place the slices of snapper on top, complete with the toasted hazelnuts and serve with the cress seasoned with oil and salt.

Carrot cake: the 5 most common mistakes – Italian Cuisine

Carrot cake: the 5 most common mistakes

The carrots they were used in desserts since the Middle Ages, in fact in this period the sweeteners were expensive and the prerogative of the richest families and carrots and beets very well replaced the classic and very expensive sugar. But the origin of the Carrots pie it is not certain but the popularity of Carrot Cake seems to have been consecrated in Great Britain because, during the Second World War, it was part of the daily rationing.

Whatever its origin, carrot cake is a good dessert, rich in vitamins, which children love so much.
However, there are some little precautions to be able to make carrot cake in a workmanlike manner, be careful not to make these mistakes!

Grate the carrots too large

The cooking time of the carrot cake is relatively short (max 45 min) and in any case not enough to cook grated carrots too large. The carrot, despite being the protagonist of the cake, should not feel too much in the texture of the dough, so choose the thinner part of the grater!

Underestimate the power of spices

The original Carrot Cake is basically a spice cake! The aroma given off by the spices during cooking should not be shy but pervade your entire kitchen: two teaspoons of ginger and two cinnamon and the success of the cake is assured

Stop the variations in the dough!

There are those who put sultanas in them, some in the apple, some in the apricots, some even the pineapple. You must resist temptation! The extra ingredients will compromise the structural integrity of your cake and confuse the aroma of spices.

Use too much baking powder

Carrot cake is a sweet made from oil and not butter. The oil keeps it moist and allows storage for several days, but unfortunately this also means losing the leavening power of the butter mounted with the eggs. To overcome this many exaggerate with the powdered yeast risking however to give the cake a more chemical taste. To overcome this, beat the eggs vigorously with the sugar and add the oil flush.

Butter glazed carrot cake.

The icing … hot!

The English version of the carrot cake provides for the butter icing (butter and icing sugar). Wait until the cake is completely cold before spreading the butter icing. You can spread it just above or, as in the photo below, even all around, covering it with chopped sugars or hazelnuts.
You can even cover the cake cheese icing, using Philadelphia cheese mixed with butter until they become creamy, then adding the icing sugar a little at a time.
Otherwise, if you like the warm cake, serve it with a scoop of cream ice cream.

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