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Perennial, one of the first innovative startups to target the over 50s, launches a 100% vegetable and vegan drink designed for the well-being of body and mind

nell 'golden age of vegan startups, between vip and wealthy investors and incubators of food startups in the world, natural, innovative and low environmental impact vegan products are emerging, including "revolutionary" foods created in the laboratory such as the famous impossible burger of Beyond Meat. The latter, an American startup famous worldwide that counts on investors of the caliber of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Gates, however, had the merit of being one of the first to think of a target over 50. From one of Beyond's founders Meat in fact, the startup Perennial has just been launched, ready to launch a new vegetable drink designed for the well-being of older consumers.

The power of plants for Perennial health

Perennial, a recently coined term, does not mean all those who do not fit into the definition of Millenial, but rather a broad category of mature, flexible people, in step with the times and with friends of all ages. It is precisely with regards to their health and that of the over 50s that the new Perennial vegetable drink was patented. This new drink, in fact, combines the "power of plants"And their extraordinary properties to one unique nutritional formula, for a natural, refreshing and purifying result, capable of eliminating harmful substances such as lactose and cholesterol and increasing vitality, mental acuity and digestive capacity. As stated on the Perennial website this product is a true cure-all for the intestine, the brain and bones. A mixture of four proteins improves digestion and provides useful amino acids for the muscles, the protein fiber helps absorb calcium and fortify the bones and finally an ingredient based on algae and vitamins contributes to brain health. This drink is also like so many others vegan and plant-based milk alternatives on the market, it has been designed as a supplement to a healthy diet and for a target of consumers still able to eat full meals.
Not least this new "vegan milk", thanks to the presence of almonds and pea proteins, is not only good for health, but has a pleasant, creamy and enveloping taste.

Perennial has announced that this super-drink will soon be for sale online, a purchase method considered more suitable for the chosen target, and that other news will soon follow.

From Millennials to Perennials, new direction for the vegan market?

The founders of the startup said they had the idea after observing the interest and curiosity of their parents towards plant-based drinks, so popular in this period. Their declared goal is in fact that of contribute to a better world where people can benefit from the natural properties of plants to age as healthily as possible.
It is therefore questionable whether the choice of Perennial to embrace one new slice of over 50 consumers is not a first sign of a wider change in the vegan food market. Although in fact it is only 1% of global innovation to currently target adults over the age of 50, the fastest-growing consumer demographic and the majority of older consumers claim that healthy food and drink is a priority. In short, all that remains is to see which and how many other plant and innovative products will take the health of older consumers to heart.

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