"Maleficent – Evil Lady": how to take Angelina Jolie by the throat – Italian Cuisine

She has just returned to Italian theaters as Maleficent. Beautiful and statuary, as always, Angelina Jolie follows a strict diet. But sometimes he gives in to temptation

What is eaten in the Moorland, the land populated by magical creatures that gave birth to Maleficent, is not difficult to imagine. Berries, fruit, vegetables, everything that comes from the earth and falls from a tree and that is precisely what Angelina Jolie consumes is the diva who returns to dress the witch with black horns five years after the last time. Maleficent – Lady of Evil is in Italian cinemas from October 17th and, on the occasion of the world premiere held in Rome, Jolie is as close to perfection. Tall, beautiful, with the skin of a moon, she dispenses smiles and keeps the formula of her beauty a secret that, very often, she sought for herself in food. At the time of the love story with Brad Pitt there was talk, in fact, of the "Jolie diet", a diet based on "ancient grains" that would be responsible for his slim and athletic body.

Maleficent - Lady of evil (frame).
Maleficent – Lady of evil (frame).

The Jolie diet

According to sources close to the actress, Quinoa, millet, Chia seeds, spelled and buckwheat would be the basis of her routine, an inexhaustible source of energy capable of supplying her with the help of "Marie Claire" and "National Enquirer". nutrients that you would not otherwise find anywhere else. Along with oily walnuts and natural seeds there was also talk of a tablespoon of coconut oil and a handful of cereals to start the day off on the right foot. All unconfirmed theories because, in terms of food, Jolie has always been as cryptic as the Mona Lisa smile. Even when some malignant claimed that he survived with just 600 calories a day accusing her of being too thin and a bad example for his children he kept silent. To betray her, however, is some gossip here and there that lets us know that Angelina will also follow a strict diet to keep fit, but that temptations, especially when they are greedy, do not spare even an actress of her popularity. It seems, in fact, that the Oscar winner has two fetishes: the McDonald's food, of which he would go mad, and the Cheerios cereals, which he would consider essential for his diet.

Two small sins that, from time to time, break the myth of the healthy diet, organic oatmeal and brown sugar-flavored maple peeping out of the shopping cart of one of his high-end supermarket Whole Foods, in heart of Los Angeles. In short, for her children Angelina would not compromise: Brussels sprouts, green apples and lean meat to stay healthy. Yet, we are sure, that she too is an exception, and that when they manage to order a Big Mac, they are the happiest family in the world.

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