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The liqueur with chestnuts
The liqueur with chestnuts
The liqueur with chestnuts
The liqueur with chestnuts

Autumn is a generous season with gourmets. While woods and countryside are tinged with all the shades of green, yellow, brown and red, mushrooms, pumpkins and chestnuts are born and, in the cellars, the freshly picked grapes slowly turn into wine. In Italy, the custom of tasting autumnal products with new wine is strongly rooted over the centuries and dates back to the rural world, when entire families gathered to spend time together, accompanying chatter by the fire, with roasted chestnuts and the new wine.
A tradition that resists in some regions and that attracts many tourists every year, lovers of trekking in the woods and tasting of typical products. The best place to have this experience remainsSouth Tyrol, where the ritual has a well defined name, Törggelen: it's about a snack or dinner with speck, barley soup, canederli, spinach ravioli, sausages with sauerkraut and, naturally, roasted chestnuts, all washed down with abundant red wine. In the past the wine that accompanied roast chestnuts was the novello, better still if slightly moved, to clean the mouth from the softness of chestnuts. The choice is always valid, but in almost all Italian regions there are other red wines, young and light, which can be combined very well. For example, in South Tyrol the Schiava is fine, in Trentino the Marzemino, in Veneto the Valpolicella, in Piedmont the Dolcetto, in Lombardy the Bonarda … If chestnuts become an ingredient in a dish, the situation changes. Usually, they are paired with meat, so it is better to choose red wines that are a little more structured, such as Teroldego or Aglianico del Vulture. If, on the other hand, they are part of a dessert, the wine must certainly be sweet: in this case, excellent choices are Aleatico dell'Elba or Chambave Muscat Flètri from the Valle d’Aosta.

Here are our choices

Alto Adige Schiava Alte Reben 2018 Glögglhof – Franz Gojer
Trentino Marzemino Mastri Vernacoli Cavit
Valpolicella 2018 Familgia EasterEaster
Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba Sorì Utinot 2018 Cascina Rossa
Oltrepo Pavese Bonarda Sparkling Cresta del Ghiffi 2018 Agnes brothers
Wines for recipes with chestnuts:
Teroldego Morei 2017 Foradori
Aglianico del Vulture The Manfredi Rosso Taglio del Tralcio 2016 King Manfredi
Wines for dessert with chestnuts:
Aleatico of Elba Alea Ludendo 2015 Tenuta delle Ripalte
Aosta Valley Chambave Muscat Flètri 2017 La Vrille.

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