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Turin in turmoil due to the new openings

We tell you what is happening between restaurants, bistros, Piole and sandwich bars and the brand new Iginio Massari pastry shop, which will open on October 28th.

Aroma restaurant

Territory, seasonality, contemporary style and international vision of the kitchen, this is the philosophy of Aroma Ristorante.
Aroma opens in 2015, but the transformation of the paper and their vision of the kitchen and the dining room makes it become, for all intents and purposes, a new place.
Contamination of tradition, thanks to the trips of the Lamarca brothers (Diego in the kitchen and Denis in the dining room), who manage to modify the menu, without distorting it.
For several months, Via Monferrato has become a pedestrian zone, to allow citizens to fully enjoy this part of the city, a small favor behind the Po river.
Aroma restaurant Via Monferrato 23


It has opened very recently and yet it is already one of the most popular gastronomic stops in the city. It will be for the interesting and never boring proposal, for the refined and elegant environment, Cornoler has become one of the most popular places in Turin.
The patron, Paolo Zambon, is of Friulian origin, hence the name Cornoler, which in the Friulian dialect means cornel.
In the kitchen Giovanni Balzo, chef of Campania origins, starts his apprenticeship at a very young age, which continues with a diploma from the Istituto Alberghiero. After his studies, different experiences between Italy and Europe (from Albereta di Erbusco to Montecarlo, in the kitchens of Alain Ducasse, to return to Turin, between the Circolo dei Lettori and Il Cannavacciuolo Bistrot).
Balzo loves seasonal cuisine, interpreting the products that the territory offers him, the result is very clean dishes, essential, but with character. A mix of tradition between Piedmont, Friuli and Campania.
Cornoler Restaurant, Via Bellini 8 / C

Madama Piola

The modern Piola arrives in the city. The chef Christian Milone (Trattoria Zappatori di Pinerolo, 1 Michelin star) has just inaugurated, in collaboration with some friends, Madama Piola, a very modern version of the classic trattoria.
Spacious, very nice and bright room; the intriguing menu ranges between pure tradition and experimentation, with a green (green sauce) with nitrogen. On paper, the rare tigers of Talucco, electric, produced by a small dairy in the Val Lemina, in the Pinerolo area, the always fantastic green anchovies, gnocchi, made properly, the customer only has to choose the seasoning, the comforting plin in broth, a balm for rainy days. For lovers of boiled meat, here you will find a delicious traditional version, complete with all the accompanying sauces.
The winery features many Piedmontese labels, because, rightly, we want to give importance to the territory, both in the kitchen and for what concerns the wine list.
About 30 covers + a kitchen view counter. Convivial, to try.
Madama Piola, Via Ormea 6bis, booking is highly recommended 011 0209588


Pescaria, the famous fast food made in Puglia, has also recently arrived in Turin.
Central location, in Via Accademia delle Scienze 4, two-storey building overlooking the magnificent Piazza Carignano.
Sea buns made with sustainable catch, joining The Sustainable Restaurants Project. In the menu of Pescaria we can taste Ombrina and Cobia, a white fish raised, without hormones and of high quality.
Since last December all the Pescaria stores have been Plastic Free, to combat the indiscriminate use of plastic, replacing the disposable cutlery with products in Pla, a polymer derived from corn, completely biodegradable.

To signal the opening of the pastry shop of Iginio Massari (rumors October 28, as official date), the first of the new format Iginio Massari Gallery in the central Piazza CLN, a stone's throw from the city's living room, Piazza San Carlo
Sweet and savory delicacies, pastries, cakes, jellies, his panettone, famous all over the world. The venue will have two tasting rooms, an open laboratory and an impressive staff. And a dessert dedicated to the city of Turin, the Dolce Torino, Gianduja chocolate plumcake. Stay tuned for more tasty news.

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