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Hemp-based foods, that's what's special

Hemp foods like pasta, oil, seeds based on Cannabis Sativa (food hemp) are increasingly popular. Find out what health benefits they have and why eat them

THE food based hemp foods Italians like them more and more. So much so that already 5% of our compatriots are already part of the daily diet. Confirmation comes from the data of the latest Eurispes report. The hemp foods such as oil, seeds, flour, pasta and based products Cannabis Sativa, are now almost everywhere. From supermarkets to natural shops, passing through restaurants. A few months ago in Milan he opened Canapè, a place where themed menus and drinks are served. But from a nutritional point of view, what are hemp-based foods special? The nutritionist explains it to us Nicoletta Bocchino.

Hemp milk

Lactose free, digestible and super nourishing. The Hemp "milk" is a vegetable drink made from water and ground hemp seeds. "It can be a good alternative to that of cow for breakfast especially for those who play sports," says the nutritionist. «Unlike other vegetable drinks made from almonds, coconut, soy, it provides vitamin D and calcium, essential for keeping bones healthy. In addition, it ensures a large variety of minerals. In addition to calcium, in fact, it contains iron, potassium and magnesium, which contrast weakness and psychophysical fatigue . But the benefits are also others. "Hemp milk provides all the essential amino acids, precious for the construction and health of muscles".

Hemp seeds

A handful of hemp sativa seeds it is ideal as a snack to combat sudden mid-morning or mid-afternoon hunger attacks. «It provides B vitamins that help fight energy losses. It also ensures good quantities of magnesium and zinc, minerals essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system .

Hemp paste

There hemp paste it is based on flour made from sativa hemp seeds. "From a caloric point of view, it has the same calories as traditional pasta", explains the expert. "Thanks to the good content of fiber and vegetable proteins, it ensures a better response from insulin, the hormone responsible for hunger attacks. In fact, it slows down the absorption of sugars and fats and prolongs the sense of satiety ".

Hemp oil

L'edible hemp oil it is an excellent alternative to olive oil to vary the menus at the table. It has a particular flavor reminiscent of that of walnut. "The ideal is to use it raw: the heat tends to oxidize it," says Nicoletta Bocchino. It can be used to season soups, soups, main courses, salads and vegetable side dishes. «It is a source of polyunsaturated fats. In particular, it has a good Omega 3 – Omega 6 ratio. They are "good" fats, allies of heart and brain health . To ensure a quality product, choose a cold-pressed organic hemp oil. "It is obtained from plants grown without the use of pesticides. It also provides a greater content of "good" fats . But be careful with conservation. "To preserve all the precious properties of hemp oil and prevent it from oxidizing, keep it in the refrigerator in dark glass bottles." Finally, limit yourself in the quantities. "The recommended dose does not exceed two teaspoons a day, 3-4 times a week." In fact, hemp oil also contains a significant amount of Omega 6. In addition, like all vegetable oils, it has an important caloric content. It contains about 900 calories per 100 grams ", concludes nutritionist Nicoletta Bocchino.

Would you like to know more? Here are 5 good reasons to bring food hemp to the table

It is rich in antioxidants
Food hemp contains vitamin C. Thanks to its anti-aging action, it counteracts the harmful action of free radicals.

It is a friend of skin health
The vitamin C of which it is rich promotes the production of collagen, a protein of which the skin is made. It also contains vitamin E, allied to the beauty of the skin.

Promotes proper circulation
Dietary hemp contains a mix of substances that protect the health of blood vessels. It ensures vitamin C, essential fatty acids and minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

It protects the memory
The essential fatty acids of which it is rich protect neurons, brain cells, from aging.

It is an excellent ally in menopause
Dietary hemp contains phytoestrogens. These estrogen-like hormone-like substances can help fight hot flashes and other typical symptoms of menopause.

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