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Leading athlete of the US national alpine skiing team, Mikaela Shiffrin is an Olympic and world champion, victorious in all specialties. Among his favorite pasta dishes, whole fusilli pasta seasoned simply with tomato, garlic, basil and mozzarella.

Eating healthy, for a sportsman, is essential for health and for performance in the race. Shiffrin knows it well, chosen by Barilla for its new global spot, which has won several races, winning two Olympic titles and five world titles at the ski championships.
Sport and nutrition they are an ever more inseparable marriage: taking care of your body, prefering seasonal ingredients, controlling quantities without excesses, controlling yourself. As in a race, like when with the skids in slalom to conquer the next medal.

Eat healthy, though, it does not mean giving up taste. This applies to everyone, even for sportsmen. The real challenge, this time in the kitchen, becomes that of choose healthy, balanced but rich dishes. Like Mikaela Shiffrin's favorite dish that challenges her, bringing to the table simple, fresh ingredients that together create a dish full of flavor.

"If it's done well I can eat it every day. Also with every meal! " Here's what he answered when we asked for a comment on his great passion for pasta.
Medal won again this time, Mikaela, you are definitely worthy of the title of Masters of Pasta!

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Fusilli recipe with tomato, mozzarella, garlic and basil

Easy commitment
Time 25 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people

320 g integral fusilli
300 g tomato puree (fresh, in season)
50 g mozzarella
aged black garlic
extra virgin olive oil


Boil the fusilli in plenty of salted boiling water.
Cook the tomato puree in a non-stick pan for about 10 minutes. Turn off and complete with a pinch of salt and about 40 g of oil.
Drain the pasta and pour it into the pan with the sauce. Let it season by sautéing it for 1 minute, then serve it with the chopped mozzarella, the crushed garlic in cream and the basil leaves.

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