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But at the table does the cell phone go to the right or left of the plate? – Italian Cuisine

How to place the cutlery correctly on the table, when to lay the napkin on the legs, which fork to use for each course. The etiquette at the table is a set of very precise rules, codified gestures and conventions not to be broken. The times evolve, but the good education at the table never sets. Some of these rules may seem outdated by now, but there are more formal circumstances where it is necessary to know and respect them.

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But what happens when the times evolve and a new element comes into play to be taken into consideration? We are talking about the smartphone, more and more protagonist of our lives, for work or leisure. It is so important to play a leading role even during meals, because we have to photograph or we can't do without check notifications. So if you asked yourself where to put the cell phone at the table, the answer is only one: the smartphone does not sit at the table.

Mobile phone at the table: how to behave?

1. Compulsive photographers

You wish to share the dishes you are eating on company? Leave the phone in your pocket or bag: take it out only when you take it and post it later.

2. Workaholics

Wait for one very important phone call job and you absolutely have to answer? Leave the phone in your pocket or purse.
Activate the ringer if you are afraid of not feeling the vibration, but set a moderate volume to avoid disturbing. Once the call is received, you should apologize and leave for a moment.
Or better yet: set the silent mode, postpone the call and enjoy your meal.

3. Rude diners

Has the person at the table with you put the phone on the table and does nothing but watch it? Sequestrateglielo.

Why doesn't my smartphone sit at the table?

You are not yet convinced, here are 3 good reasons not to use the smartphone at the table (without considering that you could spill water on it).

1. Hygiene

Electronic devices accumulate a lot of germs. Since they cannot be washed or disinfected, it is not a good idea to put them close to food.

2. Sharing

It's not at all nice to watch the smartphone screen continuously when you're at the table with someone. It could be understood as a sign of little interest. Eating together is a time to share something more about food: do it seriously, without Instagram filters.

3. Wellness

At least during meals, you can avoid shake to infinity looking for who knows what. Let's take advantage of it to detox from the social media, connect to the real world and enjoy food for real.

The exceptions

Let's not fool ourselves, smartphones are part of our lives and demonizing them is no use. The answer to the first question remains the same: at the table there is no space for the mobile phone. Better to keep it in your pocket and take it out only when strictly necessary.

If you are alone at the table, you could make friends with strangers or look around, but it's not a drama to watch a video or read an article. If you are in company and you think you have seen a meme too funny, you can show it to friends. If you have a terrible doubt, googate as well. If you are about to taste absurd food or a beautiful dish, take one Memory picture.

And if yours appointment is it going disastrously and you don't know how to escape? Pretending to have received a message or be called by an accomplice is a timeless classic. This time you can use your mobile, rest assured!

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Ice cream on the plate: recipes for the summer – Italian Cuisine

Ice cream on the plate: recipes for the summer

Ice cream is great to taste alone, but it can be that extra touch in fruit dishes and desserts. Here are some ideas

In summer, ice cream is a panacea: nutritious and tasty, on certain days that are too hot, it is really all that can be swallowed. Besides being sweet dopopasto or snack, can also be used as ingredient in other recipes for a touch of freshness and creaminess. Such as?
Here are some ideas with special tastes ice creams and sought after, all tested by La Cucina Italiana: let yourself be inspired for a dinner with friends or family.

Sbrisola with chinotto ice cream

There crumble Cake it is a cake of Mantuan origin, rustic and very crumbly. In this recipe it is garnished with del homemade chinotto ice cream. Proceed as follows: for the ice cream, bring the chinotto (the drink) to the boil with sugar, add milk and cream and mix everything with the ice cream maker. Meanwhile, prepare the sbrisolona: blend almonds and sugar, add to the flour and mix everything with butter. Add the egg yolks and baking powder, working the dough as if you were to crumble it. Bake the crumbs at 175 ° C for about 40 minutes. Then serve the cake with ice cream.

Carrot cake with pea ice cream

Have you ever tasted pea ice cream? You will have the opportunity, adding it as a main ingredient in this Carrots pie. Prepare the basic cake, combining the egg mixture with almond and 00 flour and sugar with the grated carrots. Bake for 50 minutes at 180 degrees and once baked, trim the edges with the help of a ring. Above, spread the pea ice cream, obtained by boiling the peas in milk for 10 minutes with 60 g of water, a vanilla pod and the sugar. Once boiled, whisk them, strain them, add the cream and pour into the ice cream maker.

Spiced pineapple with lettuce ice cream

THE'salad as an ingredient for ice cream? Why not! Blanch the lettuce for a minute, drain. Meanwhile, bring the milk to the boil with the sugar, add the lettuce and blend, obtaining a mixture to cool in the refrigerator. At the end, pass it in the ice cream maker. Meanwhile, prepare the pineapple, cutting it into 4 slices and centrifuging a portion. With this juice, flavored with cinnamon, vanilla and star anise, marinate the slices. Then serve with ice cream, for a truly unusual pairing.

Crusted figs with ice cream

A dessert fast and simple, but very curious. Cut the puff pastry into 12 squares, in the center of which you will place a peeled and cross-shaped fig up to half height. Close the squares in a bundle, place them on a baking tray and bake at 200 ° C for 10 minutes. Take the figs out of the oven and then serve them with yoghurt ice cream.

Amaretto ice cream and wine plums

Sweet seasonal fruit combined with the unmistakable taste of this biscuit in ice cream. Here is the recipe

Festival of Brodetto di Fano: the whole Adriatic in the plate – Italian Cuisine


One of the most famous traditional fish dishes of the entire Adriatic coast is the protagonist of the Marche summer. With the International Festival of Brodetto and Fano Fish Soups, now in its seventeenth edition, one of the most popular preparations of local seafood is placed at the center. Now become the flagship summer event, since last year it has been brought forward to month of July, compared to previous editions that were always held in September.

The program
175714The seafront of Fano for four days it turns into an open-air kitchen, with tastings and challenges of fish soups and fish soups, tastings, debates, book presentations, cooking workshops and live music. In the "capital of Brodetto", chefs of the caliber of Moreno Cedroni, Mauro Uliassi, Giorgio "Giorgione" Barchiesi, Andy Luotto, Andrea Mainardi, Errico Recanati, Hirohiko Shoda, Luigi Pomata, Igles Corelli, the Costardi Bros. , the Palabrodetto, the temple of fish soup is confirmed, where the public will be able to taste the different interpretations of the poor dish symbol of the maritime tradition of the Mediterranean, made by famous chefs. A lot of good fish, but also a lot of fun inside the MeetMoretta, a lounge bar dedicated to the typical drink of Fano fishermen that will host meetings, good music, innovative cocktails and prominent barmen. On the central stageinstead, to do the honors, between cooking shows, music and moments of entertainment, there will be Federico Quaranta, author and presenter of Decanter (Radio2) and Linea Verde (Rai1).

In collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies there are also moments of meeting to reflect on topics such as the promotion of intelligent fishing, one Sustainable Development and inclusive of the communities that depend on this activity, symbol of a territory and its history and space Brodetto & Kids to introduce children to fish and its multiple properties. From this year the Festival becomes Plastic Free and therefore, there is also the occasion for a comparison on issues related to ecology.

The origins of the Brodetto di Fano
175717We are talking about the fish soup of the Adriatic coast which has numerous variations and interpretations based on the area. It is a poor dish of the seafaring tradition, born on fishing boats. THE fish less beautiful and delicious they were cooked directly on board fishing vessels, prepared without being filleted with a condiment made from tomato paste, onion, garlic and the addition of a wine called "acetella", very similar tovinegar, used diluted in water, to give the recipe a more intense taste. The dish, once ready, was shared with the guests, who had to patiently pinch the fish and complete the meal by dipping it in the stale bread broth. The current version of this ancient preparation is often modulated according to tastes and favorite fish. There are those who add crustaceans, fish with the finest meats, perhaps with less spines, or blue fish, certainly with a more decisive taste.

The original recipe
The "original" recipe of the broth of Fano provides for the use of 10 varieties of fish products: mazzole (also called gallinella or capon); monkfish; dogfish; tracina (also called spider fish); race, boccaincava (also called priest fish); Saint Peter fish; squills (also called sea cicadas); cuttlefish; redfish. The "fanese" recipe is characterized by the presence of wine vinegar and tomato concentrate.

The official wine of the festival
In combination with the recipes proposed by the chefs during the event, there is the Bianchello del Metauro Doc, native wine of the province Marche's of Pesaro and Urbino, which celebrates its fifty years of Designation in 2019. Within an exclusive space, guests can discover all the features of a wine with a millenary history, mentioned by Tacitus in the story of the historical Battle of the Metauro of 207 a. C., when the Roman troops defeated the Carthaginian army of Hasdrubal inebriated by the too much white wine drunk the night before the fateful battle.

Outside Brodetto
The Festival that celebrates the Fano fish soup, now for 17 years, has a long tail thanks to the "Fuori Brodetto", the side initiative that between September and October involves the restaurants of the province of Pesaro and Urbino, which offer the dish prince of local cuisine at a special price.

The complete program is available on the Festival website.

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