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Try them and you will never go back. Here is our recipe for apple pancakes, an idea that will make young and old happy

These apple pancakes they not only have the shape of an apple slice, but they gently keep it inside. More than just pancakes topped with apples, we could almost define them as little instant apple pies.

Delicious for the Breakfast or for the afternoon snack, they are the easy idea for "filling" pancakes. A real turning point for apple lovers, but not only. With their shape reminiscent of donuts, these sweets will conquer even children who turn up their noses when it comes time to eat fruit. An apple dressed like this is absolutely irresistible: let's move on to the recipe!

Apple pancakes: the recipe that will make you fall in love


2 apples
200 g of flour
2 eggs
200 g of milk at room temperature
15 g of sugar
a teaspoon of yeast
a pinch of salt
butter to grease the pan
sugar to garnish


Mix the milk with the flour, baking powder and salt. Beat the eggs with the sugar and add to the rest of the dough.
Peel, core the apples (with a core lever it will be very easy) and cut them into slices about 1 centimeter thick.
Start heating a pan and add a little butter. Dip one slice of apple into the batter at a time, drain the excess mixture, using a fork if necessary, and cook it for a few minutes on each side over medium-low heat, until golden brown.
Serve the pancakes hot with a generous sprinkling of sugar: depending on your preferences, use icing or granulated sugar for a more crunchy effect.

Apple pancakes: photo by Beatrice Prada

Apple pancakes: delicious tips!

With our apple pancakes recipe you will get an amazing result: cooking will make the apple a little dark on the outside, while maintaining a crunchy heart. All inside the soft pancake dough.
You can play even more with the consistencies: if you want the apples to be completely cooked, cut them into thinner slices (about 5 mm) and cook the pancakes gently, over low heat for a few more minutes. And why not add a dash of cinnamon to the dough?

Finally, we know, the sweet tooth will not resist and will sprinkle the pancakes with one Spreadable cream: go ahead!

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