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Japanese fluffy pancakes, how are they made? – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay


The fundamental tool

You will have understood that the secret to preparing these delicious sweets is pastry cutter measuring approximately 10 cm in diameter. If you don’t have a professional kitchen one, build one with some tinfoil. Just tear a large enough sheet and then shape it with your hands until it turns into a cylinder. We advise you to butter it a little to prevent the dough from sticking during cooking. If you are feeling particularly romantic, the heart-shaped pasta bowl it could be a very nice idea.

The variations

Like classic pancakes, these can also become richer and tastier with the addition of fruit or other ingredients. We recommend you try them with blueberries and bananas and why not also in savory version with grated courgettesbut also to add to the dough a teaspoon of cocoa or cinnamon if you simply want to give an extra touch of flavor and aroma.

Fulvio Marino’s amusement park pancakes: recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

The amusement park pancakes? He teaches them to us Fulvio Marino. The famous baker, owner of the FuocoFarina bakery, opened in 2023 in Alba (Cuneo), goes back to top Food Network from February 17th every Saturday at 5.50pm with the program In your home ovenan opportunity to teach and share the recipes of its leavened products, easy and certainly successful, including this classic of Italian street food, to be redone at home in a few simple steps and also perfect for Carnival.

From pancakes to bao

Are you tempted to try and not just taste? Fulvio, as usual, will show step by step how to make simple and tasty bread-making recipes, revealing everything there is to know about the world of doughs, flours and leavening for breads, pizzas and sweet wonders. Each episode will be dedicated to a specific theme, including: An afternoon at the amusement park, with pancakes and hot dogs, or The eastwith Persian bread ei wow or again, Movie night at homewith donuts and grows leafy.
A step by step excursus that Marino takes through the ingredients, flours, equipment and different leavening, shaping and cooking techniques. A sharing of steps and little secrets to launch yourself, with lightheartedness and greed, into the world of bread making and leavened products, without fear, but with the desire to experiment with new things.

The recipe: amusement park pancakes

An irresistible recipe that recalls Carnival, but also village festivals, street food and its delicacies. Few and simple ingredients in this recipe Fulvio Marinowhich he draws from the basket of his childhood memories.

Savory ricotta pancakes recipe, the Sicilian recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Savory ricotta pancakes recipe, the Sicilian recipe

The savory ricotta pancakes they are a traditional appetizer for the Sunday table Sicily. They are morsels with a simple and delicate taste that frying makes it irresistible. Preparing savory ricotta pancakes is very simple.

Ricotta should be mixed with parmesaneggs, salt and pepper, then, after letting the mixture rest in the fridge for about fifteen minutes, the mixture is fried spoonfuls into the boiling oil so that the pancakes form.

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