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Protein pancakes: the recipe for making them at home – Italian Cuisine

Pancake: quick and easy step by step recipe

Protein pancakes are the ideal breakfast for those who don't want to stay in shape without sacrificing taste. Here is the recipe to prepare them at home

THE protein pancakes are the right recipe to start the day or to take a sweet and nutritious mid-afternoon break with taste and without losing sight of the line. Perfect for one sweet breakfast full of energy, they are rich in protein and fibers and they have very little fat and sugar.

A recipe, that of protein pancakes, absolutely healthy, but never sad, which gives energy and makes you feel full, perfectly balanced between carbohydrates / proteins / fats and without sacrificing taste for start the day with a smile and get out of bed with at least a little more desire.

Protein pancakes: the recipe for making them at home


To prepare this sweet and protein breakfast, perfect for adults and children, you will need: 70 g of type 1 flour (or in any case not refined and rich in fiber), 170 g of Greek yogurt (or with very little sugar), 100 g of egg whites, 1 banana, 1 / 2 teaspoon of baking soda, lemon, brown sugar and cocoa powder.


The first thing to do for prepare at home protein pancakes is to put the egg whites in a large bowl and whip them with one whip or a fork. As soon as they are well assembled, the Flour, two teaspoons of brown sugar, 100 g of Greek yogurt, the bicarbonate and a few drops of lemon, stirring vigorously the compound until a thick and very fluid batter is obtained.

After preparing the dough for the pancakes it's time to put a non-stick pan to heat and, when it is hot, pour in the center a ladle of protein pancakes batter. They should be cooked approx one minute to the side and then placed on a plate to be garnished with the cream.

Then cut the bananas slices and, with the remaining yogurt and two tablespoons of cocoa powder, prepare a cream and pour it on the pancakes, filling them one at a time. Garnish with bananas and enjoy hot.

Carnival and the pancakes found on the new Sale & Pepe – Italian Cuisine


Less known but equally delicious: they are the Carnival pancakes "forget" (or, better said, found again), those that are prepared in small towns and that are handed down from one generation to the next. They have curious names like Caleno glove (to which we have dedicated our cover), Cannariculi or Orillettas and they have unusual shapes, sometimes spectacular, and little stories that have brought them down to us from distant times. We looked for them around Italy, collecting traditions and sifting through old cookbooks, to tell about a Carnival that is perhaps more intimate (as perhaps ours will still be) and less noble, but at least equally heartfelt and undoubtedly greedy. It is impossible to list all the fried gluttons of the Italian Carnival. Try the ones we have chosen for you.

The power of seeds
Still on the subject of rediscoveries, we went to find the virtue of seeds from sesame, linen, pumpkin, sunflower, poppy and many others. Origin of plant life, they already contain all its complexity and strength and give life to nutritious and healthy dishes. Which open to creativity, like a spicy pesto with coriander, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and sour cream or chicken wings in a sesame crust.

195261Noodles and cod
Rice, sweet potatoes, green tea, he also loves wheat and soy … the delicious strips of pasta that come from the East have many flavors and colors and are suitable for different recipes, dry and in broth. As far away from our traditions as they are appreciated by our palates. And then, another (re) discovery: the salted cod who, abandoning the popular clothes, wears new elegant and contemporary clothes.

Taste destinations
We have been to Florence, among the historic shops, which, alongside the traditional tourist one, draw a path to discover timeless shop windows, full of taste and craftsmanship. In Puglia we went to discover the restaurant of Vinod Sookar, Mauritian chef transplanted to Valle d'Itria, with a traditional cuisine with an exotic soul. In Valtellina, then, we evaluated the “heroic” viticulture, which interprets the Nebbiolo grape in different reds.

Traditional sweets
There panna cotta has a history that dates back to the eighteenth century, blossoms in the Piedmont sabuado of the nineteenth century, is codified as a recipe in the sixties and continues to depopulate in home cooking and in trattorias. And then there is the tiramisu, an internationally renowned spoon dessert, so much so that it deserves an academy and its acolytes: guests in our kitchen Tiziano Taffarello, founder of the Academy dedicated to the iconic dessert, supports its Treviso origin, documents in hand and Anna Maria Pellegrino, cook and food writer has prepared for us the traditional version and a rediscovery.

February 2022

All crazy for pancakes (even in Italy) – Italian Cuisine

All crazy for pancakes (even in Italy)

I'm a classic of american breakfast, so much so that Donald prepares plenty for his grandchildren Qui, Quo and Qua. And they never fail even in the brunch English style. But, for some time now, it has become increasingly common to find them also in Italy: they are pancakes, the delicious pancakes that in America are served "washed down" with Maple syrup or smeared with peanut butter, but which in the Italian version can also be enjoyed in many other ways, namely with jams, sweet spreads or honey. But gourmets also love them with salmon or gorgonzola. I am over 4 million Italians who have (pleasantly) let themselves be conquered by these American pancakes, says a research conducted by Nielsen for Barilla, and over half of them enjoy them on the weekend at home, at breakfast or as a snack, and with the family.

Home made or ready-made?
The success of pancakes in Italy is confirmed byincrease in supply proposed by supermarkets and health food stores, where they are found in various versions: from those already ready, which should only be heated and stuffed, to those in the form of blend, dry or liquid, which can be cooked in a few minutes. Many, then, love to make them at home also because they are really simple. Just prepare a flour-based batter (you can use and experiment with all types of flours, from wheat, oats, spelled), eggs, milk, sugar and yeast. Once the dough is ready, pour some a spoon in a small non-stick pan (like the one used for crêpes) and cook over low heat for a couple of minutes, turning the pancakes halfway through cooking. The convenience is that the batter can be prepared on day before, stored in the refrigerator and taken out about half an hour before cooking the pancakes.

To each his own pancake
The beauty (and the good) of pancakes is that they can easily adapt to the needs of those who follow particular diets. Being made of few ingredients, all natural, they can be easily replaced in case of food intolerances or special diets. Who is it lactose intolerant can avoid milk and replace it with a vegetable drink (such as soy, rice, oat or almond), while those who struggle with cholesterol chooses those based on oats, the tastiest solution to eat the beneficial dose of anti-cholesterol beta-glucans every day. Plus, by removing the eggs, they turn into one vegan recipe. Anyone who loves alternative grains can use spelled or corn flour, while those who love Anglo-Saxon desserts can add banana puree or pineapple pieces to the mixture.

Raw pancakes
Pancakes are also accepted by many "raw food" gurus since this food philosophy also tolerates foods subjected to a light cooking (never higher than 40-42 °) and these pancakes can be cooked at a very low temperature in a dryer or, alternatively, in a semi-open ventilated oven kept at the minimum temperature. Cooked in this way, pancakes are a perfect base for strictly raw fruit, vegetables and fish.

At breakfast or as an aperitif?
Nutritionists also "promote" pancakes. Starting with breakfast, which must provide 20% of the daily calories. Objective achieved if in the morning meal you enjoy 60 g of pancakes (made with only egg whites) stuffed with 20 g of jam (or yogurt or ricotta), 30 g of dried fruit and 200 ml of unsweetened tea (or barley coffee). In addition to ensuring the right amount of energy to face the day, you arrive satiated and gratified until lunchtime. Instead the American version, the one with Maple syrup, is richer (in particular in sugars) and, therefore, should be reserved for the days when you dedicate yourself to aintense sporting activity. Unusual alternatives to crepes, pancakes can become a tasty and delicious main dish, if served with pesto or vegetable creams, tuna and diced tomatoes, or they can be served withaperitif, accompanying them with traditional blue cheeses, such as gorgonzola, and with soft and tasty cured meats, such as ciauscolo from Marche and n'duja from Calabria.

And who is on a diet?
To combine the pleasure of enjoying a rich pancake with attention to well-being, just choose how topping fresh fruit or raisins or two wisps of whipped cream. Or simply sprinkle the pancakes with a soft cloud of powdered sugar.

January 2022
Manuela Soressi

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