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Mozzarella in a carriage: recipe and advice – Italian Cuisine

How do you prepare mozzarella in a carriage? Here is the classic recipe and the tips to make it without eggs, baked and with homemade bread

There carriage mozzarella it is a dish of indescribable pleasure: a warm and stringy heart of mozzarella, enclosed in a crunchy coating of bread. Obviously, it is fried.

Typical of Campania cuisine, the mozzarella in carriage is born like recovery plate to recycle the advanced mozzarella and the stale bread. Just a few simple ingredients are enough to transform these leftovers into a real bomb, to be served as an appetizer, as a single dish or as an aperitif.

How do you prepare it? In reality there is not a single mozzarella recipe in a carriage, since it can be prepared in many different ways: with homemade bread or with White bread, stuffed with Ham or with anchovies, fried or baked. It can also be enriched as desired with the ingredients we have in the pantry. Let's try them all!

carriage mozzarella with homemade bread

Mozzarella in a carriage: recipe with sandwich bread

Mozzarella in a carriage with sandwich bread will allow you to obtain more precise shapes: you can cut them into triangles or cubes, to be served as an appetizer.

8 slices of sandwich bread without crust
250 g mozzarella (fiordilatte or buffalo milk)
100 g of breadcrumbs
3 eggs
Seed oil for frying

First, cut the mozzarella into slices and let them dry on paper towels, dabbing them, so as to remove the excess liquid.

Arrange the sliced ​​mozzarella on the sandwich bread, so that it does not come out from the edges. At your pleasure, you can add cooked ham or an anchovy fillet.

carriage mozzarella with ham

Cover with the other sandwich bread slices, applying light pressure with the palm of your hand, especially on the edges, in order to compact the slices and prevent the mozzarella from coming out during frying.

Beat the eggs with a fork and add a pinch of salt (and possibly pepper). Pass the sandwiches in the beaten egg, making sure to dip the edges well and letting the excess egg run off. Evenly cover with the breadcrumbs, sealing the sides well.

Fry in plenty of hot oil: dip a few pieces at a time and fry them until they are golden brown, turning them upside down halfway through cooking; it will take about 2-3 minutes. Drain on paper towels and serve!

Mozzarella in carriage with stale bread

Mozzarella in a carriage with homemade bread – also said CAD bread – is the most traditional version, ideal for recycle leftovers of stale bread and the leftover mozzarella from the day before. Why not? – can also be done with the provolone.
This is my father's recipe, to be served without too much delay as an appetizer, even before an important lunch (in Campania there are no such problems). This version is also without breadcrumbs, but a little milk is used to soften the bread.

8 slices of stale bread
250 g mozzarella (fiordilatte or buffalo milk)
3 eggs
Seed oil for frying

If you have a loaf of bread, cut it into slices of the same thickness and dip them in the milk for a moment to soften them. At this point place the slices of mozzarella on top, close with another slice of bread, leaving them to adhere well to each other with light pressure. Flour evenly.

Beat the egg with a pinch of salt and dip the slices of bread. Fry a few pieces at a time in abundant boiling oil, for about 2-3 minutes, turning them upside down halfway through cooking. When they are golden brown, drain on paper towels and serve!

Mozzarella in a carriage without eggs

What if you don't have eggs? To prepare the mozzarella in the carriage it is necessary to enclose them in a wrapper to prevent the stringy mozzarella from coming out: this batter it can also be prepared without eggs!

You will need 150 g of flour, 250 ml of water and a pinch of salt: put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix with the help of a fork or a kitchen whisk. Immerse your stuffed bread slices completely and fry!

Roast Mozzarella in Carrozza

If, on the other hand, you do not feel like frying, you can also prepare mozzarella in a carriage in the oven. It will be more light, but equally greedy and crunchy! While preparing the recipe following the classic procedure, start preheating the oven to 180 ° C; place the mozzarella in the carriage on a baking tray covered with parchment paper, sprinkle them with a drizzle of oil and bake for about 20 minutes in a static oven, turning them upside down halfway through cooking. Your light carriage mozzarella ready!

How to make the crumble: recipe and advice – Italian Cuisine

A crunchy and crumbly fruit-filled shell: here is the recipe for the classic apple crumble and our tips for preparing it with crumbled biscuits or in a savory version

Originating from Great Britain and ofIreland, the crumble is a dessert prepared with a sort of very crumbly pastry and filled with ingredients of all kinds. The most classic is the Apple Crumble, but you can prepare it with so many different types of cooked fruit or even with salty ingredients.
Its main feature is explained by the name itself, which means crumbled: this dessert is in fact prepared with a mixture of flour, butter and sugar with a particular consistency, but it can also be made with dry biscuits crumbled.

Apple crumble: classic recipe

Making the classic apple crumble is easy. Let's see the classic recipe and some useful tips.


For the crumble
150 g flour
100 g Butter
100 g brown sugar

For the stuffing
50 g Caster sugar
3-4 Apples
15 g Butter


For the apple crumble recipe, start washing the apples, peel them and cut them into chunks. Pour the granulated sugar into a large saucepan and let it caramelize until it becomes slightly dark, add the apples and a knob of butter and cook for a few minutes. If you like it, add cinnamon or lemon zest to perfume.

In a bowl combine the flour, the brown sugar and the very cold butter: knead the dough quickly with your fingertips until you get a dough from the sandy texture. You don't have to work it long, otherwise the dough will get too hot. (For a more intense taste, you can also add cinnamon to the dough)

Grease a baking dish and sprinkle it with a thin layer of dough, add the cooked apples and cover with the rest of the dough. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 25-30 minutes.


With this same procedure you can also use other types of fruit, such as le pears, the prunes, the peaches or i Red fruits. In addition, part of the flour can be replaced with finely chopped dried fruit, such as hazelnuts, almonds or pistachios, or with the cocoa.

The crumble can be served in slices, accompanied by one icecream ball, or it can be prepared in monoportion using some cocotte.

The preparation technique of this dessert can also be used to enrich the spoon desserts: once the crumbled dough is prepared, place it on a baking tray covered with parchment paper and bake it at 170 ° for about 8-10 minutes. Once left to cool, you can sprinkle it on creams, ice cream and desserts of all kinds to give flavor and crunchiness.

Crumble with crumbled biscuits

If you don't have flour and butter available or you don't want to knead, you can also prepare the crumble with i cookies dry crumbled. Fast and antiwaste, this recipe is very easy and allows you to recycle those broken cookies on the bottom of the box!

Crumble 200 g of biscuits together with 60 g of butter with your fingertips or with the help of a mixer: the result should not be a compact dough, but sandy. Place your filling on the bottom of the pan and cover with the dough; cooking times will be reduced compared to the classic recipe, it will take you about 12-15 minutes.

Savory crumble

The crumble can also be salty and turn into a tasty one starter or in a rich man second dish stuffed with meat, vegetables and greens. The preparation technique is the same, but instead of sugar the grated Parmesan cheese and add salt and pepper. Even the flour can be replaced with the bread crumbs or enriched with i Pine nuts and the herbs.
As for the filling, it's all up to your imagination: zucchini, potatoes, cured meat, eggplant, onions, tomatoes

Below, some of ours recipes original.

Snack: the nutritionist's advice – Italian Cuisine

Dr. Davide Minisci explains how to prepare a tasty and balanced snack at the same time, for us and for our children

«Staying at home does not necessarily mean spending whole days sitting on the sofa eating anything that happens within reach: even between the walls of your apartment you can do a minimum of physical activity with some equipment or through the online advice of apps and video courses ; just as it is possible to continue following a healthy diet, perhaps revised and corrected for our new lifestyle, certainly more sedentary ". The goal is to take advantage of these days of isolation to take care of ourselves, educating and educating our children also from a food point of view. Or at least so suggests Davide Minisci, doctor and nutritionist, who invites us to reflect on the half-forgotten meal that all of us have been rediscovering in recent weeks: snack. Yeah, just that afternoon snack that many of us hadn't had since high school days, or that had been replaced by a quick snack in front of the office distributors. «The snack has always been an integral part of Mediterranean dietContinues Dr. Minisci. "But some little care is needed to not turn it into a counterproductive binge of calories."

A balanced snack

"For our children snack can also mean bread and Nutella, but we must remember that we are of another age. And another metabolism . The nutritionist's advice is clear: keeping sugar and fat at bay is essential, especially now that our chances of moving and dedicating ourselves to physical activity are very limited. «In general, the afternoon snack, or the snack, should guarantee us a contribution of about 5% of the daily calories. Around 150-180 kcal in total . A fruit or a fruit salad therefore, ideal solutions remain, perhaps with the addition of low-fat yogurt, 0% fat. Other possible alternatives are a Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of honey and some seeds or dried fruit to increase the protein intake. "Even a toast with turkey or cooked ham can be great, especially for those used to going to the gym," says Minisci. "Or a cereal bar, which can become a practice even when we return to the office."

The snack for the little ones

A pinch of extra goodies is certainly not a problem for children, who can very well enjoy a traditional snack based on bread, chocolate and so on. «Staying at home with mom and dad, however, can become a precious opportunity for experiment with new foods", Suggests the expert. "We must remember that the little ones look at us in search of an example: then let's try to make them passionate about fruit, or to make them rediscover the wonder of a simple bread with jam". Go ahead also for homemade cakes, provided they do not contain excess cream and butter; or pancakeas, to be enjoyed with the usual maple syrup. «We also try to offer some juice, or maybe a fruit smoothie made with partially skimmed milk. For the rest, room for imagination. And yes, if every now and then we want to join the snack of our children we don't have to feel guilty: a sgarro from time to time is not a problem, on the contrary, it is a cure-all for our mood .

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