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An epic barbecue: here's how to do it, the chef's advice – Italian Cuisine


For the Millenials it is a barbecue, or rather a BBQ, for the traditionalists it is a barbecue: in both cases we talk about a ritual that requires time and passion – in addition to suitable locations and tools – for a top ten result.

Here are some guidelines and tips from the star chef Marco Sacco of the Restaurant Small Lake of Verbania, to enhance the flavors in the best way and cook the meat in an excellent way.

Each meat is marinated:

7222First point: the marinade is essential. Especially if you want to cook meats that cook quickly such as chicken and veal, which otherwise will be hard and dry due to the high temperatures of the embers. To obtain a tasty meat you can prefer a marinade greasy, spicy and slightly acid: if you don't have your favorite recipe, know that a mix of emulsified olive oil with lemon juice (or vinegar, beer, yogurt, white wine), in addition to aromatic herbs such as rosemary, sage, chives and thyme – chopped with 1-2 cloves of garlic – it will work great. You can add mustard or soy sauce to taste. No salt (see below), a little pepper. The marinating times are about 2-3 hours for chicken and pork, 4 and more for beef. The marinating is much more effective on small cuts or thin slices.

The chef's advice: "The ideal is to focus on simplicity. Allspice, cloves, juniper and extra virgin olive oil (olive oil) to enhance the flavor of the meat are perfect. For more specific raw materials, such as the capocollo (part of the pig between the head and the loin), better an intingolo with extra virgin olive oil, sage, rosemary, 2 whole garlic cloves, allspice and black pepper. The meat should be left to marinate for 24 hours, but the real trick to season it even more is to massage it for 5 minutes before putting it in the fridge ".

Carefully prepare the meat

159693Talways anger the meat out of the refrigerator in advance because cold meat on hot embers will undergo a very strong temperature excursion, with a sudden drop in temperature and the loss of meat juices. Degrease the meat but do not overdo it: the remaining fat will melt during cooking giving softness and flavor to the meat fibers. Too much fat would run over the embers and would ignite dangerously. Remember to prick with a frankfurter fork and sausages if you cook them whole: they will lose an excess of fat. In the case of lean meats at the start, prepare a sprig of rosemary to dip into the oil (or marinade kept aside) to brush them during cooking. If you prepare skewers, remember to make sure that the ingredients (meat, vegetables, etc.) are the same size, to ensure uniform cooking.

The queen is the grill, which must be warm at the right point

161769Before cooking any dish on the grill, you have to make sure that the grill is clean, warm at the right point and slightly greasy. It should not be placed directly on the embers but should be kept a certain distance. The brazier should be lit at least about 1 hour before cooking: the most sophisticated griller will use traditional wood, otherwise you can use charcoal; choose large pieces of charcoal, they will have a better yield. If you can, turn it on and avoid using the diavoline or some flammable liquid: they make everything easier but sometimes they stink. If you don't have wood, better the charcoal briquettes.
There charcoal will be ready for cooking when it is covered with a layer of white ash and there will be no more tongues of fire. Spread the embers well and evenly over the entire cooking surface, always leaving an empty strip all around the edges: it will be useful for cook the most delicate foods so that they will not be exposed to the direct heat of the embers. The center will be perfect for the thicker beef, which tolerates high temperatures well.

The chef's advice: Marco Sacco has no doubts, preferring with decision the wood "the thin one, the so-called fagots, which heat up immediately and create a perfect fire suitable for caramelize the meat and make it become succulent ".

Order of appearance: carnthe different ones require different ways and times

160677Then there is the cooking order, which is fundamental.
First the beef, which when cooked at high temperature will make the crust but will remain juicy and tender inside. Follow on salamelle and skewers, leaving for last chicken, vegetables and fruit, which are more delicate. Speaking of turning the meat: while a constant movement – use the special pliers! – on the grill it helps the cooking of chicken wings or legs, 4-5 inch high steaks or whole carré, with regard to slices, fillets or fish steaks, vegetables already sliced ​​or sliced, chops and skewers, it will be enough turn them once, halfway through cooking; especially the fish, which will tend to flake more easily.
On the barbecue discovered you can cook meat in small pieces, skewers, scottadito, kebabs, salamelle open as a book (as well as vegetables and fish steaks). what with the lid it uses the hot air that forms inside the grill and is perfect for cooking thick ribs, whole carrots and chickens, meaty ribs, in short, large pieces that require long cooking at lower and uniform temperatures (but times are much longer long).
Unless you are very experienced grill magicians, able to judge cooking by eye, we advise you to use the faithful probe thermometer, to be pierced in the center of the meat.

The chef's advice: "It is fundamental to keep in mind that every type of meat wants its cooking and its time. For the capocollo, for example, the embers must reach 50 °, cooking must be slow, not violent, a rule that must also be applied to the ribs of pork, other inevitable protagonists of the grill. For ribs, steaks, hamburgers, salamini, roast beef instead, direct cooking is required with the 200 ° / 300 ° fire ".

Salt: only at the end

155399Chapter sale: without disturbing the various super-technical schools of thought, as regards your epic barbecue with friends on salt should always and only be placed at the end of cooking. Strictly salt (try the Himalayan Rose or the Hawaiian Sea Salts, Red for Meat and Black for Fish).

The chef's advice: The chef is adamant on this point. "Sprinkling the meat with salt before cooking it will release a lot of water which will compromise the success of the grill."

And finally two gourmet recipes directly from the kitchen of Small Lake to smoke and marinate like a star chef!


Meat or fish
whole salt

1) Parry meat or fish

2) Season it and let it marinate for a day

3) Rinse from excess salt, dry and smoke with cypress needles

4) Leave to rest in the fridge for a day

Candied lemon sauce and chili pepper (10 servings)

  • 400 gr lemons
  • 400 gr sugar
  • 400 gr syrup 1 to 1
  • 30 gr mustard
  • 40 gr olive oil
  • 5 gr salt
  • n 1 red hot pepper

Massage the lemons into the sugar for 20 minutes, boil them for 10 minutes in the syrup and leave them in a vacuum with the syrup for at least one day.
Stone the lemons and blend them with oil, salt, mustard and part of the syrup until the desired consistency is achieved.

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August 2017

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June 2019

How to prepare the perfect salad: the advice of the naturopath – Italian Cuisine

Boredom, with exotic spices and imaginative condiments. The suggestions to turn the salad into a good dish in every sense

Also that of thebig salad perfect can be considered in all respects a refined culinary art. Yes, because to put together a few leaves of salad, a few slices of tomato cut at random, two cubes of cheese and a handful of croutons, to then go over everything – maybe – with a little olive oil, the vinegar of order, salt , pepper and so on, it is certainly not enough to transform our bowl of vegetables & co. in a lunch worthy of being called such. The Italian-American knows it well Jessica Haase and the Milanese naturopath Eleonora Borgo, which together inaugurated the salad bar in Milan Muzzi, a pretty place in via Pasquale Sottocorno. With a very specific goal: to show that a carefully prepared salad is not worthy of being considered a punitive meal. Rather.

"Our entire project was born inspired by the legendary salads of Jessica's mother, who always managed to amaze and satisfy every type of guest," Eleonora tells us. "Because yes, it's worth remembering: the salad doesn't have to be boring and tasteless. On the contrary, it can become a wonderful white canvas for play with seasonal products, with different cuts of the products, with crunchy elements. Arriving to satisfy and satisfy the palate, while remaining light and rich in nutrients . Here then some valuable advice (and a "made in Muzzi" recipe) to better prepare our next salad.

We are looking for balance

Like any other dish, the dear old salad also requires the right balance between its different ingredients. So we favor vegetables – and why not, even fruit – in season, and then we go to balance it all in relation to all the non-vegetable additions: feta, for example, is a very tasty cheese, but it risks making all excessively stringy; it is therefore good to moderate the quantity and combine it with something fresh, which releases water.

Boredom banishment

Who said that the salad should consist exclusively of various leaves? We leave the imagination free and look for new ingredients. Fruit, for example, but also cereals, capable of giving an excellent supply of energy. Or the flowers. Fish is also perfect, perhaps with citrus fruits and the like. And then away, among aromatic herbs, seeds and spices, for a truly out-of-the-box recipe.

The courage to dare

The salad can not only become a perfect test for unusual combinations, but also to experiment with ingredients that normally remain on the bottom of our pantry. Or that we never even used. Any examples? The Mitmita, a fragrant blend of spices based on cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, ginger and so on, typical of Ethiopian cuisine. Or again the Sommaco, with a sour taste particularly used in Lebanon, and with a high antioxidant power.

Let's play with the condiments

Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper. Ok, the basics are these, but there is no reason to ask us any kind of limit. Who is looking for a strong taste for their salads, but does not want to abuse garlic or onions, can for example resort to flavored oils: to press firmly on the flavor pedal, but without weighing it down too much.

The importance of touch

That of the salad is first and foremost a tactile experience. On the palate, of course, when the crunchy components create the perfect harmony with the rest of the ingredients. But the sensory dynamic begins even before, during the preparation phase: we must not be afraid to use our hands, to chop, season, mix, portion. This will help us to make the dish really ours, built according to our needs.

The special recipe

Each salad can have a specific purpose. Like that of the Lady of Iron prepared by Muzzi, who wants to give energy and precious nutrients to our body, guaranteeing at the same time, a lot of taste. To prepare it we therefore use beetroot, Williams pears, watercress, endive, fenugreek sprouts, walnuts and poppy seeds. We balance the various ingredients according to our taste and then complete with a ball of goat covered with pollen, and a dressing made with olive oil, mint, honey, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

advice and alternative recipes to make it delicious! – Italian Cuisine

Which rice should I use? How much should you cook? How do you make it cool and what condiments to use? Here are all the answers to your doubts about how to prepare the rice salad

The cold rice it is a must-have course on the summer table. From a certain point in the year on, in fact, due to the high temperatures, one is forced to greet the risotto to welcome the tablerice salad. Easy to prepare a little early, fresh, and even light, it is the ideal dish to take to the office, but also to the sea or in the mountains for a packed lunch. And then keep in the fridge for two or three days. To avoid turning rice salad into a shapeless and sticky ball, here are some tips on how to prepare it and what are the ingredients that best match it.

Alternative rice salad
Alternative rice salad.

Tips for preparing rice salad

First, it is essential to choose one type of rice that keeps cooking well. The best are the Ribe, the Basmati and the Venus, which with its black color will make the dish, as well as good, even scenographic. Avoid the Carnaroli, more suitable for risottos. Another important step for the success of the recipe is the rice cooking. Better boil it in boiling water and drain it al dente, if not even a couple of minutes before the time indicated on the package. For cool the rice do not rinse it in cold water but drain it, pour it into a baking dish and place it in a bain-marie in the sink. As for i condiments, should be added only when the rice is completely cold. It is also advisable not to exceed and avoid pre-packed in oil or vinegar, but to favor fresh ingredients. The mayonnaise, instead of putting it in the rice salad, it is better to add it with a teaspoon to your plate. Here are three recipes for cold rice where taste and calories are in balance with each other.

Cold rice with lemon-flavored tuna and zucchini

For the cold rice with tuna and zucchini flavored with lemon, get 300 grams of rice Basmati, three zucchini, 150 grams of tuna in oil drained, a lemon, a bunch of thyme, oil, salt and pepper. Boil the rice and let it cool in a bain-marie. Meanwhile cut the zucchini into cubes and make them jump in a pan with a little oil. Season with salt and pepper, cook for a couple of minutes and deglaze with the lemon juice. When both the rice and the courgettes are completely cold, pour them into a bowl, add the tuna in oil, the thyme, the lemon rind and mix everything.

Cold rice with grilled vegetables

With this cold rice with grilled vegetables bring the vegetable garden to the table. To prepare it you need 300 grams of rice Ribe, a pepper yellow, one aubergine, one zucchini, a slice of garlic, salt, oregano and pepper. Wash and dry the vegetables. Cut the courgettes and aubergines into thin slices lengthwise and grill them on the previously heated cast iron plate. Cut the pepper into strips and roast this too. Then put them in an airtight container, after dressing them with oil, salt, oregano and garlic and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. Boil the rice and when it is completely cold, add the vegetables. Mix everything well and let the rice salad rest for another half hour before bringing it to the table.

Venere rice with salmon, rocket and citrus fruits

THE'Venere rice salad with salmon, rocket and citrus fruits it is not only good, but it is also light and healthy. To prepare it you need 300 grams of Venere rice, 120 grams of smoked salmon, 30 grams of rocket, the juice and rind of an orange and a lemon, oil, salt and pepper. Boil the rice and before cooling it in a bain-marie season it with the oil and the juice and the lemon and orange rind. Cut the smoked salmon and coarsely the rocket into thin strips. When the rice is completely cold pour the ingredients into a bowl and mix everything together.

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