a culinary tradition that celebrates the heart of Christmas – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

a culinary tradition that celebrates the heart of Christmas

There Christmas eel soup represents a culinary dish with a rare tradition, associated with holidays in some regions of the world. Its history has its roots in ancient gastronomic practices, helping to define the culinary identity of specific communities. This winter soup particular is often considered a culinary excellence in coastal regions, where eel is abundant in the surrounding waters and originates from ancient culinary customs linked to sustainable fishing, as well as the use of local resources available during the Christmas period. Its preparation requires meticulous attention to the selection of ingredients and specific culinary mastery to obtain a balanced and tasty soup.

This Christmas dish offers diners a unique and authentic experience. The combination of flavors offered by original recipe it is a balance between the tender and tasty meat of the eel, the intense aromas of the aromatic herbs and the tasty base of the broth, mixing marine flavours, earthy and enveloping notes. Surprise your guests with this Christmas eel soup. It will be a real success!

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