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5 recipes and 10 tips

Perhaps the first cheesecakes arrived in Italy through TV when in the American series of the 80s sumptuous creamy cakes were decorated decorated with wonderful huge strawberries. The Robinsons made school in this.

What is your version?

Today cheesecake is no longer a discovery for anyone. Everyone prepares it, either in the cooked version and without the oven, both sweet and savory, both pie-shaped and single-portion or by the glass. It can be said that it has almost become a common dessert. If you have tried to do it at least once, you will know that it is not so complex, even if you need a perfect result know some tricks and you have to be careful of doses and temperatures. Let's focus in particular on the classic cheesecake that is baked in the oven.

5 recipes and 10 cheesecake tips

After browse the gallery with our tips to prepare the cheesecake, get to work with one of these five recipes.

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