Easter eggs, more than 40 delicious ideas – Italian Cuisine

Easter eggs, more than 40 delicious ideas

Our favorite Easter eggs for 2020 among great classics, news and unmissable recipes

Easter eggs are a great certainty, even in uncertain times like these. Hugs, family lunches and barbecues have been postponed, we have the sweet egg pleasure made with dark, milk or white chocolate. Classic or enriched with dried fruit grains, perhaps toasted and salted to give an extra touch. To each his own Easter egg, a small amusing surprise, but also the right inspiration. Because if the first egg that opens is eaten usually as it is, the others they can become fabulous shells to be filled with whipped cream and strawberries or perfect to contain a delicious variation on the theme of tiramisu. Or again: why not fill our chocolate egg with alternating layers of dove and chantilly cream? It can also be stuffed with grandma's cake, with chocolate mousse,

There are many ideas to enrich our Easter eggs, but first, let's choose the perfect chocolate egg for us and the little ones at home!

In the gallery above, great classics, delicious novelties: over 40 good ideas for Easter eggs

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