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A thousand Easter doves as a gift to hospitals – Italian Cuisine

# Let's stop it: with 1000 doves Giovanni Cova & C. cheers the Easter of health workers who fight to save lives

There is news that deserves to be given. So it is with the initiative of Giovanni Cova & C., well-known Milanese high pastry brand. The company, a leader in the sector, has decided that for Easter it will gently support the hospitals involved in the front line in the fight against Covid-19. How?

A historic brand of (high) Milanese pastry

Giovanni Cova & C. is now part of the history of Milan. In fact, it has been delighting us since 1930 with a very high level production; just think of them panettone, by far one of the best there is, still prepared according to the ancient Milanese recipe, perfect also in terms of digestibility. And not least is theirs dove, in particular in the classic version with icing and almonds, soft and soft at the right point. So Giovanni Cova & C. thought to recognize the extraordinary work of doctors, nurses and volunteers by making their Easter in the hospital a little sweeter.

Hatching hospital

Doves fly to the hospital

Giovanni Cova & C. has decided to donate over 1000 Easter doves to the health facilities of the San Donato and San Raffaele Group, bringing a little sweetness to those who, even during Easter days, will continue to work, putting their life. Andrea Muzzi, CEO and owner of the group, said that: "The situation imposed on us to contain the spread of the infection leads us to be close and supportive to those who, in the San Donato Group healthcare facilities, operate in the areas most affected by the pandemic and in especially for staff in the hospitals of Bergamo, Brescia and Monza, Pavia, Como and Bologna. We want to thank all the medical and health personnel, hoping that they too can spend some Easter time surrounded by the sweetness and affection of their families. In these situations of national emergency, companies and people who can do something must do it! . But it is not the first time that the company has distinguished itself for similar actions: in the past, Giovanni Cova & C. had supported the Foundation of the same name in the project "Italian research on the heart".

For all these reasons, when in the future we will have to make a choice in the confectionery sector, let's remember who, faced with the difficulties, has not closed his eyes or turned his gaze, but has actively contributed to the best (and sweetest) of possible ways.

Abruzzo: the Pupes and the Easter Horses – Italian Cuisine

It is a tradition that still today, for Easter, many Abruzzese children also receive sweets in the shape of a Pupa and a Horse together with the chocolate egg. Strictly homemade, often by grandmothers, who pass down the recipe from generation to generation

In the hinterland of Pescara, the representation of the Pupa refers to that gigantic colorful papier-mâché dancing in the square in the village festivals illuminated by pinwheels and fireworks.

A fun recipe to make together with the little ones to cheer up the Easter table and have a snack. Here is the version proposed by Marcello and Bruna Spadone of the starred restaurant La Bandiera of Civitella Casanova, at the foot of the Gran Sasso Vestino, who have already prepared the Horse for their grandson Giovanni.

Easter horse
Easter horse.


500 g of 0 organic flour

3 whole eggs

200 g of sugar

A glass of extra virgin olive oil

A vanilla bean

A grated lemon

10 g of yeast

Cocoa, sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles


Mix the eggs with the sugar, add the oil by continuing to mix and then the aromas and flour with the yeast. Divide part of the dough and add a little cocoa in order to have two different colors to make the Pupa and the Horse. Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes. On the baking paper, draw the shapes of the desserts, carefully arrange the dough, garnish as desired with the cocoa dough and the multicolored sugared almonds and bake for 25-30 minutes at 180 °.

Easter pupa.
Easter pupa.

Pistachio cream from Bronte, an idea to stuff the Easter dove – Italian Cuisine

Pistachio cream from Bronte, an idea to stuff the Easter dove

Scented, with a classic intense flavor of pistachios, this cream is an easy dessert to make that can be used in many ways. You too can try preparing the pistachio cream!

All the flavor of Sicily in a sweet and fragrant cream, which you can simply enjoy like this or spread on the slices of your Easter dove: let's talk about pistachio cream, a cake easy to make and that you can also use as a filling for a soft cake or as an accompaniment to pancakes for your breakfast. For a safe result it is essential to have gods pistachios Dop, which grow in the shadow of Etna, on saplings that can live up to 300 years and which bloom in this month.

The pistachio tree, a wonderful plant specimen

It has thin leaves and a shiny green, its branches are yellow when the plant is young and darker and reddish when the plant ages: the pistachio tree it is a magnificent specimen, with an important leaf opening, which makes it look like the huge Baobabs seen in Africa. It grows in very hot areas, generally in the southern regions, and is a dioecious plant, that is, some specimens carry only male flowers, others only female ones. The fruits are found gathered in clusters on the plant and are small oval and elongated drupes. These are formed by an external husk that covers the shell, inside which the seed is located, i.e. the pistachio.

Pistachios in the kitchen

Toasted and salted as appetizer treats in an aperitif, chopped and mixed together with flour in a delicious dough for fresh pasta, chopped in a panure with breadcrumbs or crumbled taralli to cover a fish fillet or to stuff a succulent scallop, added to pine nuts and parmesan for an unusual pesto, or together with cream, milk and eggs in a irresistible pastry cream: the uses of pistachios in the kitchen are endless. From appetizers to desserts, there is no dish that is no longer intriguing with a good chopped pistachios, toasted or not, according to your tastes. Tasty, free of cholesterol and rich in minerals and vitamin B6, they are a concentrate of nutrients essential for our well-being. Never run out!

The recipe for pistachio cream


200 g Bronte pistachios, 100 g sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla seeds, 500 ml fresh cream, 500 ml milk, 30 g Avola almonds.


First whisk the pistachios without skin and the almonds with a mixer. In a saucepan in a bain marie, heat the milk, cream and sugar. Add pistachios, almonds and vanilla seeds and mix well. Leave to cook for 10 minutes, then pour the mixture into 6 bowls which you will leave to rest in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Before serving them, leave them at room temperature for 30 minutes. At this point you can spread your cream on the dove or enjoy it like this.

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