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How to make Mediterranean-style veal roast

For the roast recipe of tasty Mediterranean veal, but easy to make, just choose the non calf
too thin, like the pintail. The ideal side dish to complete this recipe are vegetables such as broccoli and steamed green beans, carrots stewed in a knob of butter, but also the classic baked potatoes.
To stay on the theme of Mediterranean recipes, you can also opt for aPantesca salad or for a mixed salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and finely chopped Tropea onions.

The recipe for Mediterranean veal roast

The recipe is for 4 people, if it needs to increase by 150 gr. per person veal and adjust proportionally with
the other ingredients.


600 g of veal, 20 g of pine nuts, 100 g of Taggiasca olives, 5 capers, 70 g of butter, pepper and salt, a little vegetable broth.


Chop roughly in a mortar, or crush the olives, capers and pine nuts with a meat pounder. In a pan, brown the veal with a little butter, make it lightly crust and transfer it to a pan: add the remaining diluted butter, olives, pine nuts, capers, salt and pepper, 1 ladle of vegetable broth previously slightly salty.
Bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° for 30 minutes having the foresight to add more broth, if necessary, lower the heat to 180 degrees and continue cooking for 20-30 minutes. After cooking, check the sauce: if too much liquid, extract the meat and let it thicken in a pan.
Slice the roast and cover it with the olive and pine nut sauce. Instead of being baked, it can also be cooked in a pot by cooking over moderate heat for about 90 minutes and checking that it always has a little gravy.

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